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Mini, powerful, and easy to use — the new ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone is the work-play USB condenser mic that can cater to hybrid professionals to content creators.

With crystal clear high-quality sound, a simple plug-and-play setup, and a UHF connection scheme, the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone redefines what a desktop USB mic is capable of being and doing. We tested out this small powerhouse USB mic to see what else it’s capable of, and spoiler alert —it did not disappoint!

About the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review
Model NameALABS Irono Mini-WL
Polar PatternCardioid
Working Range100 ft (33.3.m)
Sample RateMin. 44.1kHZ / Max. 48kHz
Bit Rate24Bit
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity-40dB±3dB(0dB=1V/Pa, at 1kHz)
Max. SPL100dB
Battery900mAh (About 8 hours)
Charging Power Requirements5V, 500mA
Inclusions2M USB A to USB C Cable X1
USB A to USB C Adapter
Microphone Stand
Owner’s Manual

Just from the table above, one can already see how the ALABS Iron Mini-WL is a miniature but powerhouse microphone.

Unlike most condenser and USB microphones, the ALABS Iron Mini-WL has a UHF wireless scheme that will allow it to have a working range of up to 100 ft and a wide dynamic range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Despite moving far from the receiver, the ALABS Iron Mini-WL is able to retain high-quality sound that is rich and full.

Despite the microphone being lightweight and small, the enclosed capsule assures you that the mic is secure and sturdy — with or without a stand. We would recommend though that you use included microphone stand or purchase the Iron Mini-WL with arm stand (Indiegogo Campaign Special) for added stability and placement options.

How Good is the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone?

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review

ALABS may have been founded only in 2021, but the audio technology company from Singapore definitely knows how to create innovative quality products based on the Iron Mini-WL microphone alone.

Starting off with the Iron Mini-WL SER solution and UHF connection. The microphone’s ability to accurately capture and retain one’s voice even as the user steps further away from the receiver is more than impressive. Although moving the microphone is not advisable as it can pick up slight nuances and sounds, it’s only a testament to the microphone’s impeccable sensitivity.

The UHF connection also gives a new yet very much welcomed convenience factor to fans of USB mics. One simply needs to plug the USB receiver into the laptop (or mobile device but an adapter must be purchased) and you’re good to go! No need to fuss about interrupted connection as the Iron Mini-WL has strong anti-interference and precise transmission capabilities. This means you can leave your laptop with the plugged receiver in your studio and continue your live stream all the way to the living room while maintaining a clear sound and connection.

In case you would like to plug the microphone though, then the Iron Mini-WL Microphone has included adapters for you. It has versatile compatibility for immediate use as it supports MAC OS (10.7 or higher), WIN (8 or higher), iOS (10 or higher), and Android (9 or higher). You can even connect it to your smartphone provided that you have the compatible connector and adapter for it.

Without the need to use or set up a DAW, you can do real-time monitoring by plugging in your earphones or headphones in the 3.55 headphone jack of the receiver. Proving once again how user-friendly and convenient the Iron Mini-WL Microphone is. Speaking of convenience, this microphone gives you the option to mount it via a microphone arm or the included stand.

Lastly, but most importantly, the sound quality of the Iron Mini-WL microphone is superb! Designed specifically for voices, this condenser microphone will not only amplify a person’s voice but also make it richer and fuller. With a cardioid polar pattern and a sampling rate of 48kHz/24bit, the Iron Mini-WL has an excellent sound pickup with the sources directly in front of it and rejecting noise from behind the mic.

However, if you plan on recording two people or sound sources at the same time, we suggest that you get near the mic so both can be clearly heard.

What Are the Best Uses For the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone?

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review

With a 14mm acoustic diaphragm, a cardioid directional pattern, and a sampling rate of 48kHz/24bit, the Iron Mini-WL has plenty of applications. However, it works best in recording human voices and the applications below.

Audio and Video Calls

For (hybrid) professionals, the Iron Mini-WL is a great desktop USB microphone that can improve the quality of audio and video calls. After doing a side-by-side test of a laptop’s built-in microphone and the Iron Mini-WL, this external microphone waves ahead in terms of sound quality. If you would like to make sure your colleagues hear you loud and clear, then do yourself a favor and make the switch to the Iron Mini-WL.

If you also plan on working in an air-conditioned room, the Iron Mini-WL Microphone does a great job at rejecting wind noise. We even tried a test to see how the microphone will reject wind noise coming from a fan that is situated in front and at the back, and we were not disappointed with the results. In case you would also like to work outside in a café, the Iron Mini-WL can drown out the background noise to a level that won’t be distracting to fellow participants in a call.

The miniature size and wireless design won’t also take up much valuable desk space. Should your call be on camera, the microphone is small enough that it won’t obtrusive. However, the sleek and professional design is good enough for you to subtly place it in front of the camera for your colleagues to see.

Content Creation and Podcasting

With crystal clear audio and the ability to amplify one’s voice which will make it sound naturally full, the Iron Mini-WL is a great microphone for content creation and podcasting applications.

