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Sennheiser EW 500 G4-935 Microphone Review


When it comes to a solid wireless system that delivers astounding vocal acuity, Sennheiser is an expert. The brand has long since put out amazing products that deserve a spot in anyone’s mic cabinet, whether you’re a pro or someone who is dipping their toes in the world of recording and production.

For this review, we’re putting the spotlight on the Sennheiser EW 500 G4. Get to know this wireless microphone from Sennheiser’s renowned evolution series below.

About the Sennheiser EW 500 G4-935 Microphone

Model NameEW 500 G4
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Weight6.7 lbs
Inclusions(1) SKM 500 G4 handheld microphone
(1) e 935 capsule (cardioid, dynamic)
(1) EM 300-500 G4 rackmount receiver
(1) GA3 rack kit
(1) mic clip, frequency range: AW+ (470 – 558 MHz)

When it comes to high-quality vocals with reliable connectivity, you can’t go wrong with a classic like Sennheiser. This wireless vocal set packs a punch in terms of vocal prowess, letting your voice shine through no matter what your mix is or how loud the crowd goes.

Benefits of the Sennheiser EW 500 G4-935 Microphone

With the rising popularity of streaming, video editing, and at-home studios, having a professional-level vocal system you can rely on is of the utmost importance. But if you’re someone who does live performances or lectures, then it’s better to go wireless.

The EW 500 G4 is a wireless vocal set that has many advantages to its name. We’ll talk about them below so you can make an informed decision.

Solid Build

The Sennheiser EW 500 is the pinnacle of the brand’s evolution series. Boasting true diversity, full-metal housing, and a straightforward OLED display on its half-rack receiver, the portable vocal system is solidly built.

The microphone itself is 100% wireless, so one can freely move about the stage, the room, or wherever they’re stationed. It’s also easy to grip; weighty enough to signify good quality without being too heavy to hold.

The product also gives you options to purchase expansions like the use of body packs.

Multiple Channels

The Sennheiser EW 500 has 32 compatible channels and up to 88 MHz bandwidth making a connection and synchronization smooth no matter where you end up using it. When frequencies are less available in the radio spectrum, this mic can still pick something up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a classroom delivering a speech to 30 students, or in an open arena performing music to a crowd of thousands – the EW 500 can deliver. The product page also mentions the vocal set is fully tunable as long as it’s in a stable Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range

Wireless Systems Manager Compatible

Multi-channel setups are no problem, of course – Sennheiser comes with an ethernet connection for wireless systems manager (WSM), which is the brand’s software that lets you control the setup even with multiple channels and a crowded radio spectrum.


Live stage performances are this microphone’s forte. That’s why we highly recommend the 935 capsules for musicians and performers who may have a hard time being heard over their music. Compared to the large-diaphragm style of other capsules, this one packs a high-output vocal range designed to help your voice cut through the mix.

Pros and Cons of the Sennheiser EW500 G4-935 Microphone

✔ Robust, premium build
✔ Up to 88MHz bandwidth
✔ High RF output
✖️ Frequencies can be limited in use in other countries
✖️ Expensive

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re looking for the best sound, onstage or off, this Sennheiser is what you need. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other reviews say about it.

“For starters, you can’t go wrong buying Sennheiser gear. They get it right. Of course, that doesn’t mean others don’t—but the odds are remote that a piece of Sennheiser gear will disappoint, assuming you choose the right tool for the right job.”


Where to Buy the Sennheiser 500 G4935 Microphone

Get the best sound for your vocal performances. Buy this microphone on Amazon now and avail yourself of exclusive deals and prices. You can also browse accessories like body packs.

Want to check out other mic options? We list our top picks for the best wireless microphone here.

Sennheiser 500 G4935

The Sennheiser EW500 G4-935 wireless microphone system is for professionals who seek unrivaled audio quality and reliability.

With its robust construction, expansive bandwidth, and high RF output, it surpasses expectations and elevates any live performance or presentation.

Sennheiser’s unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in this remarkable device, solidifying its position as a pinnacle of wireless microphone technology.

Sound Quality


The Sennheiser EW 500 G4-935 may not be the most affordable of the bunch, but trust us when we say it's well worth the price. It's able to handle 32 channels at once without losing signal, even in a crowded radio frequency which is quite common nowadays. The microphone itself is designed to filter out noise and make one's voice sharper. Being an analog device also saves it from the pitfalls of many WiFi-based microphones.

Total Rating

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