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What is GainAssist and Why Do You Need It?


The GainAssist feature is unique to the Wireless ME ultra-compact wireless microphone system of RØDE. It’s a new feature that the audio-tech company introduced to help keep audio levels balanced and clear each use. Here’s what else you need to know about GainAssist and why you should be utilizing it in your mic systems.

What is GainAssist?

GainAssist is a feature first introduced by RØDE upon their launch of the Wireless ME microphone system. It is designed to help users, beginners and professionals alike, to capture the best audio quality possible with the least effort required in tweaking and setting optimal gain levels in their mic systems.

The GainAssist feature will automatically adjust the optimal gain settings needed in capturing the desired audio subject so users need not concern themselves with such a task. By using an intelligent algorithm, GainAssist will automatically monitor any incoming audio that will be picked up by the microphone and control the volume level on the spot. This helps you achieve audio recordings that are perfectly smooth and clear each time as it prevents any clipping and audio peaks from happening.

Two modes can be enabled when using the GainAssist feature: Auto Mode and Dynamic Mode. By default, the Auto Mode is enabled in Wireless ME microphone systems. The Auto Mode is useful for recording applications wherein audio levels are loud and unpredictable as this will help keep the recording sound smoother and consistent.

The Dynamic Mode will help balance volume levels to maintain some of the audio’s dynamics for a more natural sound. Recording applications wherein the environment can be controlled are ideal for Dynamic Mode.

Why Do You Need GainAssist?

What is GainAssist and Why Do You Need It?

Both amateurs and professionals can benefit from GainAssist as this feature will help ensure that audio recording quality will stay consistent and clear. This makes the lives of users easier as no adjustments in the gain and audio levels need to be done on their end – the GainAssist will automatically do this for them. Therefore, if you want balanced and clear audio in almost any recording application, then you will need and benefit from GainAssist.

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