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Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A Microphone Review


A solid wireless system that accommodates more than one speaker or vocalist can be tough to find, much less on a tight budget. However, Phenyx Pro provides users with premium performance at a low cost. With four microphones for one receiver and the ability to control each one separately, it’s hard to deny what a fantastic deal this microphone is.

Learn everything you need to know about the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A right here.

About the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000 Microphone

ManufacturerPhenyx Pro
Model NamePTU-7000A
Polar PatternCardioid
Weight8.98 lbs
Battery Life16 hours

Ideal for church settings, weddings, karaoke, DJ gigs, public speaking, and more, the Phenyx PTU 7000 is one of the renowned mic systems that provide value for money at its best without skimping on features and combined audio and sound quality.

Benefits of the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A Microphone

Four Mics for the Price of One

Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A boasts four microphones for a single receiver at a price under $400, a true steal for a microphone set no matter how many transmitters it comes with. Each microphone can be controlled separately, so finding the right frequency and volume for each speaker proves to be a hassle-free task. Additionally, the set comes with color-coded anti-roll rings, allowing you to identify which mic is which with ease. 

Fantastic Range

Whatever setting you find yourself in, you can trust that this wireless microphone will stay connected. The Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A features an extraordinary crispy audio range of up to 328 ft. for as long as you’re in the line of sight of the receiver and there are no blockages in between.

Excellent Battery Life

While higher-end models typically average a battery life of around 9 hours, this microphone comes up to a whopping 16 hours of charge, so you definitely don’t have to worry about it dying on you any time during your performance. The system also has a 12-month warranty, so you can definitely feel sure about this inexpensive but worth it purchase.

Pros and Cons of the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A Microphone

✔ Comes with four microphones
✔ 16 hour battery life
✔ Receiver can be rack-mounted
✘ Mic bodies are slightly fragile

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re looking for quality sound at a low cost with benefits equal to those of high-end mics, this Phenyx Pro model may be for you. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other reviews say about it.

“If you need multiple microphones with a system that has multiple systems on a budget, the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A is a good option. You get four wireless microphones and a receiver that has four XLR outputs and allows up to 40 systems to be used simultaneously.”

Cheanné Lombard – Beginner Guitar HQ

Where to Buy the Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A Microphone

Get the best sound for your performances. Buy this microphone on Amazon now and avail yourself of exclusive deals and prices. You can also browse accessories like body packs.

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Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A

The Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A is a commendable wireless microphone system that delivers outstanding performance and convenience.

With its inclusion of four microphones, extensive battery life, and a rack-mountable receiver, it is an exemplary choice for professionals seeking a reliable and versatile audio solution.

Whether used for conferences, performances, or interviews, this device is sure to elevate any audio experience to new heights.

Sound Quality


The Phenyx Pro PTU-7000A is incredibly affordable yet on par with some of the most expensive mics on the market. It's able to handle 40 channels at once, and the fact that it comes with four microphones with fantastic sound quality and at such value makes this one of the best mic purchases anyone on a budget can get.

Total Rating

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