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Rode M5 Condenser Microphone Review


Røde’s latest addition to its long-standing utilization of robotized manufacturing and surface mounting techniques is the Røde M5 Condenser Microphone. Recently, they’ve also been venturing to introduce video camera microphones. This Australian audio company focuses to produce high-caliber microphones, especially those that are capable to generate accurate and well-rounded sounds. 

The Røde M5 Condenser Microphone is a matched pair of pencil condensers that introduces a new interface for much easier usage. To be more specific, this mic is an improvement of the previous Rode NT5 in terms of its small diaphragm build. This effectively gives you a plain, neutral, and very detailed sound which is perfect for recording.

Moreover, one of the enhancements includes a wider frequency response and low noise reception. But what are the Røde M5’s other selling points? Let’s see in this Røde M5 Condenser Microphone review.

About the Røde M5 Condenser Microphone

Rode M5 Condenser Microphone
Model NameM5
Polar PatternSuper-cardioid, Unidirectional
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity-34dB ref 1V/P
Maximum SPL140dB SPL
Product Dimension and Weight16 x 5 x 12 inches
5.6 ounces

As a matched pair pencil cardioid, the Røde M5 Condenser Microphone can only capture sounds from the front. This feature was also improved since it can block audio and other background noise from the back and sides. In addition, the M5 is perfect for multi-miking scenarios since you can buy it in pairs. It’s particularly useful for recording acoustics such as an acoustic guitar.

With its fixed cardioid pattern, this matched pair has new features which placed it ahead of the other small diaphragm microphones. Røde put a lot of effort into the M5, a microphone with minimal noise and wide frequency response. But is it worth it?

Røde M5 Condenser Microphone Benefits

Røde M5 Condenser Microphone

With a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern, it’s built for studio projects. But what are its other beneficial features?

Low Noise and Full Frequency Response

The Røde M5 Condenser Microphone offers slightly improved noise rejection and somewhat lower SPL in comparison to the NT5s. The SPL is equivalent to 140dB which is of no concern because it still provides the sound quality you need. To surmise, you will be less likely to be faced with studio-related problems with the M5-matched microphones.

In addition, the frequency response curve is mostly flat up to 3 kHz. It also has a significant increase of 3dB at about 8kHz when the recording hits middle-range tones. Røde also installed a high pass switch which is capable of canceling out more insignificant low frequencies or very low noise that can distort recordings. Thus, it will give us a clear sound. Moreover, the high frequencies of loud instruments will sound better with this pencil condenser. This includes playing or recording drums by continuously hitting the set with hard thumps.

However, because of its low sensitivity, you might be required to use an inline pad to avoid overloading the system when working with hot and loud sounds.

Freebies for M5s

One of the best things about Røde microphones is the number of freebies they give with the mic you buy. The M5 product comes with two WS5 windshields, two RM5 mics stand mounts, an instruction manual, and a pretty large ‘I Heart Røde Mics’ sticker.

If you order a Røde M5 Condenser Microphone you’ll also get a standard microphone stand with the accompanying mic stand mounts. This ensures your microphone capsule will be protected since it’s irreplaceable. The internal circuitry also uses a J-FET impedance converter, that’s perfect for feeding the transformerless bipolar output stage. This gives the surface-mount components to keep things compact.  It also comes with mic clips, although the transition from XY and ORTF transitions smoothly without the need to unscrew the attachments. You can keep it clipped to the stand mounts and it’s still a good microphone. The freebies are good stuff that fits the reasonable price of M5.

Small Body Design

The design of the Røde M5 Condenser Microphone is particularly light, that’s only 10 cm in length. Using the back electret technology, they are half-inch capsules with a permanently polarized output. In addition, the cardioid pattern is fixed, hence you can’t swap the microphone capsule or replace it if it’s broken. 

Its metal-body design contributes well to RF interference rejection and makes the sounds great. This microphone is built to withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions which are perfect for the music industry. This includes humidity and light rain, making it an extremely strong and versatile microphone in any situation. Moreover, it has a tough body and a sturdy front grille that ensures it won’t immediately wear out from day-to-day use.


The Røde M5 Condenser Microphone is a more adaptable microphone collection because it can work with either +24V or +48V phantom power. It’s ideal for setting up a stereo system and spaced pair due to its small size. However, it does not come with stereo pairs. Røde is currently selling the mics only, but you can still buy the optional stereo bar to keep both condensers mounted on a single stand. You no longer have to worry about droops despite using a stereo bar mounted on shock mounts.

Another selling point of these Røde microphones is you’ll have no trouble setting them up in ORTF mode. This has proven to be quite a hassle for longer pencil condensers with stand mounts. Whether it’s a studio or a field recording, it works admirably on both projects.

Pros and Cons of the Røde M5

✔ Lower noise reception
✔ Filter switches
✔ Wide presence hump of 7kHz
✔ Durable and ergonomic
✔ Broad frequency reception
✔ Long warranty period
✘ Slightly expensive
✘ Lacks a stereo system
✘ Irreplaceable mic capsules
✘ No inline pad switches

What People Are Saying About It

The Røde M5 Condenser Microphone is indeed a steal for everyone. Rode showed how it can upgrade its mics to further cater to the needs of the music industry. Let’s see how the market accepted the M5.

“I was surprised to hear the beautiful low end to the M5’s. Adding them as overheads, I used the attenuation switch on the mic and they sound great.”

Robert Nicholson – Sweetwater

Where to Buy the Røde M5 Condenser Microphone?

Røde M5 Condenser Microphone

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Are you worried that your microphone does not fit your preference? Check out our page for more microphone reviews and guides.

Rode M5 Condenser Microphone

Røde M5

The Røde M5 excels in capturing audio with lower noise reception, resulting in pristine and clear recordings. With its integrated filter switches, users have precise control over the sound they capture, allowing for versatile and customizable recordings.

The microphone’s wide presence hump at 7kHz enhances the overall audio quality by providing a rich and impactful presence. Not only does the M5 deliver outstanding performance, but it is also built to last, thanks to its durable and ergonomic design.

Its broad frequency reception ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, making it a reliable choice for various recording applications. Additionally, Røde backs the M5 with a long warranty period, providing peace of mind and demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Sound Quality


If you're looking for a condenser mic that's lightweight and can capture more detailed sound, the Røde M5 Condenser Microphone is definitely for you. It has a small diaphragm which is the best choice if you want to record or broadcast a pure and natural sound.

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