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Harlan Hogan VO Microphone Review


In the world of voice acting, Harlan Hogan is a legend with numerous credits to his name. As a professional voice actor and a professor of budding voiceover talents, Harlan Hogan is frequently asked about the best microphone for voice work. Instead of recommending numerous microphones in the market, Harlan had a better idea: he partnered up with microphone brand MXL to create a microphone specifically made with voice acting in mind.

Introducing the Harlan Hogan VO Microphone, the first large-diaphragm condenser mic that’s designed only for voice-over performers. If you’re a voice acting enthusiast and want a microphone that can modulate your voice in the best way possible, this mic might be the one for you.

About the Harlan Hogan VO

ManufacturerHarlan Hogan
Model NameVO Microphone
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Maximum SPL130dB SPL
Product Dimension and Weight12.71 x 9.49 x 3.62 inches
1.30 lbs.

Born from a collaboration between a famed voice actor and an established audio brand, the Harlan Hogan VO Microphone‘s looks are a cut above its peers. Its durable body is finished with champagne-colored nick plating. It also has a metal rail that surrounds the sturdy wire mesh of the microphone, protecting the capsule. Harlan Hogan’s name is also branded across the front of the microphone. This mic has quite a heft to it, enough for it to feel substantial. Let’s talk more about the benefits of this mic below.

Harlan Hogan VO Microphone Benefits

Voiceover work requires discipline, dedication, practice, and most of all, proper recording gear. Without a proper microphone, the sound quality of your voice won’t be crisp or clear enough, leading to your work sounding poor or unusable. However, getting a decent microphone such as the Harlan Hogan VO will ensure that your work will sound clean and have a professional quality to it. Here are the highlights of this microphone:

Designed for VoiceOvers

The voiceover industry considers condenser mics as the standard because of the high-quality sound that they can deliver. While you can choose any good condenser mic, the Harlan Hogan VO separates itself from the pack as it’s specifically made with voice acting in mind. This condenser microphone places emphasis, quality, and attention to detail on the human voice. This microphone gives personality to voices, making them more flattering on most tracks.

Faithfully Captures Tones

A large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic that utilizes a 32mm capsule. It offers a frequency response rate of 30Hz to 20kHz and a sensitivity of 18mV/Pa. The Harlan Hogan VO captures deep tones without sounding bassy and has a silky-smooth top end that is non-harsh.

Other condenser microphones have a significant bump in presence at around 8 to 10kHz, and this microphone is not an exception. However, unlike the others, the Harlan Hogan VO has a smooth ride in the high frequencies, and its low frequencies roll off smoothly as well. Overall, it provides a nicely balanced sound with a touch of crispiness at the high ends and profound richness at the low ends.

Includes Essential Accessories

If you need accessories to start off your voice acting career, the Harlan Hogan VO includes several items in its package that can help you out. It comes with a spider-style shock mount, an extra set of elastic bands for the shock mount, a 15-foot Mogami microphone cable, a zippered leatherette fleece-lined pouch for the mic, and a fixed microphone stand adapter. Moreover, the VO microphone is packaged in a black, poly plastic box with a foam-lined interior that is precut to fit the mic and the shock mount.

Pros and Cons of the Harlan Hogan VO Microphone

✔ XLR and USB microphone
✔ Includes a head case and shock mount in the package
✔ Great for voice actors of any level
✖️ Can be very sensitive

What People Are Saying About It

Crafted by the legendary Harlan Hogan together with MXL, this microphone is nothing short of extraordinary. The Harlan Hogan VO is an excellent microphone for any voiceover work due to its quality and consistency. Voiceover artists of any experience will be able to work well with this microphone. It provides a combination of solid but controlled low-ends and a touch of sparkle in the high-end, which is usually what voice actors prefer.

“The Harlan Hogan VO offers top-notch sound recording quality. Its response is is slightly hyped at the top, but not overly so, and sounds very even and natural all the way down.”


Where to Buy the Harlan Hogan VO Microphone

Experience professional-level sound recording with the Harlan Hogan VO Microphone. Include this amazing microphone in your recording essentials by heading on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

Interested in other microphone brands and what they have to offer? Have a look at our guide to the best microphones for voice overs right here.

Harlan Hogan VO

Harlan Hogan VO is a versatile microphone that offers the flexibility to connect directly to a computer via USB or to professional audio interfaces using an XLR cable, catering to the needs of voice actors at any level.

With its user-friendly setup and comprehensive package, Harlan Hogan VO proves to be an ideal choice for voice actors seeking a reliable and convenient solution for their recording needs.

Sound Quality


Considered as one of the best microphones for voiceovers by both voice actors and audio producers alike, the Harlan Hogan VO is an exceptional mic that gives detail to the human voice. This mic delivers sound that is rich, clear, and silky-smooth, ideal for any voiceover work. It also comes with its own hard case and necessary accessories, making it a great choice for any voiceover artist of any experience level.

Total Rating

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