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Google Meet’s New Adaptive Audio Feature Minimizes Feedback by Syncing Microphones


As of June 5, select Google Meet Workspace users have been able to enjoy the app’s latest feature — adaptive audio. Said feature minimizes the feedback and echo that can be normally heard when multiple people in the same room are logged in to a Google Meet with their microphones on.

Google Meet's New Adaptive Audio Feature Minimizes Feedback by Syncing Microphones

With the adaptive audio feature, Google Meet will automatically sync audio from multiple devices in one room to eliminate unwanted feedback and echoes. With that, users can turn on their microphones and speakers even if they are in proximity to each other and they will be assured that the meeting room will still have great audio. Such a feature is especially helpful when you’re conducting an online and in-person meeting wherein multiple people are in the same room as you.

Using an external USB microphone or headset would also help minimize the feedback or improve the audio quality of your mic in a meeting, but these would require extra steps in setting up. This makes the new adaptive audio feature beneficial as it is enabled by default within the Google Meet app. This means the feature is automatically enabled when Google Meet detects multiple audio devices close to each other.

However, users can also easily disable the feature in case they prefer not to use adaptive audio in their meetings. By simply going to Setting, clicking audio, and then ticking off the Adaptive Audio feature, you can easily enable or disable this whenever you wish.

Google Meet's New Adaptive Audio Feature Minimizes Feedback by Syncing Microphones

Do take note though that this feature is not yet available to everyone. As of writing, the adaptive audio feature can only be used by Workspace users with Gemini Enterprise, Gemini Business, Gemini Education, Gemini Education Premium, and the AI Meetings and Messaging add-on. So, if you’re a basic user, we would give it a month or so before the adaptive audio is made available for you.

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