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Mom Goes Viral on TikTok for Microphone Parenting Hack


We all know microphones can be used to record music, deliver a speech, or perform a song number. But this mother-of-two has found a new use that can be helpful to other parents out there.

In a now-viral TikTok video, mother Vanessa Falone shares how she’s able to get her kids to come to the car after playing at the park. Hint: it doesn’t involve any shouting or running around, an urge many parents seem to have when their children refuse to go home, according to the TikTok video’s comments.

Instead, Vanessa has found a handy way to calmly get her kids to pack it up: a microphone with a built-in speaker.

Through this device, Vanessa is able to call her kids from across the park like an announcer and have them come running over in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t want to sound like those crazy moms that don’t have their life together,” she says in the video’s caption. True enough, many parents seemed to see their struggles mirrored in the video.

Despite having only 2,000 followers at the beginning of her posting, Vanessa now has almost 8,600 followers and a whopping 5.1 million views on the video, which has almost 800,000 likes.

A Huge Hit

The reel begins with Vanessa holding her microphone in the middle of the park.

“Jennifer and Kayla, it is time to leave the park,” she continues as a child’s voice can be heard in the distance. “Please gather your belongings and head towards the car immediately.”

She also posted another video of the same moment with the background music removed. One could hear others in the park clapping after the mother’s announcement.

Parents Share Their Own Tactics

The video, which now has over 5,000 comments, is filled with mothers and fathers sharing their own special tactics for keeping their cool during stressful situations like this.

“I would use my flight attendant voice for this,” said one commenter. “Attention children, the car will be leaving in approximately 5 minutes, please make your way to the boarding area’.”

Other moms enjoyed Vanessa’s video so much that they even came up with their own suggestions on her spiel. One even commented to add, “You will be given 10 mins to proceed to the designated area, failure to do so will result in nap time and decreased TV hours. Thank you.”

Ash Burnett

Hailing from Chicago, IL - Ash made his break into journalism at the age of 23 writing music reviews for a local website. Now in his late 30's and after being pulled closer towards the technical side of the music and live gig industry, he founded Shout4Music to write thorough microphone reviews.

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