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RODE Builds on the Legacy of a Classic with the NT-USB+ Professional USB Microphone


RODE has once again proved that they are a global leader in audio technology as they launch the NT-USB+ professional USB microphone with upgraded next-generation features coming from the classic NT-USB.

Building on the legacy of the well-loved NT-USB, the NT-USB+ professional USB microphone upgrades its capsule to that of a studio-grade condenser with a tight cardioid polar pattern to achieve flawless sound quality.

The new NT-USB+ microphone also has an analog-to-digital processor that has a bit depth of up to 24-bit and a sample rate of up to 48 kHz. Combining this with the USB microphone’s frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, the NT-USB+ is a professional recording microphone that will let you hear every detail of your recording to a tee.

Content creators from musicians, streamers, and podcasters can surely rejoice with this upgrade as broadcast-quality recordings can now be easily achieved.

Speaking of audio quality, the RODE NT-USB+ lets users take their recordings to the next level in terms of post-processing and equalizing with its compatibility with the RODE Central App, RODE Connect, and RODE Reporter. It’s the ultimate professional USB microphone that gives you access to classic studio audio processing effects to improve the overall quality of your recordings.

Concerning noise levels, the NT-USB+ can block out unwanted noises and ambient sounds superbly as it packs an ultra-low-noise and high-gain Revolution Preamp that is trademarked by RODE.

As if that’s not enough, the USB microphone even comes with a detachable pop filter and a desktop stand to help keep plosives and vibrations at bay, which are the usual hindrances when trying to get a USB microphone to sound its best.

RODE Builds On the Legacy of A Classic and Launches the NT-USB+ Professional USB Microphone

The NT-USB+ also gets a stunning makeover as it now sports an electric blue color behind the protective grille. The new look gives it a more sophisticated feel that’s minimal enough to not be distracting when in use.

Additionally, it also makes for a great-looking microphone in front of the camera, which is always a plus for content creators and streamers.

RODE Builds On the Legacy of A Classic and Launches the NT-USB+ Professional USB Microphone

As far as convenience and ease of setup go, the NT-USB+ retains the portability and compatibility of a typical USB microphone. With a plug-and-play setup, native USB Type-C connectivity, and Android and iOS compatibility, the NT-USB+ doesn’t get much easier than this.

It even comes with a high-power headphone output with zero-latency monitoring and volume and mix controls.

Overall, RODE’s NT-USB+ professional USB microphone is a definite strong contender in joining the list of best USB microphones. We won’t be surprised if the NT-USB+ becomes a new classic go-to in the world of USB microphones anytime soon.

Ash Burnett

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