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AKG C214 Microphone Review


When it comes to technical design and engineering, AKG stands head and shoulders above the rest. The company’s reputation for well-designed microphones is safely established, with a number of popular models such as the C12, C414, and C451. AKG mics are long-standing favorites, and its flagship model the C414 is often a presence in many home and professional studios’ mic cabinets. 

Following after the C414’s footsteps is its younger brother, the AKG C214. The AKG C214 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a single cardioid polar pattern with side address. Despite its single polar pattern, it does come with a lot of other perks, such as a shockmount, foam windscreen, and sturdy metal carrying case. 

While its price may make those looking for a good entry-level microphone pause, this AKG condenser mic has much to offer users with a little more experience under their belts. Find out just what this large diaphragm condenser mic can do in this AKG C214 review below.

About the AKG C214 Microphone

AKG C214 Microphone
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity20 mV/pa (-34 dBV)
Equivalent noise level-13 dB-A
Maximum SPL136 dB (156 dB SPL with 20 dB pad)
Self-noise13 dB(A)

Users who are ready to move on to the next step in their recording journey and are looking for the right large diaphragm condenser would do well to consider the AKG 214. Along with its singular polar pattern, it also has a 20dB pad and a high-pass filter that adjusts the bass 6 dB per octave starting at 160 Hz.

Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria and produced at AKG’s world-class factories, the C214 is emblematic of the AKG’s top quality and design. The AKG C214’s versatility and range of features and accessories make it one of the best condenser mics to add to developing mic cabinets.

AKG C214 Microphone Pros

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With a solid design and careful engineering, the AKG C214 has a well-deserved place in the list of top large-diaphragm condenser mics. While there are certainly other mics that are more versatile or sound better, for the price and the accompanying features and accessories the C214 holds its own quite well. When it comes to capturing that timeless, “real” sound quality, you can be sure that the AKG C214 is going to put in its best performance.

Designed by the Best

If there’s one thing that sets AKG mics apart from the rest, it’s their fantastic design. The AKG C214 has an all metal die-cast body that’s both shock- and scratch-resistant. The C214 also uses a 1 inch edge-terminated large-diaphragm capsule that’s able to deliver a detailed sound while also handling high volumes. The capsule is protected by a mesh grille and is designed with integrated suspension in order to reduce mechanical noise and resonance, which then improves the mic’s recording accuracy.

Versatile Sound

When it comes to sound, the C214 doesn’t fall short. The AKG C214 frequency response is at a fairly wide range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The response curve is flat from 60 Hz to 1,000 Hz, allowing for a solid bottom end, and then dips between 1,000 Hz and 2,500 Hz in order to prevent louder sounds from sounding too shrill, and then rises again. The mic is able to handle a diverse range of sound sources, making for a good studio workhorse.


Probably the C214’s best trait is its reliability. It’s already got a boost from the classic AKG durability and design, with a carrying case and other accessories that are sure to keep it safe and secure even while you’re on the road. It’s a high quality microphone that’s able to produce excellent performances no matter what the sound source. If you’re looking for a microphone that’ll hold up onstage or in the studio, then the C214 might be the right choice for you.

How to Set Up AKG C214 Mic on Computer

The AKG C214 is an XLR microphone, so users will need to plug it into a mixer, preamp, or digital recorder in order to use it with their computers. Simply plug your XLR cable into the bottom of the C214, then plug the other end into your preamp. Then, take the USB plug from your preamp and connect it to your computer. Please note that the AKG C214 requires phantom power, so your preamp will need to have that on before you can use the mic.

Acoustic Master

While the AKG C214 is an excellent vocal mic thanks to its single cardioid polar pattern, its low-cut filters make it a great choice for micing sound sources that aren’t too loud, such as acoustic instruments. The C214 has a subtle brightness that can complement anything from acoustic guitars to heavy percussion, and its maximum SPL allows it to handle louder sound sources as well. Its high sensitivity, while somewhat difficult to work with All in all, it’s a pretty good mic for when you want to record instruments in your studio.

What People Are Saying

Thanks to its top quality build and engineering, the AKG C214 is a great addition to any mic cabinet. While the mic can have some difficulty with plosives and background noise, users with the right kind of studio will appreciate its sensitivity for quieter sound sources. All in all, it’s a buy that’ll benefit most users who are looking for a good condenser microphone.

Where to Buy the AKG C214 Microphone

With its elegant design and durable build, the AKG C214 is a mic that proves the enduring quality of AKG products. If you’re looking for a mic with crispness and clarity that’s got just the right price, then the C214 might be the one for you. Find the best deals for the AKG C214 Microphone here.

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AKG mics are known for their great builds and quality engineering, and the AKG C214 is no different. With a brighter tone and versatile sound, this mic is a reliable studio workhorse that'll net you great results.

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