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K-Pop Superstar IU Gets the Microphone of Her Dreams After 12 Years


Despite being one of the most successful K-pop solo artists, IU only got the microphone of her dreams after 12 long years. Said microphone is a complete change from her well-known colorful and sparkly customized microphone collection.

IU has always been known for her colorful pastel palette. From her music videos, outfits, and down to microphones. However, it came to the surprise of many when IU announced her new (at the time) custom microphone in glossy black at her 2019 IU Tour Concert Love, Poem in Gwangju.

This microphone may look simple compared to her previous mics but for the superstar, it is special. “My dream has always been to get a black glossy microphone. It has always been my dream, but every time I went to get one, I always thought a bit of color would be nice.”, says IU to her fans in between performances.

Although she playfully jokes about how this is an accomplishment of hers that she’s truly proud of, she explains how this is particularly impressive. “You need to get rid of your materialistic ways to make this decision. It doesn’t look like you’re very impressed but ask all the other singers. This was a very impressive decision.”, says IU.

It Took 12 Years For K-Pop Superstar IU To Get the Microphone of Her Dreams

At the time, IU shared that the glossy black microphone was her 10th mic. Since then, her collection has increased to a total of 12 customized microphones ranging from solid pastel colors to jewelry bedazzled ones as reported by Kpopmap. Certainly, the K-Pop superstar sure knows how to choose her vocal microphones!

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