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Audio-Technica AT8004L Microphone Review


Picking out the perfect microphone for your setup takes a lot of research. Some microphones work better in certain recording situations than others. In fact, sometimes it isn’t just about the sound— it’s about the durability and look, too. With handheld microphones, most users look for a microphone that can provide great quality sound, as well as hold up both on and off camera. In today’s review of the Audio-Technica AT8004L microphone, we’ll see whether this mic rises to the challenge.

About the Audio-Technica AT8004L

Audio-Technica AT8004L Microphone

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

80-16,000 Hz

Output Impedance

300 ohms



Open Circuit Sensitivity

–51 dB (2.8 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa


215 g (7.6 oz)

Audio-Technica is a pretty big name in the microphone business. One look at their catalog can tell you all you need to know. The Japanese brand has been around for half a century, and in that span of time has produced some of the world’s favorite microphones at pretty affordable prices. After all, who in the business hasn’t heard of the AT2035, or the AT2020?

While Audio-Technica is known for its studio condenser microphones, today we’re going to look at something a little different. The AT8004L is a handheld microphone that’s become an industry favorite, and we’re going to find out why.

Audio-Technica AT8004L Pros

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Handheld microphones look simple, but they can be pretty important players, especially for interviews and digital journalism. A handheld microphone needs to be portable yet durable and allow for all-weather use. With Audio-Technica’s long pedigree of quality microphones, the AT8004L has a lot to measure up to. We’ll take a look at its features below and see if it does the job.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Handheld microphones are often seen onscreen, so most users prefer microphones that look and sound professional. They have nothing to fear when it comes to the Audio-Technical AT8004L. With a long handle and sleek, matte metal casing, it’s an elegant-looking microphone that adds a sophisticated air to any recording.

Record with Focus

The AT8004L is a dynamic microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern. When in wireless mode, the microphone does suffer from a little bit of handling noise, but overall performs quite well out in the field. The sound quality vastly improves when plugged via XLR cable into your camera, with fewer plosives and noise.

Despite its omnidirectional pattern, the AT 8004L works great with blocking out ambient and background noise. The omnidirectionality allows you a bit more flexibility in terms of recording interviews, so you won’t have to hold the mic upright to the speaker. You also don’t have to fear catching sounds below the metal grille, as the head of the mic is cleanly closed off and secure.

Rugged Housing

Despite its elegant look, the Audio-Technica AT8004L holds up well to continued outside use. While this isn’t exactly a microphone that you can throw around, it’s still a quality portable mic thanks to its quality casing. The capsule is particularly protected, with only the top section exposed to the elements. Not only is it well-protected, the hardened steel grille means that you have no fear of damaging your capsule with long-term use.

Great Sound

Of course, looks aside, the most important part of a microphone is its sound. A good interview microphone will be well-tuned to capture the human voice, and that’s exactly what the Audio-Technica AT8004L is. With a frequency response of 80Hz to 16kHz, it’s designed for recording human speech with clarity and focus.

The design of the capsule casing also means that you won’t have to worry as much about pesky plosives. You can thus record audio from speakers who aren’t as well trained in mic technique, without fear that your recordings will need more editing in post-production. This makes it a pretty great mic for live reporting and broadcasting.


With quality protective casing and a grille that’s designed to keep everything out and let only sound in, the Audio Technica AT8004L is a pretty good outdoors performer. When tested in regular weather conditions, there was hardly any wind noise while recording. Barring extreme weather events like storms and hurricanes, you can rest assured that when you go out with your mic, you’ll be bringing home quality, clear audio.

Pros and Cons of the Audio-Technica AT8004L

✔ Has a long handle to accommodate a mic flag
✔ Has great build quality
✔ Has a reasonable price point
✖️ Can be sensitive to hand motion

What People Are Saying

Overall, it’s not hard to see why the Audio-Technica AT8004L is a favorite microphone for interviewers, documentarians, newscasters, and journalists. It’s got a gorgeous, professional-looking build that looks great on camera. With both wireless and wired modes, you can look forward to versatile usage both indoors and outdoors. And at a price that comes in at around $100, that’s a pretty good deal.

“Amazing recorded some stuff for the bmi awards. i was blown away at the quality. The mic was ran through avalon 737 with some basic reverb in pro tools and thats all that was really needed. its a great buy for amazing vocals with out much needed mixing.”

Reviewer – Patrick From Sweetwater

Where to Buy the Audio-Technica AT8004L

Handheld microphones have a variety of uses, but they’re especially important for interviews and live broadcasting. If you want a quality performance from a quality brand, there’s no reason why shouldn’t give the Audio-Technica AT8004L a chance.

While it’s not a mic that you can throw around, it’s definitely a top performer in terms of durability over regular use. Plus, it looks great on camera, making it a credit to your microphone kit. Find the best deals for the Audio-Technica AT8004L Microphone here.

Audio-Technica AT8004L

The Audio-Technica AT8004L emerges as a true gem, seamlessly combining versatility, exceptional build quality, and affordability. With its array of impressive features, this microphone proves to be a reliable companion for professionals in various audio recording applications.

The Audio-Technica AT8004L captures attention with its versatile design, remarkable build quality, and accessible price point. Its long handle effortlessly accommodates a mic flag, allowing for personalized branding and enhanced professionalism.

The microphone’s solid construction ensures durability and longevity, instilling confidence in users. With its reasonable price point, the AT8004L offers exceptional value, making it a standout choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking reliable and affordable audio recording solutions.

Audio-Technica continues to deliver excellence with the AT8004L, empowering users to capture audio with precision, versatility, and affordability.

Sound Quality


A handheld microphone needs to look good, sound good, and hold up to repeated outdoors use. The Audio-Technica AT8004L does all of that, and well. For around $100, you get a microphone that looks good and performs even better. What's not to like?

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