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Rode NT2A Microphone Review


When buying a new microphone, there are tons of factors that you’ll need to consider before biting the bullet. Polar patterns, frequency response, sensitivity, and sample rates are all specs that every buyer needs to know, but one thing that many people seem to forget is that where your microphone is made is just as important as what it can do.

In this case, the Australian brand Rode (stylized as RØDE) knows exactly what it’s doing. Nowadays, it’s popular for many microphone brands to outsource their production and manufacturing to China, which is often the cheaper and quicker option. Rode’s been there and done that, with several quality mics to show for it. But in the last few years, the company has chosen to shift all its manufacturing to Australia, using state-of-the-art automation to produce its new mics.

The Rode NT2-A is the fruit of that labor, so to speak. The successor to the wildly successful Rode NT2, which was the last microphone Rode had made in China, the NT2A is a radically new approach to what made the NT2 so popular. The Rode NT2 A was designed with brand-new housing and features, making it more than just an updated mic. For a full look at what this microphone can offer, take a look at this Rode NT2A review below.

About the Rode NT2-A Microphone

Rode NT2A Microphone

Acoustic Principle

Pressure Gradient

Polar Patterns

Cardioid, Figure-of-eight, Omnidirectional

Frequency Range

20Hz – 20kHz

Output Impedance

200 ohms

Maximum SPL

147 dB SPL

The Rode NT2-A is a prime example of Rode mics going bigger and better, and not just in price. When compared with popular offerings like the Rode NT1-A, the Rode NT 2 A has increased versatility with its three polar patterns (cardioid, figure-of-eight, and omnidirectional), allowing you to use it in more recording situations. It also comes with a three-position variable high-pass filter (Flat, 40Hz, or 80Hz), as well as a three-position pad (0dB, -5dB, -10dB).

As a high-quality, dual-diaphragm condenser, the Rode NT2-A is able to give you the maximum flexibility in terms of recording. It’s designed to have an incredibly low noise performance, and its many features offer the control and versatility that other mics may struggle with. Its high pass filters and pad are all incorporated into the body, allowing for easy, convenient switching at the mic.

It also comes with the SM6 shock mount, a dust cover, a microphone cable, and a downloadable instructional video featuring Grammy-nominated sound engineer and producer John Merchant.

Benefits of the Rode NT2-A Microphone

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The Rode NT2-A is designed to do away with any sound engineer’s headaches. Its sound is classy and richly natural without artificial coloration, and handles most instruments with ease. It’s fantastically quiet, with a low noise floor that can’t be beat by any other condenser mics in its price range. It has incredible technical specs, and a versatility that makes it the darling of any recording studio.

New Levels of Design

The Rode NT2-A was designed to not only give an excellent recording performance but to do it as quietly as possible. It’s one of the quietest mics at its price range, with an equivalent input noise of just 7dBA, but even so no sound quality is sacrificed. Its low noise level means you can easily record quieter instruments if you have the right preamp. It has a maximum SPL of up to 157dB with the 10dB pad engaged, meaning it won’t waver or distort with louder performances.

Smooth, Neutral Sound

In terms of sound, the Road NT2 A is delightfully hidden, providing a smooth, balanced tone and natural sound all across the spectrum. Its top ends are detailed but not harsh, and on the lower end this mic has a depth of sound that’s solid without being too heavy. The NT2A’s presence peak is subtle and brings out an incredible range of detail that many other mics in the same range are unable to capture. While its tonality will change slightly depending on the polar pattern selected, its cardioid in particular is reasonably airy even when compared with the more open omnidirectional pattern.

Pros and Cons of the Rode NT2A Microphone

✔ Offers great studio quality vocals
✔ Low self-noise
✔ Built-in PAD and high-pass filter
✖️ Bulky and heavy
✖️ Recordings can sound bright sometimes

What People Are Saying

The Rode NT2A is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that offers users incredible range, flexibility, and versatility. With its three polar patterns and fantastically low self-noise, it’s a microphone that flatters any voice in any recording situation. Its clean, classy sound and frequency range makes it a favorite for recording studios and sound engineers everywhere.

“I have had this mic for years and recorded countless records and voice-overs with them. Build quality is exceptional and can capture any recording source smoothly. Shot it out against more expensive mics and it is still my go-to mic. For its price and features, its hard to beat. During lock-down I was a bit bored and decided to give it a new look. Hope RODE will consider offering them in various colors.”

Reviewer – Don From Sweetwater

Where to Buy the Rode NT2A Microphone

With its superior design and electronics, the Rode NT2A proves that Rode always looks to get bigger and better. If you’re looking for a versatile mic while maintaining incredible sound quality, then you won’t want to go home without an NT2A. Find the best deals for the Rode NT2A Microphone here.

Rode NT2A

The Rode NT2A delivers exceptional studio-quality vocals. It stands out with its remarkably low self-noise, ensuring that recordings are clean and free from unwanted background noise.

The NT2A also offers convenient features such as a built-in PAD (attenuation pad) and a high-pass filter. The PAD allows for capturing louder sound sources without distortion, while the high-pass filter helps eliminate low-frequency rumble and unwanted vibrations.

These features enhance the versatility and flexibility of the NT2A, making it a reliable choice for professional recording environments.

Sound Quality


The Rode NT2A is a top quality, large diaphragm condenser microphone that proves that Australian brand Rode is always at the top of its game. For capturing vocals in the studio, there's really nothing better.

Total Rating

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