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Sennheiser ClipMic Microphone Review


The magic of the 21st century is that recording doesn’t always have to be in a sterile studio setting. Thanks to smartphones and new technology, filmmakers, vloggers, podcasters, and even journalists can record freely on the go. Now, the studio is anywhere a creator wants it to be. And with tools like the Sennheiser ClipMic microphone, recording using an iPhone has never been easier.

Great audio doesn’t always happen inside a studio, and the Sennheiser ClipMic, like other iPhone microphones, allows you to be always ready to capture the perfect sound. Offering users audio quality that’s miles better than the standard iPhone internal microphone, this iPhone mic is a small but powerful accessory that can elevate your phone into an audio recording powerhouse. Interested? Check out the rest of our review for more information.

About the Sennheiser ClipMic

Sennheiser ClipMic Microphone

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

30-20,000 Hz



Bit Depth


Maximum SPL

126 dBSPL

Power Requirement

Supplied by iOS device


Sennheiser is a well-known name in the industry, and it’s not too difficult to see why. Since its establishment in 1945, Sennheiser has consistently put out quality, durable microphones that have captivated both professional musicians and sound engineers, as well as the general public.

With microphones like the Sennheiser MKH 416 and the Sennheiser E835, which have established themselves as industry standards, Sennheiser is beginning to explore portable recording through the Sennheiser ClipMic. Thanks to advancements in smartphone technology, phones have become more than just tools for texting and calling: they’re mini studios all on their own.

The Sennheiser ClipMic expands the options for filmmakers and content creators who shoot primarily with their phones. With the trademark Sennheiser audio and engineering standard, you can see below just how well the ClipMic holds up to its predecessors.

Sennheiser ClipMic Pros

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The Sennheiser ClipMic is a digital microphone specially engineered and designed to work with Apple iOS devices. Created in conjunction with Apogee, the ClipMic is a portable iPhone mic and iPad mic that connects to these devices via the Lightning connector. As a Lavalier microphone, it works best when clipped next to the sound source, and comes with the expanded mobility offered by the 1.6-meter cable.

Simple, Yet Effective Build

Straight out of the box, the Sennheiser ClipMic is a straightforward piece of equipment. At one end of the 1.6-meter-long cable is the microphone, and at the other end is the Lightning connector. Roughly in the middle of these two ends is the A/D converter, the software of which was developed by Apogee for studio-quality recording on an Apple device.

Explore Your Preferences

While the build of the Sennheiser ClipMic is fairly simple, it’s not quite your typical plug-and-play microphone. While it definitely works fine as soon as you plug it into your iOS device, its true potential can only be unlocked via the app. Before you start recording, you’ll need to download the MetaRecorder app developed by Apogee.

Free on the App Store, the MetaRecorder app allows you to adjust the performance of your ClipMic to your preferences. It’s got several features to heighten the quality of your recording, including the option to switch between Mono or Stereo audio recording. Additionally, it has a Master-Satellite feature that allows you to link up to 4 iOS devices to a single Master device, as well as Apple Watch remote control.

Studio-Quality Sound

As a lavalier mic, the Sennheiser ClipMic performs well. It has a very present, rich sound that, while not the most thorough, still manages to capture detail and life in recording. It should be noted that you should set your preferred settings, or do a test recording before you start your session, as the first pass on the default settings might be a little low for most producers’ likings.

Top Tier Convenience

The ClipMic has, of course, a mic clip that allows you to bring the microphone as close to your sound source as possible. While the microphone tip isn’t the smallest among lavaliers, it’s still discreet and easy to tuck away. The microphone itself is easy to pack up and layout whenever you need it, and the lack of need for an adaptor or extra equipment makes the ClipMic a winner in our books.

Pro Partner

At around $200, the Sennheiser ClipMic can be a bit of an investment, especially for hobbyists or beginners. It offers professional-grade audio, which makes it an especially convenient tool for pros who want to record with less equipment but the same caliber of sound. However, its fairly simple setup and the range of features available on the free MetaRecorder app make it an easy enough addition to a beginner toolkit— as long as you’re willing to pay for it, of course.

Pros and Cons of the Sennheiser ClipMic

✔ Delivers a full sound
✔ Fairly non-existent noise floor
✔ Plug and play
✖️ Not detachable
✖️ Only works on iOS devices

What People Are Saying

Overall, the Sennheiser ClipMic is a great quality Lavalier microphone and iPhone mic that allows creators to record near studio-quality audio even on the go. It helps users cut down on bulky equipment and other accessories, keeping things simple and efficient. And with the variety of options and settings available in the MetaRecorder app, you’ve pretty much got your whole studio in your pocket.

“It’s easy to use and sound quality is great. The app integration is neat and user-friendly. The ClipMic is great for interviews on the go, vlogging. It’s compact and can be sneaked easily in your pockets.”

Reviewer – Tech Raman

Where to Buy the Sennheiser ClipMic

The Sennheiser ClipMic brings the same caliber of Sennheiser quality into your pocket. Users who have tried the company’s other offerings before will recognize the quality of the recordings and build, despite the ClipMic’s small size. It’s a bit of a steep price, especially for beginner interviewers and creators, true. But with the settings and options available in the MetaRecorder app, and the durability of Sennheiser products, it’s an investment that’s likely to last you for years. Find the best deals for the Sennheiser ClipMic Microphone here.

Sennheiser ClipMic

The Sennheiser ClipMic is a plug-and-play microphone that ensures a hassle-free experience for users, allowing them to focus on capturing high-quality audio without any technical complications.

One of the standout features of the Sennheiser ClipMic is its ability to produce a full sound, immersing listeners in a rich and detailed audio experience. The virtually non-existent noise floor of the Sennheiser ClipMic sets it apart from the competition.

With its advanced noise-cancellation technology, unwanted background noise is significantly reduced, ensuring clear and pristine audio recordings. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where capturing clean and crisp sound is of utmost importance.

Its plug-and-play functionality ensures a hassle-free recording process, making it an excellent choice for professionals, presenters, and podcasters alike. With the Sennheiser ClipMic, you can confidently capture high-quality audio without any distractions.

Sound Quality


The Sennheiser ClipMic is a digital lavalier microphone that's designed specifically for iOS devices. With the free MetaRecorder app, it puts in a professional-level performance for recording on the go. While it might be a bit pricey for beginners, it's easy enough to set up and use.

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