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Audio-Technica Releases a Microphone That Hangs From the Ceiling


Looking to upgrade your office boardrooms and conference rooms with sound technology? If so, then it’s worth taking a look at Audio-Technica‘s newly-released microphone, the ATND1060 Beamforming Ceiling Array. From the name itself, this router-shaped microphone hangs from the ceiling and it comes in a non-reflective finish so it would perfectly match, or be in camouflage, with typically the ceiling tiles of an office.

Supporting up to six separate output channels, the ATND1061 can conveniently configure 32 user-defined pickup zones or “Coverage Zones” and its 90-degree orthogonal beams are designed to zone in on space points or “Priority Zones”. Put together these features, you have a highly versatile microphone that can record clear audio all the while blocking the pickup of ambient sounds or unwanted noise.

Audio-Technica's Releases a Microphone that Hangs from the Ceiling: the ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array

On the topic of unwanted noise, the ATND1061 carries Audio-Technica’s proprietary voice activity division (VAD) technology, which impressively detects a human voice from the background noise. In addition to this, the microphone also has a built-in Digital Signal Procession (DSP), which allows for auto mix, acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control (AGC), and noise reduction. These features come exceptionally handy if the team is in a conference call or meeting that has to be recorded — the click-clacks of a mouse or the tapping away of a keyboard will faintly or be not picked up at all by this ceiling microphone.

If a portion of the ongoing meeting is highly confidential, then the ATND1061 can easily be muted. To save on electricity this ceiling microphone can also go on Power Save Mode on and off. The ATND1061 also comes with an IR remote because after all, it is a microphone that’s hanging from the ceiling.

Balancing interior and functionality, Audio-Technica’s ATND1061 can be used as a single unit or in multiples should the conference room be big in size. The ceiling microphone can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted whether the room has false or hard ceiling tiles. On the other hand, if the room makes use of open space, then the ATND1061 microphone can be mounted with a standard VESA mount.

Naomi Feller

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