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Panasonic Connect Upgrades Digital Wireless Microphone Technology for Hybrid Setup


Panasonic Connect lives up to its purpose to “Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow” with its new digital wireless microphone technology that is centralized in adapting to today’s hybrid setup.

Although classrooms, conference rooms, and convention centers are slowly starting to fill up again, the pandemic has shown us the possibility and feasibility of having remote attendees and speakers with the great help of technology and a reliable professional audio setup.

This brought about a permanent hybrid setup in many institutions and functions wherein the integration of advanced AV technology is needed. Thus, enter Panasonic Connect’s new digital wireless microphone technology.

Panasonic Connect Upgrades Their Digital Wireless Microphone Technology with the New Hybrid Setup In Mind

The company has introduced next-gen digital wireless microphones and products plus new software that comes with them to deliver professional audio and connectivity options that are suited for today’s much-needed flexibility in hybrid environments.

One new microphone they introduced is the WX-ST700 Wireless Boundary Microphone which is optimized for dialog clarity and can broadcast crystal-clear sound to any space. It also boasts an always-on and push-to-talk mode and can be integrated with Panasonic PTZ cameras so remote attendees or speakers can feel like they are in the same room as those attending in person.

Panasonic Connect Upgrades Their Digital Wireless Microphone Technology with the New Hybrid Setup In Mind

The WX-ST600 Wireless Desktop Transmitter Base and WM-KG645 18″ Gooseneck Microphone were also introduced by Panasonic Connect respectively. Together, these two new products can accommodate rooms, auditoriums, and spaces of any size and set up with their flexibility in range and placement.

These new products help in allowing speakers to focus on their presentations instead of having to worry about staying within the frequency range fit for their wireless microphones to avoid any technical difficulties.

With regard to receivers, Panasonic has also added a new conference mode feature for select models. This will allow speakers to connect up to six mics to one wireless microphone receiver instead of having to set up separate channels for each.

As wireless microphones need to be charged now and then, Panasonic Connect also introduced the WX-SZ600 4-port Networked Desktop Charging Station. This new product will conveniently charge all of Panasonic Connect’s wireless microphones with their new always-on and everyday-use technology that can be set up throughout the room.

On top of the aforementioned features, the WX-SZ600 also allows an end user to monitor how many ports are being used, the current battery percentage, and the charge status of the digital wireless microphones being used.

Panasonic Connect Upgrades Their Digital Wireless Microphone Technology with the New Hybrid Setup In Mind

The new PTZ control center software along with the S7300 software plugin also helps in fully maximizing wireless microphones. Together, they can trigger presets on PTZ cameras so a speaker can be tracked anywhere in the room.

This allows the speaker to walk around the room, fully engage with the audience in the back row, and even make a remote attendee feel physically present because the full suite trigger presets directly to the PTZ and S7300.

Panasonic Connect’s new upgrades and products are proof that the forecasted growth of the wireless microphone market is well on its way. With this new digital wireless microphone technology all-in-one ecosystem, we won’t be surprised if we see more institutions adopt an AV technology-integrated hybrid setup.

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