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Best Type of Mic to Use for Game Streaming


With plenty of mic types available in the market, it could get quite difficult to choose which is the best one to use for game streaming. All of them have their own advantages, but allow us to further differentiate them to make your life easier.

While there are around 10 different types of microphones with varying uses, the five most common mic types for game streaming would be condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, USB microphones, XLR microphones, and headset microphones.

For good reason, each mic type listed has its pros that make them great choices for game streaming.

Condenser Mic

Best Type of Mic to Use for Game Streaming

Since a condenser mic is designed to convert acoustic energy to electrical energy, this type of mic is great at higher-end live streaming setups. This means gamers who are looking to stream in the higher quality transmission of their voice should look into using a condenser mic.

A condenser mic is great at producing a sound that is clear, high-detailed, and crisp while having the ability to pick up low-frequency and low-volume sounds such as whispering. If you’re into role-playing games and tend to do a lot of commentary during your game stream, then a condenser mic would be a great choice for you.

However, do be wary of background noise and ambient sounds as a condenser mic can be overly sensitive to these sounds. To prevent this from happening, be sure to check out our article on how to best position your mic for gaming.

Dynamic Mic

If the type of games you tend to play or stream is on the loud side but has minimal voice chat requirements, then a dynamic mic is the one for you. A dynamic mic can handle high-volume sounds and audio without much distortion when producing the sound, which makes it a great mic for those with a minimal live streaming setup or for e-sports.

A dynamic mic can also take a lot of signals and it won’t get damaged as it has low sensitivity but a high gain threshold. With this, a dynamic mic can also be used in other applications outside of game streaming.

This type of mic also makes good studio mics for recording instruments and live applications. Basically, if you want to go loud, opt for a dynamic mic.


Best Type of Mic to Use for Game Streaming

If you’re looking for a mic that shouts convenience and portability, then a USB mic is the one for you. With the major benefit of utility and ease of setup, a USB mic is becoming a popular choice amongst gamers, streamers, and content creators.

The plug-and-play setup, simple connectivity, and a more affordable price tag also make a USB mic a great choice for hobbyists and those who are just starting out in this world of game streaming.

Although, a USB mic may not have the best audio quality out there as it is a small price to pay for convenience. With this, just make sure to configure the settings of your USB mic so you can get the most out of your mic in terms of sound quality.


Best Type of Mic to Use for Game Streaming

An XLR mic is a slightly more complex option. If you don’t mind tinkering around with more equipment, configuring a separate audio interface, and securing a phantom power supply, then go for an XLR mic as the sound quality that it can give you will be worth it.

XLR microphones will give you more features such as hands-on gain control, level metering, and extra inputs, to name a few. If you’re the type who would like to produce a top-notch professional sound for your game streams, then an XLR mic is one you should look at. Not to mention, the setup will look extra sleek in front of a camera.

Headset Mic

Best Type of Mic to Use for Game Streaming

A gaming headset mic is one of the most popular audio recording devices for game stream applications. Other than the obvious reason that a headset mic allows you to keep your hands free, which is very important for gamers, the mic is also conveniently placed directly in front of the gamer’s mouth, making it easy for speech pickup.

Plus points are given to the headset as a gamer can be completely enveloped in the sound from the game.

One can have the option to choose between a wired or wireless gaming headset mic, both of which also have their pros and cons. Regardless of which one you choose though, most headset mics already come with active noise cancellation, which is a great feature to have when you’re live streaming in a noisy area.

However, you would have to invest in a pop filter or shield if you are opting to use a headset mic as plosive pickups can be sensitive. For the best mic quality, here’s how you can configure gaming headset mics.

Final Note

Best Type of Mic to Use for Game Streaming

Before choosing the best gaming mic for you, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the different mic types that are suitable for game streaming applications.

While there are plenty of microphone types out there, the best ones for gaming would be dynamic mics, condenser mics, USB mics, XLR mics, and headset mics. No matter which one you choose, be sure to also configure the mic settings for the best results.

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