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Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A Microphone Review


The Sennheiser EW 122P G4 camera-mount wireless lavalier microphone system is reliable, flexible, and broadcast quality, making it a perfect piece of equipment for journalists and content creators. The system, which comes with an ME 4 cardioid lavalier mic, a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiver, connects to cameras to capture crisp vocals even in noisy environments.

We’re taking a deeper look into the EW 122P G4 microphone. Get to know more about this best Sennheiser wireless microphone model below.

About the Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A

Model NameEW 122P G4-A
Microphone TypeCondenser
Polar PatternCardioid
Weight0.35 lbs
Battery Life8 hours

Reliability and consistency become the top priorities when recording wireless audio while on set or in the field. The Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A gives you everything you need and an easy setup.

Benefits of the Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A

Quality Sound at Value Price

The EW 122P G4-A cardioid lavalier microphone’s directional cardioid polar pattern helps reject unwanted background noise to deliver natural sound, ideal for loud environments and public settings. The frequency scan function also automatically searches for the cleanest frequency at your location, while the adjustable input sensitivity on the transmitter is able to handle everything from loud voices to quiet speech. All of these details provide excellent sound quality, and at a price that doesn’t break the bank either.

Made for the Field

The EW 122P G4 features a sturdy all-metal chassis suited for extended use on the field with a locking connector to ensure that your lav stays put no matter what. A compact bodypack that can easily be concealed is super lightweight so you don’t feel a thing as you wear it, while a transmission range of up to 330 feet and up to 8 hours of operation time means you won’t have to worry about it as you move around in a hectic or precarious environment.

All-In-One System

Ease of use is undoubtedly one of the most important things when it comes to functional on-field microphones, and the Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A gives us just that. It features everything we need for a successful performance without the need for additional components, including a mic, bodypack transmitter, camera-mountable receiver, and batteries.

The model is also backward-compatible with previous evolution systems, giving you the ability to match with G4, G3, G2, and G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters, as well as the EW 500 systems.

Pros and Cons of the Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A

✔ Excellent sound quality
✔ Durable yet lightweight build
✔ Can be matched with previous systems
✔ Reasonable price point
✘ Flimsy lapel

What People Are Saying About It

We’ve made it quite clear what a great product we think the Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A is, but check out what other reviews are saying about it too.

“Sennheiser’s EW 122P G4-A portable wireless system is perfect for field recording and reporting. This all-inclusive wireless system includes an inconspicuous ME 4 cardioid lav mic that’s designed to reproduce speech naturally.”


Where to Buy the Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A

Sennheiser has never let us down, and this Lavalier mic will stay with you wherever you’re recording and give you solid audio every time. Purchase this microphone on Amazon now and avail of exclusive deals and prices, plus check out what other reviews have to say about Sennheiser systems as well.

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Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A

The Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A boasts extraordinary sound quality, durability, lightweight design, compatibility, and affordability.

Its ability to deliver exceptional audio fidelity, withstand the demands of daily use, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and do so at a reasonable price point makes it a standout choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Sound Quality


The Sennheiser EW 122P G4-A is an excellent quality lavalier mic that features a handful of great features at a competitive cost. When you expect to be working on the field, this is a fantastic microphone you can depend on.

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