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How to Record Excellent Audio and Video on iPhone


Knowing how to record excellent audio and video on iPhone allows you to create top-notch content at your utmost convenience. In your pocket lies a great recording device that will open you to plenty of possibilities, capabilities, and applications if you knew how to maximize it.

In this guide, we will teach you the easiest and simplest way to achieve excellent audio and video recordings just by using your iPhone device.

Recording Audio

How to Record Excellent Audio and Video on iPhone

The iPhone is known to upgrade its technology every year. With that said, your iPhone is more than capable of recording high-quality audio recordings because of the multiple microphones it already has.

For recording audio, you can simply use the voice memos app as it is already built for various recording applications. You can follow these steps to access your voice memos app:

  1. Open the voice memos app.
  2. Press the red button to start recording.
  3. When done recording, press the pause or stop button.
  4. Rename the recording in the title box.
  5. Click the slider icon on the bottom-left of the recording file. The options menu should pop up after doing so.
  6. The options menu will allow you to change the playback speed, enhance the recording, or skip silence. Feel free to utilize any of these according to your preference.
  7. If you want to edit the length of your audio recording, then you can also use the crop tool to trim it.

If you plan on recording a video call, you can further optimize the audio settings of your iPhone by activating Mic Mode. When enabled, you can choose between three audio filters: standard, voice isolation, and wide spectrum. The standard filter is the default audio setting of your microphone. This works if the recording location and setting you are already in is optimized for the application.

However, if you find yourself in a rather noisy area, then you should consider toggling voice isolation. This filter allows you to separate voices from other unwanted noises and ambient sounds. Lastly, the wide spectrum filter will let in the ambient sound from your surroundings so this is best for recording music and instruments.

In case you want to further enhance the sound quality of your iPhone microphone, you can also consider buying an external mic for it. Using an external microphone will ensure you a studio-quality audio recording that is still more affordable than an extensive mic setup. One of our top choices for an external microphone for an iPhone is the Sennheiser MKE 200. When it comes to portability, versatility, and ability to produce quality audio, this super-cardioid professional microphone can do it all.

We also recommend the RØDE VideoMic Me-L, which is an affordable directional shotgun microphone. It’s also compatible with the RØDE Capture app, which is a free app designed specifically by RØDE to help content creators with their video and audio recordings.

Recording Video

How to Record Excellent Audio and Video on iPhone

While the iPhone camera is already high-res as it is, you can shoot even better-quality videos by just changing a few of its default settings.

If your iPhone model supports it, you can opt to change the resolution of your camera to 4k resolution. Although it takes up plenty of storage space, the high-definition, and high-quality video recordings are worth it.

Changing the frame rate also influences the overall quality of your video recordings. The optimal frame rate to use is 24 fps as this will give your footage a cinematic quality that’s slow enough for on-the-go editing and playback monitoring. If you want to slow the video down further while editing, you can peg it at 60 fps.

For perfectionists who want everything aligned and symmetrical, you can enable the grid feature of your camera settings. The grid will display the rule of thirds overlay and can be used as a guide in placing the subject in the center.

Lastly, if you plan on doing close-up shots of subjects, then you can turn on Macro Control. This allows you to get extremely up close to an object without compromising any of the details you may want to capture.

Final Note

How to Record Excellent Audio and Video on iPhone

Getting the best video and audio quality for your recordings is not a complication or an expensive feat. By simply using an iPhone, this is easily achievable.

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