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Røde NT5 Microphone Review


The number of online creators skyrocketed over the past years, due to the numerous opportunities they can get on various platforms. Hence, owning a good microphone is considered an arsenal, whether it’s for studio projects, live performances, or content creation. 

If you’re a beginner, Røde Microphones is always a good brand to consider because of their established reputation and cutting–edge technology in manufacturing mics. However, mics come in different types, sizes, and purposes. Questions such as “Is the sound quality good?”, “What is the sound frequency range?”, and “Does it have a noise-canceling feature?” cloud our minds and make it difficult to choose a microphone to rely on. 

Luckily for us, they have already released the Røde NT5 Microphone in the market. This was specifically made for people who value high-sensitivity mics, most especially in the music industry. As a condenser microphone, it is good for recording voiceovers, acoustic instruments, or conducting live and studio performances.

Let’s know more about this microphone in this Røde NT5 microphone review.

About the Røde NT5

Rode NT5
Model NameNT5
Polar PatternCardioid, Unidirectional
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity-38.0dB @ 1kHz
Maximum SPL143dB SPL
Product Dimension and Weight11 x 2 x 5 inches; 12.8 ounces
0.8 lbs

Is Røde NT5 Good Like Most Condenser Mics?

Rode NT5

If you’re aiming to improve the sound of your recording studio, Røde NT5 is a pencil condenser microphone that is capable of capturing your desired sound and vocals. With its cardioid polar pattern, sound leakages will be reduced efficiently.

It also works perfectly as a stereo pair of violins, guitars, or an overhead mic for drums due to its lightweight design. It features an impressive build quality that is portable in comparison to other mono mics. This microphone is commercially available as a gold-sputtered ½ inch capsule with a heavy-duty satin nickel-plated body.

Another thing that makes Røde NT5 a good microphone is it optimizes the sound of any instrument it is played with. Most pencil condensers are difficult to maneuver, especially in live plays or indoor projects. In some cases, the output is not desirable due to uncontrollable situations caused by natural events.

Is Røde NT5 Good For Vocals?

The simple answer is yes. Due to its high sensitivity, Røde NT5 is a good mic for recording voiceovers and musical performances. Indoor filming will be much better since it can be placed on a mic stand or boom. The sound recording it produces is clean and accurate. 

Despite having a small diaphragm, it offers clear left and right stereo imaging for multiple vocal recordings. Unlike most condenser microphones, this microphone is sold at a reasonable price. Due to its good frequency response, it is a must-have mic if you want to accurately record any vocal sound on the go. With an SPL of 143 dB, the sound output of this microphone will not be distorted even during live performances.

Vocal recordings can also be done without the need of using too much vocal energy and sound since the Røde NT5 can pick up even the softest sounds you can produce. However, this can also make it susceptible to unwanted noises which is why it comes with additional accessories that can minimize unnecessary noise.

Does Røde NT5 Need Phantom Power?

Like most condenser microphones, the Røde NT5 has an external phantom power that supplies direct current to the diaphragm. This means that an additional sound, like hums, can be heard during and after the recording session. It acts as an amplifier to convert the sound waves from its surroundings to electrical current. Thus replicating the recorded sounds like vocals or instrumentals. Mics with this feature are typically great for a live performance. However, you no longer need the amplifier for your microphone if you own a good audio interface.

Condenser microphones are commonly the sought-after mic for musical and vocal recording in the music industry. However, during a live performance, a mic needs to produce high-quality sound while being carried and moved around continuously. In most cases, a mic is required to be connected externally using bulky wires in order to function.

Røde NT5 Microphone Benefits

Rode NT5

Without a doubt, Røde NT5 is one of the best pencil condensers on the market today. But what other benefits can we get from this microphone?

Innovative Design

Your live performance will be much more enjoyable because this mic allows the musician to adjust its position conveniently. The design caters to the necessary features of a condenser mic and is capable of reproducing the high-quality sounds of an acoustic instrument. Its gold-sputtered design adds to its conductivity, thus it produces better sound quality.

Available in Matched Pair

Rode Microphones NT-series always come in pairs. With the Røde NT5, a second pencil mic is available that has the same technical specifications and condenser mic benefits. This allows anyone to do recording sessions quickly while capturing more high frequencies and soft sounds. Since the microphones come in twos, the accessories are also doubled but the cost is still for a single condenser mic.

More Accessories for an Affordable Price

Most of the time, condenser microphones are expensive due to the quality of sound output. Sometimes, the accessories that go along with the microphone are not enough and need to be bought separately. But for Røde NT5, added equipment are shipped together in a custom case.

It includes mic clips with a removable adapter, a short cable with a five-pin connector at the mic end, a foam guard to minimize wind noise, 2 RM5 stand mounts, and 2 WS5 windscreens. The case is also sturdy to keep the microphones free from any external damage.

A recording experience can also be improved for the Røde NT5 pair, by adding Omni capsules on its diaphragm. In this way, the once unidirectional microphones can now capture added sound from all directions.

Topnotch Recording Qualities

Dealing with excess noise is really difficult for recording studios. It disrupts the whole recording process when microphones are incapable of suppressing unwanted tunes, mumbles, and noises. However, the Røde NT5 microphone pair can record the versatile yet smooth sounds of guitars and violins. 

You can strike your drum set as softly as you want, and these microphones can definitely capture every beat and tune you make. In addition, recording a piano performance is more efficient since the microphones can record the bass along with the various sounds.

Pros and Cons of the Røde NT5

✔ User-friendly
✔ Budget-friendly
✔ Great for vocal and instrumental recording
✔ Can be used for indoor filming
✔ Available in pair
✔ Enhance recording experience for soft sounds
✔ Topnotch design
✔ Has a lot of accessories
✔ Portable
✘ Requires omni heads for omni-directional recordings

What People Are Saying About It

The Røde NT5 microphone is one of the best microphones for everyone, especially for people who are still starting their musical or content creation careers. The microphones can certainly deliver the desired output you want, despite being small. The price is also affordable yet the technical specifications are on par with other leading microphone brands. Hence, many are talking about the usability of this Rode microphone everywhere. Let’s see the honest review of other people.

“Its small diaphragm is cased with gold which ensures the NT5 gives out a good sound quality and smooth response as a result of the good conductivity a good color has.”

Gemtracks Staff – gemtracks

Where to Buy the Røde NT5 Microphone?

Rode NT5

Ready to check the NT5 microphone pair? Visit Amazon to get the latest deals and prices.

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Sound Quality


Designed to record acoustic instruments and soft sounds, Rode NT5 offers the best deals, as a pencil condenser mic. With its high sensitivity feature, you can have a recording of your piano's bass or drum set's kicks more accurately. It's also a good fit for beginners in the music and content creation industry.

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