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Røde VideoMic Me Microphone Review


In the era of the smartphone, more and more people are realizing that the best tool they have for filmmaking and recording is quite literally at their fingertips. Improvements in smartphone technology and app development have created the opportunity for creators to create on the go. The Rode VideoMic Me microphone opens doors for creators to put together top-quality recordings on the go.

While you certainly have more control over your audio quality in a studio environment, limiting yourself to the sterile indoors isn’t always the best idea. Not all audio can be found in a studio, and many creators simply want the freedom that mobility and convenience offer.

In today’s review of the Røde VideoMic Me, we’ll see just how well Røde’s smartphone microphone can hold up to expectations.

About the Røde VideoMic Me

Røde VideoMic Me Microphone

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

100-20,000 Hz

Address Type



-33.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (22.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz

Maximum SPL

140 dBSPL



Røde is a top name when it comes to quality engineering and design. The company has produced some of the most iconic microphones in the industry, including the Røde Procaster and the Røde NT2A. While these microphones are certainly powerhouses in the studio and the recording booth, Røde understands that demand for portable microphones is growing.

The company has already made strides in that direction through the Røde SmartLav+. One of the most popular Lavalier microphones available on the market today, it’s brought Røde quality and engineering out of the studio and into the real world.

The Røde VideoMic Me follows in those footsteps, as you’ll see in the rest of the microphone review below.

Røde VideoMic Me Pros

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The Røde VideoMic Me series is basically a smartphone-compatible microphone that aims to increase audio quality without sacrificing convenience. Aimed at content creators, musicians, and videographers who want to be able to capture quality audio on the go, the VideoMic is a portable solution to modern recording. Take a look below at some of its features, and see whether this mic’s for you.

Key to Compatibility

The first thing you should know off the bat about the Rode VideoMic Me is that it’s got a TRRS connector. This makes it compatible with any smartphone or tablet that has a microphone or headphone socket. While that puts later iPhones off the table unless you have a Lightning to TRRS adaptor, it certainly widens the scope to include Android users.

This allows you to use the VideoMic Me with a range of different devices and allows for switching between those devices whenever you need it. It cuts down on extra equipment, and the 3.5mm headphone jack on the end allows you to play through and playback the recording when you need to.

Plug and Play

The VideoMic Me is incredibly easy to use— simply plug it in and start recording. Once you plug the VideoMic Me into your device, it becomes the default microphone for all your recording apps. That means you can start recording with your preferred app, with no stress or fuss.

You can even monitor your recording as you record it, depending on your app. If your app allows for play-through recording, then all you need to do is enable it and listen as you work. Pretty simple, but with fantastic results.

Ready for Use

Not only is the VideoMic Me plug-and-play, but it’s also pretty much ready for use straight out of the box. One of the problems with handheld microphones is that they can run into a lot of noise and rustling, which can be particularly bad on smartphones and tablets.

Luckily, the VideoMic Me comes with a furry windshield that allows you to record safely without worrying about extra wind noise or rustling. This makes your recording capabilities far more versatile, allowing for use even in outdoor or windy conditions.

Quality Sound

One of the best things about the Røde VideoMic Me is its directionality. This microphone isn’t just compact and portable— it’s also got great focus. It has a rich midrange that brings life to nearly any recording, and despite its small size is able to record with cleanliness and clarity that works great for post-production.

Of course, your sound source will have to be near the mic so the VideoMic can capture your best performance. So if you’re used to some distance between your device and your sound source, you might want to check out a Lavalier microphone instead.

Overall, while other, larger mics may be able to offer even better sound, the Røde VideoMic is able to put in a great performance with an incredibly simple setup. Sure, you might get a slightly cleaner mix with another microphone, but you’d also have to deal with the hassle of extra equipment like a boom and interface. For the ease it offers, the VideoMic is pretty worth it.


Finally, what sets the Røde VideoMic apart is its affordable price. You’re pretty much getting a microphone at par with studio microphones, but with added convenience and portability, for just a little over $50. This makes the VideoMic a great option for beginner content creators who are looking to elevate their portable recording experience.

Pros and Cons of the Røde VideoMic Me

✔ Portable shotgun mic
✔ Sturdy and robust design
✔ Affordable
✖️ Minimal features

What People Are Saying

Overall, if you do a lot of shooting on your phone, then the Røde VideoMic is the perfect next step to elevating your work. It has a rich, clean sound for the most part, and is easy to set up and use.

It does have some limitations in terms of how far the maximum range of a recording is, so it’s probably better to use it up close. On the whole, however, it’s a great smartphone mic for a great price.

“I use this for self-tape auditions and I don’t have to worry about any lav mic wires and rustling noises from hooking it to my shirt. This thing picks up audio perfectly and rejects any other background noise pretty well, which is great if you’re in an echo-y room.”

Reviewer – Sharavan From Sweetwater

Where to Buy the Røde VideoMic Me

Users who want to take their recordings to the next level should definitely look into investing in an external microphone, and the Røde VideoMic Me might be the one. If you want top-quality sound and directionality at an affordable price, then the VideoMic is pretty much all you need. Find the best deals for the Røde VideoMic Me Microphone here.

Røde VideoMic Me

The Røde VideoMic Me is a portable shotgun microphone that combines durable and resilient construction with an affordable price point. Its compact size and directional pickup pattern make it ideal for on-the-go recording and capturing high-quality audio.

What sets the Røde VideoMic Me apart is its affordability. Despite its professional-grade performance and build quality, this microphone remains accessible to a wide range of users. It provides exceptional value for money, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.

The portability of the Røde VideoMic Me further enhances its appeal. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy attachment to smartphones, DSLRs, or any device with a 3.5mm audio jack, enabling users to record high-quality audio wherever they go.

This makes it an invaluable tool for vloggers, journalists, and content creators who prioritize convenience and flexibility.

Sound Quality


The Røde VideoMic Me is a powerful yet affordable external microphone that can bring your recordings to greater heights. If you're a content creator who shoots and records mainly on your phone or tablet, then this microphone is a great way to take your work to the next level.

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