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Audio-Technica Pro 70 Microphone Review


Finding the right lavalier microphone for your profession, passion, or hobby can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know where to start or what you even need to be looking for.

Generally, we suggest going over the products of reputable sound system brands, including Audio-Technica whose Pro 70 lav mic we will be reviewing today. Below, we talk about why this product made it to our best lavalier microphones of the year list and the features that make it a good buy.

If you’re new to your recording journey or are simply on a search for new equipment to add to your collection, then this review can help you get started. Find out what makes the Audio-Technica Pro 70 a great lavalier mic for instruments, vocals, and more.

About the Audio-Technica Pro 70 Mic 

Model NamePRO 70 Cardioid Condenser Lavalier/Instrument Microphone
Polar Pattern/PickupUnidirectional Cardioid
Weight0.9 lbs
Number of Channels1
Sensitivity45 dB
Power ModulePhantom Power or Battery Power (AA, included)

Sound quality, natural vocal tones, great battery life, and an affordable price point are just some of the things that can draw a professional to buy the AT Pro 70

At its heart, the Pro 70 is a mic built for music. When used on a musical tool, especially an acoustic guitar, the mic is able to capture beautiful, natural-sounding tones in the mid-range that lets the guitar shine. Its cardioid polar pattern allows it to zone in on the sounds that need to be emphasized while eliminating background chatter so all you hear is a clear, crisp sound.

These features make a huge difference when you’re using the mic in an open space where environmental noise is more likely to hamper the voice recording or the sound of a guitar. The device manages to handle it all like a pro, hence the name, but whether you’re a beginner or a veteran isn’t of much importance because the Audio-Technica Pro always delivers.

Features of the Audio-Technica Pro 70 Microphone

Still unsure whether you should purchase this mic? We list three features that set it apart from other lavaliers. 

Perfect for Musical Performances

If there’s one thing that could make or break a live musical performance, it’s your mic. It doesn’t matter how well-tuned your guitar is if your speaker is littered with ear-splitting feedback, or worse, your microphone runs out of battery power. If you do not have a great mic that can last hours at a gig, then all of your hard work could go to waste.

Thanks to its pickup style, this clip-on mic has a knack for amplifying gorgeous midrange sound, which incidentally shines through when used on a guitar, especially an acoustic guitar as it emphasizes midrange tones. 

Of course, we didn’t want to rely on customer feedback – we had to test it ourselves. Some of our staff were able to procure an acoustic guitar, a jazz guitar, and a gypsy guitar to test the device in various indoor and outdoor settings. The results were highly positive, and it turns out there’s a reason that those who play guitar perform live with the Pro 70. Outdoors was the real test as the buzz levels could have been quite high, but the clip-on capsule manages to pick up the guitar and only the guitar. 

Unlike other lapels, this one makes a difference by including guitar mounts at a low price, giving it enhanced pickup ability and recording quality on live stages.

Runs on Phantom Power

Needless to say, the AT Pro 70 won’t let you or your guitar down. Its pickup pattern considerably mutes all the unwanted background sounds, be it wind, wires, plosives, or a whole lot of chatter, and since it does not solely rely on a battery pack but has its own phantom power module as well, there’s no risk of a ruined performance.

Enhanced Sound Quality for Professionals on the Go

Even if your work doesn’t require you to play the guitar, the Audio-Technica Pro 70 cardioid is still an incredible piece of equipment that produces high-quality sound in a variety of professional settings. 

A great example is recording interviews on a television set. These interviews are usually filmed in a busy studio where you can only imagine the hustle and bustle of the film crew and staff around. But with the AT Pro 70, all you could hear was the subject’s voice, which creates a pleasant experience for viewers.

Other professional applications that this clip mic shines in include filmmaking, podcasting, streaming, voice-over recording, vlogging, and many other fields that can benefit from a clip-on recording device.

Pros and Cons of the Audio-Technica Pro 70

✔ Designed to record instruments
✔ Comes with an instrument mount
✔ Reduces low-frequency noise
✘ Single polar pattern

What People Are Saying About It

The AT Pro 70 mic is perfect for musicians and performers who want to bring out natural and distinct tones no matter where they’re recording or performing. Let’s see what others think.

“Audio-Technica Pro 70 is not high-end, but it does produce a professional sound. It is also very nicely priced and I believe it’s one of the best, if not the best in a $100 price range.”


Where to Buy the Audio-Technica Pro 70 

Search no more for the perfect musical lapel. Get the AT Pro 70 Microphone over at Amazon along with wonderful deals and prices.

AT Pro 70

The Audio-Technica Pro 70 is a meticulously crafted microphone designed specifically for capturing the intricate nuances of various instruments. Its thoughtfully engineered design caters to the unique demands of instrument recording, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience.

The inclusion of a versatile instrument mount further enhances its adaptability, allowing for seamless integration with a wide range of instruments. Additionally, the Pro 70 exhibits remarkable proficiency in minimizing low-frequency noise, enabling artists and engineers to achieve pristine recordings devoid of unwanted disturbances.

Sound Quality


Affordable and high-quality without being inaccessible to amateurs, the Audio-Technica Pro 70 provides a mid-range option for anyone looking to enhance their sound recording arsenal with one of the best lavalier microphones in the game. While this microphone was designed to help musical performers (it even has various clips for different instruments), it's a versatile lapel that can be used in multiple recording settings, be it in a studio or on the go.

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