Whether you plan on recording outdoors, on the go, or remotely, the convenient plug-and-play yet wireless design of the Iron Mini-WL will make it easy for you to do so. Not to mention the lightweight yet sturdy build of the mic will assure you that it can withstand travel and be passed around.

While the microphone has great sound pickup and is sensitive enough to pick up your whispers, doing ASMR content may be quite a challenge. Although, this is us nitpicking as the Iron Mini-WL is specifically designed to record the human voice, to begin with.

Streaming and Gaming

Aside from the Iron Mini-WL’s ability to clearly pick up sounds and the human voice, this microphone is great at suppressing noise sources. With that said, you can use this microphone while you live stream or for gaming without having to worry that your voice is getting drowned out by the game or external sounds.

The microphone also has a mute button found in front, which you can easily tap (not press) should you need to quickly mute yourself. This is especially useful for when you have family members or friends who might barge in right in the middle of a game or stream and you need a little bit of privacy from your teammates or viewers.

The Iron Mini-WL can also easily be mounted. Whether you want it to be seen on or off-camera, you may do so by using the microphone stand that is already included or a microphone arm if you decide to purchase the brand’s special offer of Iron Mini-WL with arm stand for the reasonable price of $69.99. Either way, we recommend that you mount this microphone to prevent picking up keyboard sounds, mouse clicks, and desk vibrations.


Although this is not a studio microphone, the Iron Mini-WL is a decent enough microphone to record vocals in. You can belt out high notes without the microphone distorting the sound or go acoustic and still be assured that the sound quality of your vocal recordings will sound great.

How is the Setup of the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone?

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review

The ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone has redefined what it means to use a desktop USB microphone. As is, USB microphones are easy to use. However, the UHF connection of the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone made this process even easier!

By simply plugging in the USB receiver stick to your laptop or desktop and pairing it to your microphone (which most of the time automatically connects), you are ready to record. You can also plug in your headphones to the headphone jack of the receiver for real-time monitoring.

The brand’s Indiegogo campaign also has a special offer for customers to purchase the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone with the ALABS Wooden Headphones for the price of $99.99 in case you would like to complete the set.

Benefits of the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review

There are a lot of pros and features of the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone that make this USB desktop mic a standout. To sum them all up, here are some of the benefits that make this microphone a true powerhouse and workhorse.

Excellent Sound Quality and Performance

The ALABS Iron Mini-WL will make any non-believer of USB microphones an instant fan. To no fail, this microphone has consistently excellent sound quality whether it stays beside the receiver or you are in another room with it. The clear sound pick-up will not only amplify your voice but also make sure that it will reject any unwanted sounds and plosives to make your recording as flawless as possible.

Reliable Build and Innovative Design

Despite the Iron Mini-WL being lightweight and miniature in size, the build is sturdy and reliable. Enclosed in a metal mesh microphone capsule, you are sure that it can be thrown in your back without any protection yet still come out unbroken.

The microphone also has a swivel design that will allow you to angle it to your liking, which also gives you the best position possible for optimal sound pickup. While the microphone stand packs a bit of weight, it does have a soft cushion at the bottom that gives it more grip on the table without damaging the material.

The simple yet intuitive design makes it user-friendly for beginners but the SER solution and UHF connection make it an innovative microphone all-in-all for professionals to appreciate.

Value Buy

Given all the features, design, and performance of the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone, it certainly is worth your money. The accessories that come with are also added benefits to what is a reasonably priced microphone.

Pros and Cons of the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone

✔ Excellent sound and performance
✔ Ultra-long working range of up to 100ft
✔ Wireless
✔ Versatile applications
✔ Ease of setup and wide-range of device compatibility
✔ Long battery life
✔ Value buy
✔ Includes microphone accessories
✘ Will need a separate adapter for mobile devices
✘ Can slightly pickup keyboard sounds

Where to Buy the Iron Mini-WL Microphone

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review

The funding campaign for the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone is ongoing at Indiegogo. Prices may depend on promos, but the standard selling price of the Iron Mini-WL Microphone is $69.99. However, we recommend that you check out the brand’s Indiegogo campaign for special offers and pricings such as the following:

  • Iron Mini-WL for $49.99
  • Iron Mini-WL & Arm Stand (Indiegogo Special) for $69.99
  • Iron Mini-WL & ALABS Wooden Headphones (Indiegogo Special) for $99.99

You may also check out the ALABS website for more details.

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone Review

ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone

The ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone is a true powerhouse USB mic. Redefining the USB category with its UHF connection and SER system, the Iron Mini-WL has an impressive working range of up to 100ft while maintaining a clear sound quality without any interference.

Portable, easy to use, and innovative — the ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone can deliver beyond anyone’s expectations.

Sound Quality


The ALABS Iron Mini-WL Microphone is a powerhouse condenser mic that boasts a sleek, innovative design that will fit into any studio or computer setup. For a USB mic, it provides excellent sound quality for any application, whether calls, recording, podcasting, or streaming. The best part is its value price, coming at only $69.99 when accompanied by a microphone stand.

Total Rating

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