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TikTok Video of Mother Using Mic to Get Her Baby To Stop Crying Goes Viral


What happens when you give a baby a microphone? Apparently, they stop crying.


Anytime she sees this mic 🎤 she stop crying immediately 🤣🤣 #baefavvy1

♬ original sound – Official_kktwins

In a TikTok video posted by bae_favvy1 on December 12, a new trick was discovered that helped stop a baby from crying.

Mother, Bae Favvy, can be slightly seen carrying her baby who has been crying. The video shows that the mother is carrying what seems to appear as a karaoke microphone and would place it near the baby’s mouth whenever she’s about to wail.

Amusingly, the baby would stop crying immediately when the microphone is placed near her mouth as she hears her cries amplified. This can be seen in the video where the mother would playfully place the microphone inside and outside the vocal, or rather wailing, bounds.

In case you’re a mother who would like to try this trick with your baby, then here’s a list of the best microphone for vocals just for the fun of it!

Naomi Feller

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