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AnkerWork Makes Recording On-the-Go Easy With the M650 Wireless Microphone Kit


The AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone Kit is an all-in-one recording device that easily brings the studio wherever you go. The ultra-portable kit has loads of accessories and features that make creating on-the-go a breeze, all for a slashed price of $209.99 on Anker’s official Amazon storefront.

With an item weight of 10.2 ounces and a size that can fit in the palm of your hand, the AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone Kit takes the term portable to a whole new meaning. One might think that no microphone kit can be this light and tiny but the M650 proves us wrong as it can fit seven accessories in a single travel case.

In one M650 Wireless Microphone Kit, you may find the M650 Wireless Microphone, two replaceable TX covers, two windscreens, an AUX cable, a USB-C cable, a lightning adapter, and a USB-C adapter.

AnkerWork Makes Recording On-the-Go Easy With the M650 Wireless Microphone Kit

Of course, it’s not enough for one to say that a microphone kit is an answered prayer for one’s on-the-go recording needs just because it’s portable. That’s why the M650 Wireless Microphone Kit is also equipped with tech and specs that give it a great performance. It boasts a trademarked and professional-grade VoiceShield noise-cancelling technology that allows any user to record confidently in various settings; natural, low, or high.

The included windscreen can also be attached to the mic for extra noise rejection. The mic has an omnidirectional polar pattern and can be connected via Anker’s trademarked TrueLink Technology with LC3plus Codec / 2 TX in 1 RX combo. It also has a dual-channel lossless pickup allowing a user to record two sound sources simultaneously.

AnkerWork Makes Recording On-the-Go Easy With the M650 Wireless Microphone Kit

For a tiny and portable mic, the M650 has an impressive 656.2 ft or 200 m wireless range and an operating time of up to 6 hours (single charge) or 15 hours (with charging case). It also has various outputs for convenient and versatile connectivity; a 3.5 mm TRS for camera, built-in lightning and USB-C adapter for phones, and USB-C for computers.

Overall, the M650 Wireless Microphone Kit packs a great punch and can certainly make content creation and sound recording outside a studio easy.

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Naomi Feller

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