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sE Electronics sE2200a II C Microphone Review


Every home studio needs a workhorse, and there’s no condenser microphone that carries the burden better than the sE Electronics sE2200A II C. This large diaphragm condenser microphone is perfect for use with a range of different instruments, but perhaps its best performance lies in capturing vocals perfectly.

The sE2200 is the latest in a long line of award-winning cardioid condenser microphones that sE Electronics has spent 20 years in the business perfecting. Thanks to its smooth, polished sound for vocals and voiceovers, the sE2200 line is a standard in studios around the world and has even been used by iconic singers such as Amy Winehouse.

About the sE Electronics sE2200A II C Microphone

sE Electronics sE2200A II C Microphone

Polar Pattern


Frequency Range

20 Hz – 20 kHz


23.7 mV/Pa (-32.5 dBV)


125 / 135 / 145 dB (0/10/20 dB pad) (0.5% THD @ 1kHz)

Signal to Noise Ratio

8 db(A)

Dynamic range

117 / 127 / 137 dB (0/10/20 dB Attentuation pad)

The sE2200 has two versions, the cardioid pattern sE Electronics sE2200a II C, and the multi-pattern version sE Electronics 2200a II. Both of the models have a high-pass filter switch at 60Hz, as well as a pad switch. However, the cardioid version does differ from the multi-pattern version thanks to its slight bump between 3-6 kHz and 10-15 kHz. The multi-pattern sounds a bit warmer when set to cardioid, but conversely might need more additive EQ to get the vocals to cut through. 

The sE 2200 is designed to remain true to its predecessors’ iconic original capsule design, as well as the custom-built transformer and class-A circuit topologies. Thanks to its top-of-the-line components and an optimized signal path, this model provides users with even better noise performance and clarity. It’s even more versatile now thanks to the new pad and filter options, and the fit and finish have been updated with the latest in sE Electronics mic manufacturing techniques— all while retaining the classic sound of the original.

A couple of more improvements to the sE Electronics sE2200a II C large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone include a black rubberized finish and a bundled shock mount. The unit also comes with a pop filter, making for an easier setup and saving you money along the way. Also, thanks to its cardioid pickup pattern, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary noise when working in less-than-ideal environments such as a living room or bedroom.

sE Electronics sE2200a II C Microphone Pros

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The sE2200a mic comes with a ton of pros that make it one of the best condenser microphones in terms of value for money. The quality of the make is incredible, and the fantastic sound makes it a favorite for both amateur users and experts alike. When compared with mics of a similar make or price range, the sE2200 microphone exceeds expectations, and its voice-friendly sound and ability to handle loud volumes help it shoot straight to the top of many favorites lists.

Handcrafted and Original

Every unit in the sE2200a line is carefully handcrafted and individually tuned in the sE Electronics factory in Shanghai. Although the sE2200a II C in particular is a cardioid-only microphone, it has two gold-sputtered diaphragms in order to ensure the best possible acoustic performance. It also features a true externally polarized condenser capsule, allowing it to deliver top-quality sound.

Sophisticated Design

The sE2200a line is made of carefully selected components in order to ensure incredible sound quality regardless of the source. It’s designed to avoid using any integrated circuits, which helps it blow all other competition out of the water. Thanks to its advanced, surface-mounted electronic components, it’s able to provide users with low noise, high sensitivity, and consistently excellent performance.

Pros and Cons of the sE Electronics sE2200a II C Microphone

✔ Smoother sounds
✔ Affordable price point
✔ Shock mound included
✔ Extremely low noise and high SPL handling
✖️ Average performance

What People Are Saying

The sE Electronics sE2200a II C is one of the best affordable large diaphragm condenser mics on the market, but it gives users more than just affordability. Its handcrafted electronics and state-of-the-art design produce a sound quality that is miles ahead of the competition. Compared to other mics in the same price range, the sE2200a II C sounds smoother and more quality and has a lovely airiness to vocals that allow them to cut through any mix.

“I have a small studio, but I like a great vocal and acoustic sound for my projects. The SE mics and the reflections setup are awesome. I am cutting four vocals at once on four of these in the same room and get great separation . I cut fills with a Martin guitar and the tone came through the best I had heard. For the money they are well worth it!!”

Reviewer – Anthony from sweetwater

Where to Buy the sE Electronics sE2200a II C Microphone

If you’re looking for a microphone that’ll give you top performance for vocals, then the sE2200a II C is exactly what you need. You’ll have the freedom to plug and play instantly, and it delivers a high-resolution and open sound that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. For first-timers, this is the best condenser microphone option on the market. Find the best deals for the sE Electronics sE2200a II C Microphone here.

sE Electronics sE2200a II C

The sE Electronics sE2200a II C offers a refined and polished sound quality, with a focus on delivering smoother and more controlled audio. It falls within an affordable price range, making it accessible to many users.

The inclusion of a shock mount adds value and convenience to the package. Notably, The sE Electronics sE2200a II C microphone boasts an impressively low noise floor and excels in handling high sound pressure levels. It is a reliable and versatile option for those seeking exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

Sound Quality


The sE2200a II C has incredible sound quality for the price. It's voice-friendly while able to handle loud sound sources, and although it might need minor adjustments for noise, it's certainly comparable with other, more expensive condenser mics on the market.

Total Rating

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