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Røde NT1A Microphone Review


Ask anyone for a list of the best microphones for podcasting or other recording activities and you can be sure that the Australian brand Rode (stylized as RØDE) is going to come up. Established in 1967 as Freedman Electronics, Rode is an old hand at the microphone game and has released several reliable models over the years.

One of those models is the Rode NT1, which came out in 1991 and was a fast favorite in the industry. Rode improved on the NT1 by releasing the Rode NT1A in 2003, and has continued to manufacture it in the years since. Many have made comparisons between the Rode NT1 vs NT1A, not least because of the two microphones’ similar builds. However, these two models are quite different, and if you read on you’ll find out exactly why you need a RodeNT1A in your life.

About the Rode NT1-A Microphone

Røde NT1-A Microphone

Power Required/Consumption

24V phantom power, 48V phantom power

Bit Rate




Polar Patterns


Frequency Response

20Hz – 20kHz


-31.9dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz


137dB SPL

Although the RodeNT1A and NT1 may look very similar, the NT1-A has a much wider frequency response and more advanced circuitry. It also has a more modern sound when compared to the newer NT1 on the market, which makes it particularly versatile for any recording activity.

Weighing in at about 326 g, the Rode Mic NT1A has a stable setup and simple design. With its satin-like finish and nickel-plated body, it’s a good-looking addition to any recording setup, but that’s not the only thing it has going for it. This Rode condenser mic also has gold-plated connectors that ensure top-quality connections and circuitry designed to produce low noise performance and a minimum of clutter noise.

While the Rode NT-1A lacks pads and filters, which are available in the company’s higher-end products, it certainly doesn’t take much away from the performance. And with quality components and a high SPL of 137 dB, value for money it’s one of the best condenser mics out there.

Rode NT1-A Microphone Pros

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With its sleekly finished, nickel-plated body and stainless steel grill, the NT1-A is a well-designed microphone that any podcaster, musician, or vocalist would be proud to own. Rode offers buyers a standard one-year warranty with the option of a free extension, and up to ten years’ warranty upon registration, meaning you can protect your investment.

The microphone comes with a studio-grade pop shield and shock mount, as well as a 20′ microphone cable, dust cover, and CD with instructional video. These are handy inclusions that allow even beginners to put together their own home studio set up, without the hassle of having to go in and buy more equipment. It’s all you need to get a professional-sounding voice recording, which makes it the mic of choice for many with home studios.

Bright Sound Quality

The NT1-A stands out from its competitors by providing users with a bright, present sound that makes any recording sound instantly professional. With a presence peak of around 12 kHz and a low end lift of around 120 Hz, the NT1-A is able to create a flattering sound without embellishing. Recordings made with this microphone have full, detailed highs and solid lows, resulting in a balanced sound that is natural and not at all overbearing.

World’s Quietest Studio Microphone

Thanks to its low self-noise level of only 5dBA, the Rode NT1-A is regarded as one of the world’s quietest studio microphones. Even the circuitry is carefully designed for low noise performance, and the quality of the surface-mounted electronics ensures that the clutter noise is at an absolute minimum. With such a quiet mic, you can focus on bringing the best out in your performance.

High Level Performance

Though the Rode NT1-A is far from the most expensive microphone on the market, it certainly doesn’t scrimp on quality. It has a warmth of sound, extended dynamic range, high SPL capability, and clarity that puts it on par with some of the priciest mics in the world. With this mic, you won’t have to worry about pesky hiss building up in your recording— the NT1-A is perfectly suited for a variety of recording tasks, and the quality build and reliability ensure that you’ll be able to make use of it for a long time.

Perfect Microphone for Singing

While the NT1-A is great for any kind of recording activity, it truly shines when it comes to recording vocals and acoustic instruments. The side-address cardioid system offers a crispness and focuses to your sound that not many other mics can. Acoustic guitars sound particularly great on this model, and with its high SPL rating, it holds its own against electric guitars and percussion as well. If you’re aiming for a clean sound with minimum noise, this is the perfect mic for you.

Pros and Cons of the Rode NT1-A Microphone

✔ Excellent sound quality
✔ Wide dynamic range
✔ Low self-noise
✘ Pricey
✘ No included tripod desk stand

What People Are Saying

At over USD$ 200, the Rode NT1-A can be a bit of an investment for beginners who are just starting out on their recording journeys, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one. For example, the added inclusions, such as the pop Shield, shock mount, and microphone cable, make setting up a home studio effortless. And in addition to that, the dynamic range and lack of self-generated noise make it perfect for any number of recording activities. 

It’s also the perfect next step for anyone upgrading from a USB microphone. With its 3-pin XLR output and connection to phantom power, it’s a more professional microphone at a reasonable price. The NT1-A is certainly a bestseller for a reason, but don’t just take our word for it— read on for a bit of what others have to say.

“A diaphragm condenser mic that sounds good, comes with a shock mount that is very nice, pop filter and a cable. Almost feels like you’re ripping them off a little. I planned on using this as a room mic but after hearing how it sounds on vocals it’s going to get a lot of use there too. I’m impressed with budget friendly microphones and instruments. The big names are way overpriced and with that difference in price you can get a lot of gear. Price doesn’t always mean it’s better. This mic is more than capable of doing its job.”

Reviewer – Techaeries

Where to Buy the Rode NT1-A Microphone

The Rode NT1-A‘s dynamic range, low noise, and recording clarity make it a great choice for vocalists, musicians, and podcasters. Its many benefits mean that it’s perfect for amateurs, professionals, and everyone in between. Find the best deals for the Rode NT1-A Microphone here.

The Best Microphone for Streaming

Rode NT1-A

The Rode NT1-A is renowned for its exceptional audio fidelity, delivering superb sound quality that captivates listeners. It boasts an expansive dynamic range, precisely capturing the subtlest nuances and the loudest moments.

Additionally, its self-noise levels are impressively low, ensuring clean and transparent recordings. With the Rode NT1-A, you can expect a professional-grade performance that elevates your audio productions to new heights.

Sound Quality


The Røde NT1-A is able to deliver quality results on a budget. It's a great choice for amateurs, but packs enough of a punch for professionals as well.

Total Rating

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