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Sony’s New C-80 Studio Recording Mic Takes Inspiration From Past Microphones


The new Sony C-80 studio recording mic has combined the best features of the well-loved C-800G and C-100 microphones.

Sony has worked alongside professionals for over 50 years and through experience, the brand has been able to create a household name for itself when it comes to producing studio-quality products and equipment. Having created excellent products and wanting to maintain said credibility, Sony has patterned the new C-80 recording mic after its predecessors.

The C-80 is a uni-directional condenser microphone that is suitable for vocal and voice recording applications. Succeeding from the C-800G and C-100 microphone series, the C-80 can also prevent any acoustic vibration to make any vocal recording clear and stand out. Similar to its predecessors, the C-80 has a “Noise Elimination Construction” making the microphone all the more ideal for vocal and voice recording even when mixed with instruments.

Protecting the C-80 recording mic is a capsule that uses the same material as the C-800G’s diaphragm. The two-metal body construction helps give the C-80 durability and a strong structure that will assure you it cannot be easily damaged when dropped. Much like the C-800G, the C-80 also has a dual-diaphragm configuration that helps in vocal stability and in suppressing the proximity effect from sound characteristic changes.

Sony's New C-80 Studio Recording Mic Takes Inspiration From Past Microphones

When it comes to sonic features, the C-80 inherits the low-cut filter and pad switch characteristics of the C-100. The low-cut filter of the C-80 allows the recording mic to help eliminate low-frequency noise and again, the proximity effect. On the other hand, the -10dB pad switch that can also be found on the C-100 gives the C-80 added headroom while minimizing any sound distortion that can come from transient peaks.

Albeit, the C-80 recording mic also has a defining characteristic that can set itself apart from its predecessors — an upgraded sound quality that is powerful and rich with mid-low frequency. The tight mid-range gives the vocal recording a strong, stable, and clear presence that is as realistic as possible. The C-80 recording mic can maintain the natural reproduction of a vocal recording while eliminating noise and boomy low frequencies.

Sony's New C-80 Studio Recording Mic Takes Inspiration From Past Microphones

If you’re looking at purchasing the Sony C-80 as your new or next recording mic, you may have to wait out a bit more if you live outside of Europe. Sony has yet to release when the C-80 will be available in other countries. In the meantime, you may want to check out our guide on the best studio recording mics first.

Ash Burnett

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