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AKG C451 B Microphone Review


The history of professional recording is long and storied and contains hundreds of fantastic mics that have made their impact on the industry in one way or another. Some, however, have made a more significant mark than others, and it’s these mics that are truly able to stand the test of time.

For every kind of recording setup and sound source, there’s a legendary mic. Vocal mics, for example, have the inimitable Neumann U47 large-diaphragm condenser mic to call their own. For radio broadcasting, the rich sound and reliability of the Shure SM7(B) have become the industry standard ever since its first release in 1973. But what about recording acoustics? What mic set the standard for that?

The sound that defined decades of acoustic recording was, in point of fact, an AKG mic. To be specific, it was the AKG C451, a modular small-diaphragm condenser microphone. First released in the late 1960s, this AKG 451— along with the Neumann KM84— was instrumental in creating the sound for acoustic guitar for decades. Now this AKG condenser mic is back in the form of the AKG C451B, and it’s better than ever. Find out just how in our AKG C451 B microphone review below.

About the AKG C451 B Microphone

AKG C451 B Microphone
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity9 mV/Pa
Equivalent Noise18 dBA
SPL135 dB SPL (up to 155 dB SPL with pad)
Electrical impedance200 ohms

When you want the best sound, you need the best microphone for the job. AKG made that clear when they released the AKG C451 Condenser Modular System, a system that consisted of preamp bodies, interchangeable capsules, accessories, and more. The combination of the C451 E phantom-powered preamp and the CK1 cardioid capsule became a fast favorite for acoustic guitarists, and that sound has been the industry standard ever since.

The original C451 had a smooth upper-end bump that allowed acoustic instruments to move from muddy to sparkling clear and was a fantastic overhead mic on snare drums or cymbals as well. However, with the dawn of the digital age, presence peaks became less popular and mic manufacturers worked on engineering mics that did away with them. But that wasn’t the end of the AKG condenser microphone, and the 451 mics was redesigned and rereleased in 2001 as the C451 B.

AKG C451 B Microphone Pros

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The AKG 451B redesign was motivated by the discontinuation of the CMS (Condenser Modular System) series in the 1990s. The new 451 microphones is said to have nearly identical acoustics to the much-beloved CK1 capsule of the original C451, as well as a more rugged and reliable design. You can read on to see just how well this newer version holds up to the original.

Carefully Studied

The impact of the original C451 on the recording industry can’t be overstated. It’s with this legendary sound in mind, and a clamor from long-time fans, that AKG began the process of the redesign in 1990. The redesigned C451E preamp has lower self-noise, thanks to modern technology and more precise machine assembly.

Top Quality Materials

This microphone has a 3-micron gold-sputtered diaphragm in an electret design that’s designed to almost completely reject handling noise. The AKG C451 B also has highly sophisticated electronics that are complex but durable. With its light diaphragm and all-metal body, this mic has sufficient protection against RF interference. It also feels compact and sturdy and is manufactured and assembled in Vienna, Austria.

Rugged and Reliable

While the original C451 was legendary for its sound alone, it did come with a lot of loose parts that made it difficult to use on the road. The redesign focused on creating a compact mic with all the features of the original. This included integrating the pre-attenuation pad and roll-off switches into the body, where they were previously screw-in accessories. The capsule has also been permanently attached to the body, allowing the new mic to withstand a 6-foot drop test and other temperature and humidity changes as well.

Adaptable Sound

The redesign helps with the mic longevity, but in terms of sound how does the AKG C451 B hold up? The answer is, just like the original. It has a neutral, smooth midrange and a gentle presence boost at 5kHz that flatters any acoustic instrument. It also has fantastic clarity, allowing guitars to stand out in the mix without overwhelming the other instruments. The new microphone isn’t exactly a one-to-one replica and has a slightly more “modern” sound when compared to the original. However, on the whole, it’s a fantastic redesign and is well worth the investment if you’re missing the classic C451 sound.

Acoustic King

We’ve mentioned it once, and we’ve mentioned it a hundred times, but the results are clear: where the AKG C451 B really shines is with the acoustic guitar. The original C451 defined the sound with its CK1 capsule, and the redesign is no different. Guitars on this mic sound “sparkling” and fresh, with a clarity that’s bright without sounding grating. It’s fantastic on other instruments as well, giving cymbals and shakers presence, and working well with strings, piano, horns, and percussion.

Pros and Cons of the AKG C451 B

✔ Extremely versatile
✔ Can record high-energy sounds without distortion
✔ Has a high pass filter with 12dB/octave
✔ Great on drums and acoustic guitars.
✔ Well built mic
✘ Pricey
✘ Not for beginners

What People Are Saying

C451 aficionados may have mourned the discontinuation of the original set, but AKG has proven with the C451 B that it’s back and better than ever. Whether you use the C451 B alone or in a matched set (known as the C451 B/ST), you’re sure to find a recording experience that’s lively, present, and reliable.

“I recently purchased a pair of these mics and wow. What a sound! The main 3 applications I use these for are overhead mics, Acoustic guitar coupled with another mic, and horn players also coupled with another mic. For me, the standout is really the Acoustic guitar. You can really get that high end shimmer while your lows are still supported.”

Reviewer – ted From Sweetwater

Where to Buy the AKG C451 B Microphone

The AKG C451 B brings the original C451’s fantastic presence boost and rich sound to a whole new audience. The redesign is compact, durable, and sounds nearly identical to the original. They’re easy to position, have a clear, smooth sound, and are built to last whether you’re on the road or in the studio. Find the best deals for the AKG C451 B Microphone here.

AKG C451 B

The AKG C451 B is an exceptionally adaptable and reliable microphone that excels in capturing a wide range of audio sources. Its versatility allows for pristine recordings of high-energy sounds without any unwanted distortion, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the original source.

With a 12dB/octave high pass filter, this microphone provides precise control over unwanted low-frequency interference, further enhancing the clarity of the recorded material.

Whether used for capturing the dynamic punch of drums or the delicate nuances of acoustic guitars, the AKG C451 B consistently delivers outstanding results. Additionally, its robust construction ensures durability, making it a well-built microphone that can withstand rigorous use.

Sound Quality


The AKG C451 B is the redesign of the original AKG C451, and brings a fantastic, modern spin to all the greatest points of the latter. More durable, more compact, and with the same fantastic sound, this is an excellent studio and tour partner for recording acoustic instruments.

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