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Best Type of PC Microphone


There are many types of microphones available in the market. When it comes to finding the best type of microphone to use with your PC, there are a few factors to consider before making a purchase. The most important matter to consider is your use case. To determine the best one for your usage, here are the types of microphones that you can use with your PC.

Types of Microphones You Can Use for Your PC

When you are in the market for a type of PC microphone, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget. From headsets to USB and XLR microphones, there are many options available that can provide high-quality audio for whatever type of sound recording or communication you need.


If you are looking for a type of PC microphone that is easy to set up and use, a headset is a good option. Headsets come with a microphone built-in and provide high-quality sound recording for communication or gaming purposes. They also provide flexibility as they can be used with different devices such as PCs, consoles, and phones.

USB Microphone

A USB microphone is a type of PC microphone that plugs directly into your computer’s USB port. USB mics are all-around mics as they are perfect for recording music, podcasts, or gaming thanks to the high-quality sound they provide.

USB mics come in all shapes and sizes, as well as budgets. There are affordable ones that give good value for money if you will only use them for conference calls or streaming, and there are also high-end ones that can give you professional-quality audio.

XLR Microphone

An XLR microphone is a type of microphone that uses an XLR cable to connect to an interface and then connect to your computer. Generally, an XLR microphone is seen as a professional microphone as they are truly analog and offer the best quality audio.

The trade-off here is the price point, as XLR mics can be more expensive due to the additional hardware needed to make them work. If you want broadcast-quality audio and if you have the budget for it, XLR mics are the best option.

Which One is the Best Microphone for PC?

As mentioned, the type of microphone you choose for your PC will depend on your specific needs and budget. Headsets, USB microphones, and XLR mics are all great options that provide high-quality audio recording and communication. If you only need something that can get you through online meetings, classes, and the like, or if you need something that’s compatible with gaming, choose a headset.

If you want an all-around mic that can be used for gaming, calls, streaming, recording audio, and more, a USB mic is a great choice. Finally, if you want the best quality audio for professional needs, an XLR microphone is the best choice.

Final Note

Finding the best type of PC microphone can seem confusing but by taking some time to consider your needs and budget, you can make an informed decision. There are many different types of mics available, so take the time to research each type and find one that fits your specific needs and budget. The type of mic you choose will determine the quality of sound recording or communication you will get, so make sure to choose wisely.

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