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Mystery Surrounding a Lamppost with a Microphone on Church Drive Remains Unsolved


A piece of equipment with a large microphone was installed on a lamppost on Church Drive, and no one knows how it got there.

The odd installation of a briefcase with a microphone taped to its side was first spotted by a member of the public on Wednesday, November 30. Before it was taken down, the equipment was found on an Arnold lamppost on Church Drive, but no one exactly knows who installed it and how it got there.

Both the Nottinghamshire County Council and Gedling Borough Council could not provide an answer regarding the origins and purpose of the equipment.

Mystery Surrounding a Lamppost with a Microphone on Church Drive Remains Unsolved

“Nottinghamshire County Council is not aware of the equipment being installed but we do believe it has now been removed. We’ll monitor the situation.”, shares a spokesperson from the Nottinghamshire County Council.

A spokesperson from the Gedling Borough Council also says that they were not responsible for this equipment, but believe that the microphone may be a sound level meter to monitor environmental noise in the area. A few online speculations from netizens share the same sentiments that the equipment may be a sound level meter that is placed there to record background noise.

As of writing, the mystery surrounding the microphone and briefcase remains unsolved. However, it won’t necessarily be a long shot if it was placed there to monitor environmental noise or background noise as the use of microphones to record acoustic pollution is already being done by authorities and researchers.

Naomi Feller

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