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Introducing the Blue Bluebird microphone, a powerhouse in the realm of professional audio recording. Renowned for its pristine sound quality and versatility, this condenser mic boasts a cardioid polar pattern ideal for capturing vocals and instruments with remarkable clarity. Its transparent and detailed sound reproduction, coupled with a high SPL handling, makes it a top choice for musicians, podcasters, and content creators alike, seeking studio-grade audio performance. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into the Bluebird SL mic to uncover why it’s the go-to choice for demanding audio professionals and enthusiasts alike in this review.

About the Blue Bluebird Microphone

Blue Bluebird SL Microphone


Model NameBluebird SL
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Audio Sensitivity28.5 mV/Pa at 1kHz
Mic Form FactorLarge Diaphragm
Power Source+48V Phantom Power
Item Weight0.9 pounds
Item Dimensions1.9 x 1.9 x 8.8 inches
InclusionsCustom shock mount, nice wooden case, pop filter

The Bluebird SL mic stands out as a versatile and reliable tool. Boasting exceptional sound, it captures vocals and instruments with stunning clarity and detail, rivaling even high-end Blue mics. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures focused audio capture while minimizing background noise, making it ideal for studio use, acoustic instruments, and podcasting. Compared to other Blue microphones, this mic offers a more transparent and balanced sound signature, suitable for various musical genres and applications.

Beyond its impressive sonic performance, it comes equipped with essential features and inclusions for hassle-free sessions. Its solid build quality ensures durability, while the included shock mount and pop filter help reduce unwanted vibrations and plosive sounds for pristine recordings. Compatible with a variety of devices including audio interfaces and mixers, the Bluebird seamlessly integrates into any setup.

With its simple setup process, users can quickly get up and running, spending less time configuring and more time creating. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, the Bluebird is an awesome mic that offers an unparalleled mix of quality, versatility, and ease of use for all your recording needs.

Benefits of the Bluebird Microphone

From its superior sound reproduction to its robust build and diverse applications, this great mic offers a comprehensive solution for professional audio needs. Let’s explore the four main benefits that make the Bluebird mic an indispensable tool for content creators, musicians, and audio professionals alike.

Superior Performance

The Bluebird SL mic sets a new standard in performance, leveraging advanced condenser technology to deliver exceptional audio results. Its large-diaphragm design captures a wide frequency range with stunning accuracy, ensuring that every subtle nuance of the sound source is faithfully reproduced. Whether capturing delicate voices or intricate instruments, this microphone excels in preserving the natural timbre and dynamics.

With its high-pass filter, you’re assured that you can reproduce the strumming of an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum kit, or one’s voice to a tee without sounding muddy. Rest assured, you’ll be pretty happy with the sounds and vocals that this mic can take on and amplify.

Its low self-noise and high sensitivity enable it to capture even the quietest of sounds with more detail than most mics of its range can offer, making it an ideal choice for capturing intimate acoustic performances or nuanced vocal expressions.

The Bluebird SL’s custom-designed circuitry and premium components work synergistically to enhance transient response and minimize distortion, resulting in clean and transparent audio reproduction. This level of sonic clarity and precision makes it a preferred choice for professional studios, where capturing the true essence of a performance is paramount.

Whether used for tracking vocals, acoustic instruments, or voiceover work, the Bluebird microphone sounded great as it consistently delivers bright results. It’s a good mic that can empower artists and engineers to achieve their creative sonic visions with cool confidence.

Robust Build and Thoughtful Design

Beyond its exceptional audio capabilities, the Bluebird SL mic has a design that reflects its commitment to both durability and aesthetics. Engineered with rugged materials and meticulous craftsmanship, it stands up to the rigors of professional use, ensuring reliability in even the most demanding environments. Its sturdy construction inspires confidence, allowing users to focus solely on their craft without worrying about equipment failure.

Moreover, the microphone’s sleek and elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any setup from a home studio to a professional one, elevating the overall aesthetic and creating an inspiring environment for creativity to flourish. You’re sure to look cool as you stand in front of this mic.

