Tour Preview // Sunset Graves, worriedaboutsatan & Thomas Ragsdale

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 22 July 2016 in Tours

If you’re a regular reader of Shout4Music, then you’ll know that we’re big fans of Sunset Graves [SG], otherwise known as Andy Fosbery. We are therefore excited to share with you this piece on said artist’s upcoming UK tour with worriedaboutsatan [W] and Thomas Ragsdale [TR] next month (you can see the official poster above, and the dates are listed below in case you have trouble making them out). We have also taken the liberty of conducting a mini-Q&A and embedded some tracks from YouTube to give you a taste of what to expect during this trio’s quintet of performances. So over to the acts now for some more information…

Firstly, tell us about your music?

TR: I loop guitar, piano and synths to make a big wash of noise that I like to try and label as “music”. Sometimes it can be gentle and pretty, sometimes quite violent.

W: We make brooding electronic music with guitars, old drum machines and ‘70s synths. We're into the darker side of music, and we think this comes across in the sounds we make!

SG: All live, all hardware, percussive, textural, eclectic electronic music. Polyrhythms. Sad synths. Bass for your bones.

Now, tell us about the music of your co-headliners?

TR: They're both a lot more intense than my set. Sunset Graves' stuff that he does carries a huge amount of sub bass that tears the roof off every venue. It's great.

W: Sunset Graves is quite similar to us, but his stuff has a lot more intricacy and texture, whereas our main focus is on straight ahead beats! Thomas Ragsdale (who is also part of worriedaboutsatan!) is more cinematic soundscapes and pianos.

SG: Tom writes incredibly unique ambient music that is dark and intense. Usually building to a point where your vital organs collapse. worriedaboutsatan are similar in many ways, but with lots of Gav's guitar and ALL the drums forever.

Which date on the tour are you looking forward to the most, any why?

TR: I'm going to go with Cardiff on this one! I've never played in Cardiff before, so it's something new.

W: Manchester for us as it's our “homecoming” and the venue (The Castle) is really great.

SG: I can genuinely say that I'm looking forward to all of them for different reasons. The Waiting Room in London is a great venue, I've never even been to Manchester before, and its hometown show for worriedaboutsatan, which should be great, Bradford is a lovely art space, Bristol we are putting on ourselves at Cafe Kino, Cardiff is an unknown to me as I didn't book it, but I aim to please. Or misbehave. The Travelodge on the M6 just outside of Crewe is sure to be quite the high point as well.

What is your perfect rider item?

TR: Anything that won't intentionally harm me, which is harder to come by at gigs than you'd imagine.

W: Definitely gotta be the rose petals. We need 10,000 of them at each gig.

SG: Two of whatever Mariah Carey has on hers.

What is your favourite musical release of 2016 thus far?

TR: ‘Rasa’ by CHVE. Both terrifying and beautiful, highly recommended for anyone with a spare 20 minutes.

W: Painful question! Probably Baikal’s ‘Pelican’s Flight’. Perfect hypnotic techno.

SG: Abra’s ‘Princess’, she's so good it hurts. Ital Tek’s ‘Hollowed’. Snow Ghosts have been putting out some fine singles too - arguably their best stuff, ever. Oh, and 'In Blood' by Sunset Graves - available now from all good record stores!

Finally, why should we buy a ticket for the upcoming tour?

TR: Because it's going to be four guys tearing up the UK playing drone, electronica and ambient music. What's not to like?!

W: Because it's the only chance you'll get to see us and our pyrotechnics show in small venues! Joking, but seriously, do come, it'll be great.

SG: Because they are cheap. And we're really, really good. Plus my live show is pretty different to my recorded music. Tom is also a fantastic headbanger. And because you love independent music.

Given that insight into the acts on show, those dates are mentioned below as stated. If you like your musical full of drone and wonder, then these shows are sure to be a wonderful investment of your time and money. Finally, if you’d like to know more about Sunset Graves and 3rd & Debut Records, Mr Fosbery recently created a comprehensive Spotify playlist you can use for educational purposes. But the main point here is of course: Go to these shows if you live nearby!

4th – The Waiting Room, London
9th – The Castle, Manchester
10th – FUSE Art Space, Bradford
11th – Gwdihw, Cardiff
12th – Café Kino, Bristol


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