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Audio-Technica ATR2500 Microphone Review


The landscape of recording has changed in recent years, and many would say for the better. For aspiring musicians, podcasters, and performers, there now exists a wide range of different mics at different price points that can fit anything from the highest caliber recording studio to a beginner’s first home set up.

Starting your own recording journey is now easier than ever, and with the right mic is just a click away. But not every recording situation happens in a pristine studio environment, and there are many occasions where you need a solid partner while on the road or out in the field. That’s where Audio Technica comes in.

Recording looks complicated, but it really isn’t. When all’s said and done, picking the right mic isn’t always about the hottest specs or the latest features. Sometimes you just want something that’s simple, straightforward, and does things as advertised. For podcasting, voiceovers, and other voice work, that might just be the Audio Technica ATR2500.

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About the Audio-Technica ATR2500 Microphone


Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

30-15,000 Hz

Power Requirements

USB Power (5V DC)

Bit Depth

16 bit

Sample Rate

44.1 kHz/48 kHz

Output Connector



Perhaps nobody understands better than Audio Technica just how important flexibility is. Not every recording has the privilege of happening in pitch perfect conditions, or indeed needs to. That’s why the company has produced the Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB, a USB-compatible budget condenser microphone that’s meant to make recording as simple as plug and play.

Performers, producers, and podcasters are looking for mics that can be used on the go while still offering top quality audio. Additionally, in today’s world not everyone is able or willing to lug around piles of equipment just to get good sound. The ATR 2500 fills that need well, with the goal of producing audio with none of the extra fuss that other microphones come with.

Audio-Technica ATR2500 Microphone Pros

The Audio Technica ATR2500 USB is simple and gets the job done. Designed for people who want to achieve studio-quality recordings without the extra equipment and technical know-how, this large-diaphragm condenser is powered by USB and your computer. With a plug-and-play set up and a free table stand, mic clip, and USB cable, it’s a microphone that you can literally have your fun with straight out of the box.

Simple Set Up

The Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB cardioid condenser USB microphone is perhaps best known for its foolproof set up. As a plug and play microphone, there’s no need for users to download any fancy drivers or purchase extra equipment like a preamp. Simply attach the provided USB cord to your microphone and one end and your computer on the other, then switch settings from your computer microphone to your Audio-Technica ATR2500 and start recording.

Value for Money

When it comes to top mics under USD$ 100, the value that the ATR2500-USB brings is nothing to sneeze at. Despite its low price point, the microphone comes with accessories like a mount, a USB cable, and a tabletop microphone stand. While the provided accessories might not hold up to continued wear and tear, they’re certainly helpful additions for newbies who don’t want to drop too much cash on accessories. It should be noted however that you want to avoid the mic picking up on typing noises or vibration, you should invest in a higher quality mount and stand.

Quiet Worker

The ATR2500 USB is quite sensitive despite its low price point, and can record softer voices and sounds with quality. Its low noise floor allows for clear and quiet voice recordings, but its sensitivity does mean it can pick up background noises despite its cardioid polar pattern. Users who want clean recordings will need to keep their recording area fairly free of background noise.

ATR2500 USB How to Use?

Setting up the Audio Technica 2500 is rather straightforward. Simply screw on the mic clip to the bottom of the microphone and then attach the same to the supplied table stand, then connect the USB cord to your microphone and your computer. Since there’s no need to download special drivers or software to use this mic, you can begin freely recording once it registers to your computer.

Podcaster Preferred

The ATR2500 has presence and clarity, although it does lack a little bit of bass and depth. While it performs fairly well with acoustic instruments, the ATR2500’s best features shine with the human voice. The convenience of its USB connection and cardioid polar pattern make this a great mic for podcasting and other voice work. While the mic’s internal wind shield works well enough, users may want to invest in a pop filter to completely eliminate those pesky plosives. All in all, voices sound clear, lively, and well-defined with this microphone, ensuring great performance for podcasting or radio announcing.

What People Are Saying

Its affordability and easy set up make the ATR2500 a great choice for users who just want a good microphone without the frills. While it does come with additional accessories, users who want a higher quality experience should invest in additions like a shock mount and a pop shield.

Where to Buy the Audio-Technica ATR2500 Microphone

Recording set ups don’t always have to be full of equipment and other paraphernalia; sometimes all you need is a mic, a computer, and a sound source. The Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB cardioid condenser USB microphone is perfect for users who want a no-frills recording experience. With its plug and play capabilities and straightforward design, there’s no better mic for getting back to basics. Find the best deals for the Audio-Technica ATR2500 Microphone here.

Sound Quality


The Audio-Technica ATR2500 USB mic is an affordable, plug and play mic that brings recording back to basics. No need for fancy equipment or elaborate set ups: simply connect to your computer and start your recording journey. Its affordable price and great sound make it perfect for podcasters on the go.

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