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Neumann KM184 Microphone Review


If there’s one microphone manufacturer that stands out in today’s world, it’s Neumann. This German manufacturer has been in the business since 1928, and in almost a century since has produced some of the world’s most iconic microphones. After all, who can forget the Neumann U87, or the Neumann U47? 

Neumann is well known for the game-changing quality of their vocal mics. These are mics that are so iconic they’ve shaped the landscape of sound recording and inspired dozens of homages in the decades since. Their careful engineering lends a richness, depth, and natural sound to the human voice that many of their competitors have tried to reproduce.

But vocal mics aren’t the only card Neumann has up its sleeve. Neumann has also produced a number of respected instrument mics, chief among them being the Neumann KM184. If you’re wondering how Neumann is able to bring their famed richness, clarity, and depth to the instrument mic, then read this Neumann KM 184 review below.

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About the Neumann KM 184 Microphone

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

20-20,000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm

15 mV/Pa

Rated impedance

50 ohms

Equivalent noise level, CCIR

13 dBA

Maximum SPL for THD 0.5%

138 dB


Neumann has a reputation for quality engineering, durability, and great design. While a Neumann mic can take a chunk out of your budget, they’re great investments for serious producers and performers. The Neuman KMS 184 follows in the same tradition, offering musicians that undeniable quality of sound for a range of different instruments.

The KM184 is part of the Neumann Series 180, which has three different microphones with three different polar patterns: the KM 183 (omnidirectional), the KM 185 (hypercardioid), and the KM 184 (cardioid). This range is meant to cover any and all recording situations in both the studio and on stage. In comparison with their cousins, the modular Series KM A and KM D, these microphones are non-modular and more cost-effective.

Neumann KM 184 Microphone Pros

The Neumann 184 is a pencil condenser mic with a single, cardioid polar pattern. It’s a transformerless FET, meaning there’s no coloration and the mic is able to produce a transparent sound and take more level without distortion. This is great news for many musicians, as other microphones may struggle with distortion especially as they get overloaded. At only 80g, it’s also light and portable, allowing for use in a variety of applications including on the road.

State-of-the-Art Engineering

Like the rest of Neumann’s mics, the KM184 mic is carefully and meticulously engineered to produce the best sound possible. The cardioid pattern of the Neumann KM-184 is frequency-independent, making for excellent rejection of sound. The frequency response is smooth, and the microphone has a low self-noise of only 13 dBA while being able to confidently handle sound pressure levels up to 138 dB. On the whole, it’s been carefully designed to produce the best sound possible whether on stage or off it.

Beautifully Transparent

Many mics sound great in theory, but in practice— with multi-mic recording set ups and other, not quite ideal situations— that can be hard to hold up. Luckily, the KM 184 microphones are able to hold their own. They are designed not to have any sound coloration over a wide pick-up angle, and are able to faithfully reproduce sound with no sonic imprint. On instruments, especially acoustic, the sound is natural and transparent, with a fullness that never gets harsh.

When was the Neumann KM184 Introduced?

The Neumann KM 184 was first introduced in 1993. It was designed and manufactured to replace the classic Neumann KM 84 in the company’s new product line-up. The two mics share similar designs with some differences, and the KM 184 is built to sound fresher than the KM84, which has a flatter response. The KM 184 also rolls off at a higher frequency, and has a cheaper manufacturing process.

Where to Buy Neumann KM 184?

The Neumann KM 184 is available for purchase at authorized Neumann dealers. Users shopping for this mic might hesitate at the high price point, but we at Shout4Music have done some research to ensure you get the best possible price available for this mic. With the sound quality, engineering, design, and durability, this mic is definitely worth it. You can go here for the best deal on a brand new Neumann KM184.

A Musician's Best Friend

Neumann’s top performance with its vocal mics has built for the company an almost legendary reputation. This extends to the Neumann KM 184, which provides the same quality and great design for instrument recording. The KM 184 is known for its fantastic performance as a drum overhead, but its work with acoustics is just as good. While it does have some trouble with very bassy sounds, the KM 184 on acoustic guitar is able to produce a warm, natural sound with depth and clarity. On the whole, this mic is able to take any recording to the next level.

What People Are Saying

At first glance, the KM 184 looks small and unassuming. Still, this microphone packs a powerful punch, and is the perfect companion for any musician whether recording at home, in a professional studio, or performing live onstage. Its rich, detailed, yet natural sound complements nearly every type of instrument with depth and clarity.

Where to Buy the Neumann KM 184 Microphone

Musicians can often struggle to find the perfect mic for all their instruments while still producing quality sound. Neumann brings their legendary design and engineering to the forefront and addresses this concern with the KM 184. Rich, detailed, colorless, and natural, the KM 184 is one of the best additions any musician can add to their mic kit. Find the best deals for the Neumann KM 184 Microphone here.

Sound Quality


Neumann has led the way in terms of vocal mics for decades, and is now doing the same for instrument mics with the KM 184. Specially designed to produce rich, natural sound with none of the color and distortion of other mics, this is a definite keeper for any musician looking to upgrade their studio.

Total Rating

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