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What Microphone Do YouTubers Use?


Filming YouTube videos isn’t as easy as it seems. Not only must your video be filmed with great quality but also, your audio needs to sound good as well. It’s not enough to just have a good video. If your video’s sound quality is barely audible, then it would be quite difficult for your channel to build a following.

Fortunately, there are now numerous microphone options in the market that are affordable and easy to use. If you want your videos to have audio that sounds as good as other YouTubers, this article is for you.

Do I Need a Microphone to Make YouTube Videos?

YouTube videos are a visual medium but the sound quality of your videos matters as well. The sound of your videos plays a huge role in improving and making your content pleasing to audiences. If you’re serious about being a YouTuber, you need to have a good external microphone. Mobile devices, laptops, and cameras have built-in microphones however, they usually have bad audio quality. They aren’t able to record detailed sounds, nor are they able to eliminate background noises.

Aside from your video recording gear, the next most important tool to have when making videos for YouTube is a good, external microphone. Whether you’re filming outside the house or inside a recording studio, an external microphone can give your videos a clear, concise sound. If you’re not sure which microphone to get, worry not. Here’s a short rundown of the best microphones for YouTube videos.

Blue Yeti Pro

Investing in a quality microphone will be one of the best decisions that you can make if you’re serious about being a YouTuber. One of the best mics to invest in is the Blue Yeti Pro. This microphone is highly versatile and flexible, allowing you to improve both your skill and content. It can be used just with a basic desktop and it can also be paired up with professional recording equipment, making it a good choice for budding YouTubers and established ones alike.

The Blue Yeti Pro is a microphone for all seasons and settings thanks to its multiple polar patterns. It features cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo mode, and bi-directional pickup patterns, allowing you to choose your preferred one when recording your content. This microphone is one of the best among its peers in its price range, ideal for content creators who want a mic that feels good, sounds great, reduces background noise, and has an eye-catching design.


High-quality microphones often have complicated setups and require an audio interface. Ease of use is one thing that most YouTubers look for in a microphone. One reliable microphone for YouTube video recording is the Rode NT-USB. Famous for its quality materials, Rode designed the NT-USB with convenience in mind. Implied in its name, this microphone makes use of USB connectivity, essentially making a plug-and-play device, allowing even the most amateur creators to record quality content.

This microphone is highly versatile as well as it’s compatible with portable devices such as an iPad. You do need to purchase a separate adaptor to do that. The Rode NT-USB also comes as a complete package with a mic mount, desk stand, pop filter, storage pouch, and USB cable included. This is clearly a winner for YouTubers who would want a powerful mic that’s easy to operate and set up.

Shure MV7

One of the most popular microphones for recording YouTube videos is the Shure MV7. Created by the industry giant Shure, you’ll be certain that this microphone offers nothing but the best audio quality. The MV7 has a bit of a learning curve but it is still very user-friendly, making it a great choice for beginners who are ready to move on to intermediate-level micing. It has a USB connection and it pairs perfectly with the ShurePlus MOTIV app that lets you adjust your audio settings easily before and after your studio recording session.

It’s not a wonder that many YouTubers and podcasters are fond of the MV7. Aside from its USB connectivity, this microphone produces a broadcast-quality sound, allowing you to take your content to the next level. Apart from a laptop or computer, this microphone can also be used with a smartphone or tablet.

Rode SmartLav+

There are content creators on YouTube that utilize lavalier microphones as this type of microphone allows them to record audio while being hands-free. Also called lapel or clip-on mics, lavaliers can be attached to your clothing discreetly. They can record professional and pleasing audio on the go. One of the best lav mics for content creation is the Rode SmartLav+. This microphone was designed to specifically work with smartphones, promising convenience to any user.

The Rode SmartLav+ has a jack that fits into most microphones, making it a quick and easy solution for recording high-quality audio on the go. Even with only the barest equipment, you can have a crisp, clear sound just by using this lapel mic.


Making videos on YouTube requires not only a camera and editing software but also an external microphone. The quality of the video isn’t the only thing that’s important. The quality of your audio is also vital. By using a separate microphone, you can capture a clear and accurate sound that can make your content attractive to audiences.

The microphones in this article are just some of the best ones that YouTubers use. For a more detailed list, you can check out our guide to the best microphones for YouTube

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