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While the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone has already been replaced by the ATR2100x-USB, this rugged handheld mic still deserves the praise of its own.

The ATR2100 is a great entry-level microphone that can be used from a home studio to a stage. This Audio-Technica mic puts great value on versatility, durability, and quality — and we’ll prove it to you with this review.

About the ATR2100-USB Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Review

Audio-Technica AT2100-USB Microphone


Audio-Technica ATR2100
Element TypeDynamic

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

50  – 15,000 Hz
Power RequirementsUSB Power (5V DC)

Bit Depth


Sample Rate

44.1 kHz/48kHz
ControlsOn/off switch; headphone volume control
Weight268 grams (9.5 oz)
Dimensions183 mm (7.20”) long, 51 mm (2.01”) maximum body diameter
Output ConnectorUSB-type / XLR-type
Headphone Output Power10 mW @ 16 ohms
Headphone Jack3.5 mm TRS (stereo)
InclusionsStand clamp for ⅝”-27 threaded stands; tripod desk stand; 2 m (6.6’) mini USB cable; 3 m (9.8’) XLRF-type to XLRM-type cable

The ATR2100 is one great mic to use from the home studio to the stage and even on the field. This rugged handheld microphone has both USB and XLR outputs for versatility and convenience. This means the ATR2100 mic can be used for digital recordings thanks to its USB output or be connected to a sound system when using the XLR output.

This dynamic mic also offers impeccable sound quality even with its small size. It has a cardioid polar pattern to help ward off unwanted sounds and background noise all the while picking up your own voice.

Proving that the ATR2100 is one of the better microphones to choose from, this device is capable of becoming an analog-to-digital converter, has a headphone output with level control for monitoring, and built-in controls for easier volume adjustments.

What Can You Do with the ATR2100 Microphone?

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Review

The ATR2100 may one an entry-level microphone but it sure packs a punch with the applications you can use it.

Home Studio Recording

The ATR2100 can be plugged directly into a computer or desktop with a USB port. With this connective type, this microphone is perfect for home studio recording where your equipment will most likely be limited to a computer or laptop. Not to mention that the ATR2100 is compatible with Mac and Windows so you can plug directly the mic into your devices so you can start podcasting or recording right away.

While the ATR2100 is a handheld microphone, the kit includes a mic holder and stand. This allows you to use the ATR2100 on your desk. With the included stand, you’ll be sure that the ATR2100 will stay still when you conduct a Skype call or record a podcast.

Live Stage Performance

As the ATR2100 also has an XLR output, connecting this microphone to a sound system or sound box is possible. With that said, the ATR2100 can be used on the stage for a live performance. The kit also includes XLR cables making it easier for room and stage setup. However, you may need to purchase a separate microphone stand for stage applications as the included accessory in the kit is too small for this use.

This microphone also sounds great for live stage applications thanks to its smooth, extended frequency response and cardioid polar pattern. One can hear the user clearly as the mic can reject unwanted sounds from the sides.

Voice Recording

When it comes to vocal applications, the ATR2100 can deliver. With the built-in headphone jack, the user can easily monitor oneself from the microphone. This feature also allows a user to test any pair of headphones directly from the ATR2100 by listening to them speak to the mic.

The microphone also has easy-to-use controls found on the bottom, which allows a user to easily adjust headphone and mic volumes on the spot. This makes the ATR2100 an ideal mic to use for podcasts, voice-overs, and speech applications wherein you would need to listen and monitor the input. Just make sure to use a pop filter and shock mount for maximum audio quality.

Benefits of the ATR2100 Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Review
See more product details on Amazon.

For an entry-level microphone, the price of the ATR2100 is quite high. However, considering its benefits and applications, we would say that it’s worth it.

Impressive Sound Quality

For a handheld USB microphone, the ATR2100 has great sound quality that would surpass the standards of home recordings and even do well with live applications. Its low-mass diaphragm and extended frequency response along with a cardioid polar pattern allows the ATR2100 to come up with crystal-clear sound recordings.

You can be heard more than just fine as the ATR2100 can reduce pickup of unwanted sounds from the sides and can reduce background noise. Whether you are near a fan or tapping your keyboard away, the ATR2100 won’t be able to pick these up.

However, it will help if you position your microphone properly and perhaps invest in accessories such as a shock mount and pop filter. Nonetheless, the ATR2100 is more than capable of producing great-sounding recordings.

The ATR2100 also has a high-quality AD converter that is equipped to produce 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate recordings. Overall, this microphone can be used for home and beyond sound productions.


The ATR2100 is a rugged and durable handheld microphone that can withstand drops, tumbles, and long use. Thanks to its durable metal construction, the ATR2100 is built for long-lasting performance and the occasional accidents.


We can’t comment enough on how versatile the ATR2100 is for an entry-level mic! Starting with the dual outputs, which allow the microphone to be plugged into a desktop, mixer, or sound system. The included cables also make it easier to plug the ATR2100 into said devices.

Going back to the outputs, the ATR2100 allows people to own both a USB and XLR mic for the same price. The debate on which is best for you will not be an issue with this microphone. Thus, you can connect the USB cable to your computer for home use, plug the XLR cable into a sound system for live performances, or insert it into a laptop so you can record a podcast on the go.

The built-in controls on the mic also make the ATR2100 versatile and easy to use for beginners. It allows users to adjust volume levels and directly monitor from the microphone.

Pros and Cons of the ATR2100 Microphone

✔ Sounds great
✔ Dual outputs of USB and XLR
✔ Includes multiple accessories
✔ Can be used for multiple sound applications
✖️ Needs a bigger mic stand for live and stage applications
✖️ Quite pricey for an entry-level microphone

What People Are Saying About the ATR2100-USB Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Review

There are still people who rave about the Audio Technica AT2100 to this day. This alone speaks just how well of a microphone this is.

“The Audio-Technica AT2100-USB is a great entry-level podcast microphone that will give you a professional-quality sound. The best feature about this microphone (besides the sound quality) is that it has both USB and XLR outputs so you can plug directly into your computer (via USB) or plug into a mixer (via XLR). This is perfect for the beginner or intermediate podcaster or singer, or even just to use for business calls.”


Where to Buy the ATR2100 Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Review

The ATR2100 can be purchased on Amazon. We have great deals for you here!

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone Review

Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Microphone

The Audio-Technica ATR2100 is a great handheld dynamic microphone. It’s equipped with two outputs: USB and XLR, and also comes with cables for maximum versatility and convenience.

It has a cardioid polar pattern and a smooth, extended frequency that makes it an ideal microphone for home and stage applications. It also comes with plenty of accessories and is compatible with various devices.

Overall, the ATR2100 is a trusty entry-level microphone that can be used for a long time and can offer great-sounding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frequency response of ATR2100?

The ATR2100 has a response of 50-15,000 Hz. Thanks to its low-mass diaphragm, this mic has a smooth and excellent response.

Does the ATR2100 come with a headphone jack and mic stand?

The ATR2100 comes with a 3.5 mm TRS (stereo) headphone jack and multiple stands. It has a stand clamp for threaded stands and a tripod desk stand.

What is the difference between ATR2500x and ATR2100x USB?

While both microphones were created by Audio-Technica and are essentially the same, the main difference lies with the USB-C port and higher performance of analog-to-digital conversion that the ATR2500x brings. As most devices nowadays have a USB-C port, the ATR2500x may be more useful in the long run.



The Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB microphone is a great entry-level mic that is well-worth the price. It functions as both a USB and XLR microphone so it can be plugged directly into a desktop or mixer sound system. Use it at your home studio and take it with you on the stage, the ATR2100 can handle all.

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