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Logitech’s Yeti GX is Its Newest USB Microphone with RBG Lightning


Logitech is set to release a new lineup of products slated to ship on September 24th, squarely targeting gamers, streamers, podcasters, and content creators. The flagship offering is the Logitech G Yeti GX, priced at $149.99. This USB microphone is designed in a “broadcast style” with a substantial stand and eye-catching RGB lighting.

The Yeti GX boasts a dynamic supercardioid microphone, a type of unidirectional mic designed to capture sound primarily from its front, making it ideal for eliminating background noise, such as keyboard clatter. However, it’s crucial to stay in its direct path for optimal performance. Soren Pedersen, Logitech’s global product manager, likened its vibe to that of the popular broadcaster microphone, the Shure SM7.

Of course, being a gamer-centric mic, it wouldn’t be complete without customizable RGB lighting. There are two configurable LEDs – one encircling the back of the mic and one behind the Logitech G logo on the side – offering a variety of animated effects or single-color options. Additionally, an LED strip on the digital volume wheel turns red or blue to indicate the microphone’s mute status.

Turning the volume wheel activates Smart Audio Lock, a feature designed to prevent distortion during intense moments. It employs an analog limiter to compress the signal when things get too loud, similar to the Razer Seiren V2 X. It also incorporates a built-in downward expander to reduce background noise and unwanted echoes in suboptimal recording environments.

The microphone ships with a USB-C to USB-A cable and a desktop mount but can also be attached to a standard boom mic stand using adapters for 5/8-inch and 3/8-inch connections. In addition to the Yeti GX, Logitech announced the Yeti Orb, priced at $59.99.

This compact ball-style USB microphone, similar to the Yeti Snowball, features a more subdued appearance with a cloth-covered front and configurable RGB lights on top. It’s a condenser cardioid microphone that promises to minimize background noise and can be detached from its small desktop stand for use with a boom stand. Logitech also introduced an updated version of its Litra Beam X LED light bar, the $149.99 Litra Beam LX.

This dual-sided light bar features a tunable white light on one side (ranging from 2700K to 6500K) and RGB lighting on the other. It comes with threaded fittings for versatile mounting and connects via USB-C or Bluetooth. Logitech assures that these lights are UL-certified for safe, all-day use.

All three products can be customized through Logitech’s G Hub app, which allows users to configure lighting effects, vocal enhancements, and specific audio profiles via the Blue Voice feature presets. If you have multiple Logitech Lightsync devices, you can synchronize their lighting effects. These products are also compatible with Windows Dynamic Lighting, enabling synchronization with non-Logitech lighting systems.

It’s worth noting that these are the first Yeti microphones to be released since Logitech acquired the company in 2018, marking a departure from the “Blue” branding in their product names as per an earlier FAQ provided by Logitech. Instead, the “Blue” brand will be used to describe the technology itself.

Naomi Feller

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