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PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Mic Review


It’s an understatement to say that YouTube and social media have revolutionized video creation. Since the rise of the platform, content creation has become not only an interesting hobby but a viable profession. 

Over time, the quality of recording and production for YouTube has increased – and with that, newcomers must keep up. For anyone transitioning from amateur video recording to professional audio and video, having the PowerDeWise Professional Grade lapel in your repertoire can be of enormous help.

We talk about this mic below and what sets it apart from other lavalier microphones in its price range. Keep reading to find out.

About the PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Microphone

Model NameProfessional Grade Lav Mic for Camera Phone iPhone Video Recording
Polar Pattern/PickupOmnidirectional
Weight2.39 ounces
Dimensions4.33 x 0.79 x 3.15 inches
ConnectivityAuxiliary, 3.5mm audio jack
Sensitivity74 dB
Compatible DevicesiPhone 5 and later, iPad, Android smartphones, PC/Laptops, DSLR Cameras, Audio Recorders
Power Corded Electric

The PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Microphone is an omnidirectional lavalier (or lapel mic) that is designed for portable sound capturing. It’s also a corded electric microphone, meaning it doesn’t rely on batteries to function. Note that it’s compatible with multiple devices, a feature that we’ll talk more about later.

Additionally, it’s quite sensitive compared to other lapel mics, which can be a good thing depending on what sounds you are trying to record. 

Are Lavalier Mics Good?

Video creation is such a broad profession that there isn’t a single mic type widely considered to be the best. But there are mics that are better for certain functions within the scope of video creation, and lav mics are particularly useful for recording interviews, talk shows, and dialogue-driven videos.

But with the revolutionary rise of individual content creators, the lavalier mic has found an even larger market outside of high-production TV sets. Now, these mics can be used for recording podcasts in your own room, vlogging outdoors, and even streaming straight from your iPhone. 

Lav mics have the ability to capture and record crystal clear audio, and we all know how important good audio is when you want to create professional-looking content. Wireless lavalier microphones can sit close to the subject, recording vocals within its signal range while also filtering out unnecessary background audio. And it does all of this while being discreet and unobtrusive.

But to answer the initial question – yes, lavalier mics are good. In fact, there are so many great options available that the more pressing concern should be which one to buy. Where good audio is concerned, our featured product is more than a reliable option. Let’s return to the PowerDeWise mic and see if it’s the one you need. 

Benefits of the PowerDeWise Lavalier

From stellar audio to convenient setup, you can’t go wrong with the PowerDeWise lapel. Here’s why it’s a suitable option for beginner content creators looking to upgrade their arsenal with professional mics at an affordable price.

Universal Compatibility

If there’s one mic that you need to pack when you’re tight on bag space, it’s this one. The universal connector makes it compatible with a whole range of recording devices, from mirrorless cameras to the iPad pro. 

  • For iPhones 5 to 6, iPad: Use a 3.5mm audio jack
  • For Android smartphones: 3.5mm audio jack
  • DSLR camera: TRRS to TRS adapter (Included)
  • For iPhones 7+: Purchase a 3.5mm lightning connector

As you can see, this is one of those mics that can handle recording with almost any device. Aside from the 3.5mm audio connector, it comes with a TRRS to TRS adapter that lets you record audio while filming from a DSLR camera. The only drawback is that it doesn’t include a lightning connector for recording audio with iPhone 7 and later models, so we recommend buying one if that’s your main filming device.

Crisp Sound Quality

As for audio quality, it is generally very good no matter the connection, but we found that it works best with cameras. After testing it on a mirrorless camera and comparing the performance with an Android phone audio file, the former ultimately produced clearer quality with little to no crackle.

That’s not to say, though, that the quality when using this with a phone is dismal. It’s actually quite the opposite – even when you’re trying to film outdoors with a phone, the PowerDeWise is one of the mics that can easily mute unnecessary noise even when it picks up sounds from all ends of the capsule.

Perfect for Pro Content Creators

When you look at its quality, universal compatibility, and affordable price, there’s no question that PowerDeWise designed this tool for content creators who want to turn their passion into profit and dip their toes in the professional world. Unlike more expensive mics designed for professionals, this one won’t burn a hole through your wallet yet provides incredible quality. 

Pros and Cons of the PowerDeWise Lavalier Mic

✔ Plug-and-play mic
✔ Versatile use
✔ Best for intermediate users
✘ Not an on-body lavalier mic

What People Are Saying About It

Good mics at an affordable price are hard to come by, but the PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier easily falls into the category. Crisp quality and plug-and-play convenience, this is one tool you can’t ignore.

“This PowerDeWise lavalier mic is a good value for money. It’s affordable and the audio quality is decent for the price it charges.”


Where to Buy the PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Mic

The PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Mic is available on Amazon. Head over to the website to score great deals and prices.

Want to browse other options? Check out our guide to the best lavalier mics of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lavalier microphone does Markiplier use?

Markiplier is a professional gaming YouTuber and content creator with over 33 million subscribers. While his success can be attributed to a multitude of things, good gear is definitely one of them. So what microphone does he use?

If you watch some of his videos, you’ll notice he uses a variety of mics from lapels to condensers. He’s been spotted using the Tascam DR-10LW and the Blue Yeti USB Mic. The Shure KSM44A is the gamer’s current microphone, according to multiple websites.

Sound Quality


Good microphones aren't necessarily more expensive, and the PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone is a testament to that. Normally, mics of this price point don't fare too well when it comes to more challenging recording environments such as live stages and outdoors. But this one manages to cut down unwanted background sounds while also picking up the human voice and even replicating its natural tones. This is great for any professional on a budget.

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