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Despite adopting a band name that makes them sound like a close relation to several talent show also-rans, Little Comets are, in fact, a highly celebrated indie three-piece from...

Little Comets - 'His Thunder'

by ChristopherMoffatt on 20 December 2011

Crafted in a basement flat in Whitechapel, London, this stellar new outfit produce summery music at the highest quality. On this, their second single, 'Mallory', things start off...

The History Of Apple Pie - 'Mallory'

by AlexJackson on 30 November 2011

Friendly Fires caught the attention of the nation's ears from the very beginning of their career, and had everybody jumping up and down. Now they're back with second album Pala,...

Friendly Fires - 'Hurting'

by NiaBrunellaAllen on 22 November 2011

Maybe a little too Florence And The Machine wannabe, with not enough darkness to her lyrics to justify the thick layers of black eyeliner, Megan Washington has recently emerged...

Washington - 'Holy Moses'

by NiaBrunellaAllen on 22 November 2011

Rowdy rock and roll done properly is one of the most gratifying types of music to let any pent up angst be released into the wider world. So with new London three-piece Shuga, you...

Shuga - 'Hey Baby'

by AlexJackson on 20 November 2011

Okay, any single piece of music that comes with the selling point that it offers 'infectious moments of booty shakin' should honestly come with a health warning. It is hard not to...

MNEK - 'If Truth Be Told'

by AlexJackson on 20 November 2011

Domino Records has a significant track record of bringing superbly creative individuals and artistic talents from the underground into the mainstream and we will always love them...
I'm not one to advocate crime, but if you haven't got a decent audio set-up then what you need to do is break into your nearest top-end hifi store, create a noise making monster...

Kick To Kill - 'Black Kisses'/'Mushroom Cloud'

by TobyLaws on 17 November 2011

Maybe Cage The Elephant were found wandering aimlessly on a beach in Kent one day not knowing anything other than the fact that they can play mid-nineties era alt-rock. Maybe they...

Cage The Elephant - 'Aberdeen'

by TobyLaws on 17 November 2011

To say this 23-year-old singer-songwriter James Bennett has been hyped would be an understatement in itself. Ever since the young man came onto the scene critics have been hailing...

Mozart Parties - 'Black Cloud'

by AlexJackson on 14 November 2011

No band is perfect. There are some that have the ultimate craft, guile and song writing abilities that whet appetites and take breaths away in equal measure. Then there are those...

Crowns - 'Kissing Gates'

by AlexJackson on 14 November 2011

'Girl Walked Out Of Town' is taken from Dennis Hopper Choppers second album 'Be Ready'. The 12-track album was produced by Ben Hillier who has previously worked with the likes of...

Dennis Hoppers Chopper - 'Girl Walked Out Of Town'

by JordanWorland on 09 November 2011

My Tiger My Timing's 'Endless Summer' was exactly that, a bouncy, vivacious energetic bundle of a good song that was destined to remain a timeless 'ah remember summer' hit. The...

My Tiger My Timing – 'Written In Red'

by JordanWorland on 08 November 2011

Post-dubstep is a silly term, but it seems like it's becoming a fully-fledged genre of its own thanks to purveyors such as Jamie xx, Jamie Woon and James Blake. Even though neither...

Hiatus & Shura – 'Fortune's Fool'

by CoralWilliamson on 06 November 2011

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean catchy indie-pop needs to go away for half a year; in fact, all it means is that lazy journalists can't use phrases like “the soundtrack...

Kidda - 'The Whistler'

by CoralWilliamson on 06 November 2011

S4M TV // El May - ‘I Played A Role’

by Cristina on 01 September 2014

S4M TV // Joseph Coward - ‘Thin’

by Cristina on 01 September 2014

S4M TV // Saint Pepsi - ‘Fiona Coyne’

by Cristina on 01 September 2014

S4M TV // Joyce Manor - ‘The Jerk’

by Cristina on 01 September 2014

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