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Here’s How and Where You Can Find the Microphone in Dave the Diver


If you’re like many other gamers that are hooked on the latest adventure video game, then you’re probably trying to search for the microphone in Dave the Diver. Since its release about a month ago, players of the game have been hooked on the adventure video game developed by MINTROCKET.

Players will be controlling Dave, a hard-working diver, who solves quests and collects fish all while managing a sushi restaurant. One of the deep-sea exploration quests players must complete is finding sunken treasures.

For one of the main quests, “Sea People Language Translator”, the microphone is one of three items that are hard to find. If you have already located the Sea People Stone Tablet and the Amethyst, here’s how you can find the microphone in Dave the Diver.

The microphone will be hidden in a familiar location from an earlier quest you have completed. From there, you can start the search by doing the following:

  1. Dive straight down in the Blue Hole.
  2. Continue swimming straight down until you get to around 100 to 120 meters where will you find the first cavern.
  3. Look for the old shipwreck of the yellow ship to the east (right) where you first fought off the Giant Squid boss. Be careful of other deep sea creatures that may be lurking around the area.
  4. Swim through the ship and go inside the cavern located below. Search around the area and there you will see the microphone.
  5. Once you have retrieved all other items for the quest, you can now return to Dr. Bacon.

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Ash Burnett

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