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Hollyland’s Lark C1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Lets You Plug to Record Straight to Your Phone


Simplified operations yet premium recording quality — this is what you can expect from Hollyland’s new Lark C1 wireless lavalier microphone.

Growing to be one of the most competitive global wireless device and solution providers, Hollyland comes up with a new feature-packed wireless lavalier microphone that will allow you to plug to record straight to your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

With the Lark C1 lavalier microphone, you are assured that your sound quality will be clean as it packs a 48 kHz/16-bit sound system that will allow you to capture audio details from all directions and a range of up to 650ft (200m).

It also has a Hi-Fi sound quality from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, advanced audio processing algorithms, and an Active Noise Cancellation feature, which collectively, make the Lark C1 a premium yet compact lavalier microphone. Combining these features with applying the practices on how to best position a lavalier microphone, then you’ve got yourself a professional-level audio recording.

Similar to a regular lavalier microphone, the Lark C1 transmitter can be clipped onto clothing for a hands-free recording operation. What makes the Lark C1 different from other lavalier microphones, though, is the receiver will be plugged into the phone to record audio and will even allow you to playback without unplugging it from the mobile port.

It also has advanced in-app controls such as the ability to view the transmitter battery level, real-time playback via mobile phone or compatible Bluetooth devices, adjustment of noise cancellation levels, and volume control.

Hollyland's Lark C1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Lets You Plug-to-Record Straight to Your Phone

Another impressive and unique feature of the Lark C1 is it will let you use the wireless lavalier microphone while charging provided that the receiver is connected to a power source during recording.

This allows an uninterrupted recording session of up to 8 hours per transmitter or 32 hours if the charging case is fully charged. Certainly, a feature that can be useful when you’re in the middle of a long live stream or plan on recording at length.

Ideal for use in front of a camera, the Lark C1 comes in colors black and white — both sleek in design, though might not be as discreet as other lavalier microphones in the market. Proving to be a lavalier microphone that can be used for both work and play, the Lark C1 is available on an iOS version with a lightning connector and an Android version with a USB-C connector.

Naomi Feller

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