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MAONO PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review


If you want a microphone that combines tradition and innovation, then look no further than the MAONO PM500 Professional XLR Condenser Microphone. With unmatched clarity for vocals as recording musical instruments’ audio quality, the MAONO PM500 has overall exceptional sound-capturing capabilities that are well worth the bucks.

About the MAONO PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone

MAONO PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review
Model NameMAONO PM500 Series Studio-Quality XLR Microphone
Polar PatternCardioid
ConnectivityXLR cable
Power Requirements+48V DC phantom power
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity-35.3 dBu at 1kHz
Output Impedance98.7 ohm
Maximum SPL120 dB SPL
Noise Level70 dB-A
Dynamic Range20u Vrms
ColorBlack with gold spluttered condenser capsule
InclusionsOne (1) XLR condenser microphone
One (1) metal desktop stand
One (1) shock mount
One (1) metal pop filter
XLR to XLR cable
User manual
MAONO 12 months warranty service

At first glance just from the table above, one can already confidently proclaim that the MAONO PM500 large-diaphragm condenser microphone is a true workhorse of a mic.

Compared to other condenser microphones, the MAONO PM500 may be used by both amateurs in a home studio or by audio professionals in a recording studio and still achieve consistent superb performance regardless without much fuss. This is in large thanks to its custom-designed 34MM large-diaphragm condenser capsule and wide dynamic range of 20Hz to 20KHz.

How Good is the MAONO PM500 Microphone?

Maono PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review

With the mission to make the world’s best microphones and audio products, Maono, a company that was just well-established in 2014, is already making waves. Already, Maono has entered 153 markets around the world and is being recognized as the best-selling brand in the internet microphone category.

The MAONO PM500 XLR microphone is one of its many microphones that can walk the talk.

This large diaphragm condenser microphone is a professional-grade XLR microphone that can be used for vocal applications, music recording, and production. This large diaphragm mic can produce a full-bodied sound that can give well-known top-tier manufacturers a run for their money.

Is a MAONO PM500 XLR Condenser Microphone Good For Vocals or Music Instrument Performers?

Maono PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review

The MAONO PM500 has a cardioid pattern, making it an ideal microphone for recording vocals and instruments. Combining the polar pattern, frequency response, studio-quality sound premium components, and circuit design of this large diaphragm condenser microphone, the MAONO PM500 excellently suppresses proximity effect and background noise.

With a detailed midrange, warm bass, and a smooth top end, the MAONO PM500 mic can prudence a professional quality for vocals, drums, percussions, and acoustic instruments, and even provides guitar cabs.

As if that’s not impressive enough, this mic can also be used for pro-level content creation by live streamers, broadcasters, ASMR content creators, and alike thanks to its tailor-made permalloy audio signal transformer that provides low self-noise levels while retaining the natural sound.

Is a Large Diaphragm Microphone Better?

Maono PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review

If you want your recordings to have a full-bodied sound, then using large diaphragm condenser microphones would be the better choice for you. These microphones are great at highlighting vocals or lead instruments in a recording.

The MAONO PM500 is an example of a great large diaphragm condenser mic. Unlike most mics of the same category, the PM500 has a custom-designed 34MM large-diaphragm gold spluttered condenser capsule that will provide you with great low noise levels while looking sleek.

Benefits of the MAONO PM500 XLR Condenser Microphone

Maono PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review

When it comes to performance, versatility, aesthetics, and durability, the MAONO PM500 is the microphone of all condenser mics. Here are a few of its main features that will prove how great this XLR microphone is.

Professional Sound Quality and Performance

One may claim that the MAONO PM500 is the ultimate XLR microphone that can give you a professional sound recording quality for multiple applications. The cardioid mode is able to give you a pleasing sound that is rich and full.

Although this XLR microphone will require an XLR cable and phantom power source to run, the extra steps are well worth it as it all adds to the studio-grade sound of the PM500 that vocalists, music instrument performers, content creators, broadcasters, and audio professionals can enjoy.

Premium Durability and Design

Due to the zinc alloy and multi-layer coatings of the PM500, this microphone is as durable as it can get. Said coatings also act as an electromagnetic shield that helps the microphone give a purer audio signal.

Accessories provided by the PM500 such as the metal pop filter, shock mount, and desktop stand can also help protect the microphone all around from physical vibration and add to its sturdiness.

For added protection when traveling, the PM500 also comes with an aluminum carrying case where you can fit the microphone and another set of accessories such as the pop filter, shock mount, and XLR cable at no extra cost from the starting selling price of $169.99.

As for the aesthetics of the microphone, the PM500 has a sleek black finish with a custom-designed 34mm gold spluttered condense capsule that gives it an overall sophisticated look. A head turner no matter where you use this.

Value Buy

Although the microphone does have a rather huge price tag, the MAONO PM500 is still a value buy considering the performance, durability, and all the provided accessories. With plenty of recording applications and the ease of portability this XLR microphone can bring, the $169.99 would still be a bargain.

Pros and Cons of the MAONO PM500 XLR Condenser Microphone

✔ Professional sound and performance
✔ Versatile applications
✔ Additional microphone accessories (pop shield, desktop stand, etc.)
✔ Decent price point for a microphone kit
✘ An audio interface is needed to run the XLR microphone
✘ Needs to be phantom power ready or a sound card that can provide 48V voltage

What People Are Saying About It

“The MAONO PM500 offers great sound quality in its estimate price range for the spoken word. The PM500 is even better when using my recommended A7WS windscreen/pop filter/breath filter together with the PM500’s included pop filter. The only precaution is that condenser microphones perform best in quiet, sound-treated environments or at least with absorbent surfaces like carpets/rugs and/or beds to combat echo and reverberation.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Which MAONO microphone is best for singing?

The A04 Condenser Microphone is being hailed as the best MAONO mic for singing due to its professional sound chipset, the high-resolution sampling rate of 192kHZ/24 bit, and a flat frequency response of 30Hz to 16kHz.

However, it will also boil down to preference and application. For this reason, you should research the best microphone for vocals as plenty of factors will come into play including if you should look at a condenser or dynamic mic.

Does the MAONO mic come with a shock mount?

The MAONO PM500 comes with a microphone kit that’s packed with additional accessories such as a shock mount, pop shield, metal desktop stand, and XLR to XLR cable.

Where to Buy the MAONO PM500 Mic

Maono PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review

The MAONO PM500 is available now at Amazon. Prices may depend on promos, but the standard selling price of the PM500 is a little over $160. For more information, you may go to the MAONO website.

Maono PM500 Series Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone Set Review


The MAONO PM500 stands out as an exemplary choice, offering an unparalleled blend of professionalism, top-notch sound quality, and exceptional performance.

With its versatile applications, this microphone effortlessly caters to a wide range of audio needs, elevating any recording or broadcasting endeavor.

Furthermore, the inclusion of various supplementary microphone accessories such as a pop shield and a desktop stand enhances the overall value of this kit.

Notably, what sets the MAONO PM500 apart is its commendable price point, providing a remarkable microphone package at an affordable cost.

Sound Quality


The MAONO PM500 is the ultimate studio-grade XLR condenser microphone that both amateurs and professionals can maximize. With top-tier features and components, this workhorse of a mic can outperform those in its category and be on the same playing field as other industry leaders in terms of sound quality, versatility, and durability.

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