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Sony Launches Two New Microphone Kits Tailor-Made For Interviewers and Vloggers


Creators who are into vlogging and interviewing have a lot to be excited about with Sony’s new ECM-W3 and ECM-S1 Microphone Kits! With promises such as better audio quality, longer battery life, and a wider range of uses, these microphone kits are sure tools that will level up content creation and more.

The new microphone kits by Sony were created with two applications in mind: vlogging and interviewing. While the ECM-W3 and ECM-S1 have their unique key features, Sony equipped both microphone kits with a few standard features.

Standard Features of Sony’s New Microphone Kits

Noise-Suppressing Functions

Any great microphone should have excellent noise-suppressing functions and the ECM-W3 and ECM-S1 Sony microphone kits surely deliver. Both microphone kits come with a filter function that allows users to toggle on or off the noise-suppression button as needed. Whether one is vlogging or interviewing in varying locations, these kits are equipped to reject noise and block out background sounds that are present.

Sony also equipped both microphone kits with a low-cut filter switch so a user can remove the lower unwanted frequencies while recording. This helps cut down the needed post-processing and editing work during post-production.

Lightweight but Durable Design

Knowing that content creation requires traveling from time to time, Sony designed both microphone kits to be lightweight but durable. It does not include any heavy and bulky equipment that will make it difficult to carry and pack. To keep it safe from varying temperatures and climates, the microphone kits are also dust and moisture-resistant.

Long Battery Life

Having the microphone go off in the middle of a recording or shooting can setback a content creator. That is why Sony’s new microphone kits boast a long battery life of up to six hours continuously on a single charge. In case that’s not enough, each of the microphone kits has a portable charging case so on-the-go recording and charging can happen simultaneously.

Impressive Frequency Range

No content creator wants to be limited and have to stay within a short range from the microphone to be heard. Sony heard (pun intended) this and equipped these kids with an impressive frequency range of up to 492 feet or 150 meters. With great distances from the receiver, vlogging and interviewing can be done for longer distances from the camera and microphone.

Standardizing the two microphone kits with such key features proves just how Sony values and listens to its end-users — making sure that no one gets skimped on the basic tools for quality content creation. However, it doesn’t end there as the two kits have unique features of their own!

Key Features of the Sony ECM-S1

Sony Launches Two New Microphone Kits Tailor-Made For Interviewers and Vloggers

The ECM-S1 Streaming Microphone Kit is tailor-made for vloggers. Similarly, streamers, YouTubers, and content creators can also greatly benefit from this kit as the microphone can easily adjust itself for varying scenes and needs with the following key features:

  • Low intrinsic noise levels
  • Adjustable creativity
  • Noise-suppressing filter function
  • Pop guard
  • Low-latency wireless transmission

To further maximize this microphone kit, make sure to check out our guide on how to get the best sound when streaming.

Key Features of the Sony ECM-W3 / ECM-WRS

Sony Launches Two New Microphone Kits Tailor-Made For Interviewers and Vloggers

The Sony ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S are microphone kits crafted for interviewers and journalists who intend on capturing moving audio sources. While both kits have the same key features, the main difference is that the ECM-W3 has a single transmitter and receiver and the ECM-W3S has two transmitters and a two-channel receiver. Fortunately, whether you plan on getting the W3 or W3S, you can enjoy the following features on either:

  • Dual-channel wireless microphone for digital recording
  • Up to 492 ft (150m) range
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Noise-suppressing filter function
  • Compatibility with multi-interface (MI) shoe
  • Audio output via 3.5mm jack
  • USB digital (48 HZ/24 bit) audio output

Final Word

Sony Launches Two New Microphone Kits Tailor-Made For Interviewers and Vloggers

Without a doubt, Sony listened to their end-users in mind by crafting two microphone kits that suit their needs. The fact that Sony also standardized key features on both microphone kits says how much they value their customers and would make any user excited to work on their next project!

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