The Bluebird mic’s thoughtful and smooth design also extends beyond its exterior. The mic includes practical features that enhance usability and convenience. Its ergonomic shape and intuitive controls make it easy to handle and adjust, ensuring seamless operation during sessions.

This mic also features a transformer-less design, which contributes to its transparent and pristine audio reproduction. By eliminating the transformer from the microphone’s circuitry, it achieves a more accurate and uncolored audio signal, capturing the true essence of the source material. The choice of a transformer-less design ensures that recordings made with the microphone exhibit natural tonal balance and exceptional detail.

While the corded or wired connectivity of the mic offers reliable and consistent performance, it can be limiting in terms of mobility and flexibility, especially in dynamic environments and applications. The reliance on phantom power for operation may also restrict compatibility with certain devices or setups, requiring additional equipment or adjustments.

However, these tradeoffs are outweighed by the exceptional performance that the mic delivers, making them acceptable compromises for users seeking professional-grade audio capabilities.

Wide Range of Applications

This microphone isn’t limited to a specific genre or scenario; its versatility makes it a go-to choice for a wide range of applications across various industries. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, content creator, broadcaster, or audio professional, the Bluebird SL mic is your all-in-one solution for capturing superior audio.

In the realm of music production, it impressively records vocals, acoustic guitars, pianos, strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, and percussion with stunning detail. Its transparent sound reproduction faithfully captures the nuances of each instrument, making it an indispensable tool for amateur musicians and seasoned professionals alike.

In addition to music production, the Bluebird microphone shines in other audio applications as well. It’s the perfect companion for podcasting and talking applications, providing clear and articulate vocal reproduction that ensures your message is heard loud and clear. Content creators can rely on the Bluebird microphone to elevate the quality of their videos, voiceovers, and live streams. Broadcasters can easily trust its reliability and performance for delivering professional-grade audio in radio, TV, and online broadcasting applications.

As a vocal mic, the Bluebird excels in capturing expressive vocal performances with warmth and presence, making it an ideal choice for singers, rappers, and voice actors. Whether you want to rap or belt out your lungs, the Bluebird SL mic sounds good regardless.

With its cardioid polar pattern providing focused audio capture, flattering proximity effect, and excellent off-axis rejection, the Bluebird SL mic ensures that your recordings are smooth, bright, and free from unwanted background noise and reflections.

Comprehensive Inclusions

The Bluebird mic comes bundled with a range of essential accessories that enhance the experience and provide added value to users. One of the standout inclusions is the custom-designed shock mount, meticulously crafted to isolate the microphone from vibrations and handling noise. This ensures that recordings remain clean and free from unwanted disturbances, allowing users to focus on capturing pristine audio. Additionally, the shock mount’s secure attachment mechanism provides peace of mind during sessions, preventing accidental slips or falls.

The Bluebird mic is presented in a premium wooden storage box, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to its packaging. Not only does the nice wooden case offer protection during storage and transportation, but it also serves as a stylish keepsake for users to showcase their prized microphone.

This attention to detail demonstrates Blue’s commitment to delivering a premium user experience from the moment the microphone is unboxed. Not to mention, the use of a premium wooden box screams money and elegance all for a surprisingly affordable mid-range price compared to other Blue microphones in the Blue line.

The mic also includes a pop filter, designed to minimize plosives and sibilance during vocal recordings. By effectively diffusing bursts of air from speech, the pop filter ensures smoother and more natural vocal performances, resulting in professional-quality recordings that are free from distracting noises. 

This comprehensive package of inclusions and features underscores Blue’s dedication to providing users with everything they need to achieve exceptional audio quality, making the Bluebird microphone a complete and convenient solution for their needs. In fact, you may not even need other mics after purchasing this!

Is the Bluebird a Decent Mic?

Blue Bluebird Microphone Review
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Yes, the Bluebird SL is indeed a highly regarded mic, praised for its exceptional sound quality, versatility, and value for money. Its main features include a cardioid polar pattern for focused audio capture, transparent sound reproduction, and durable construction.

Compared to other mics in its price range, such as those in Pro Studio’s Mic Locker or other Blue mics, the mic offers comparable if not superior performance at a more reasonable price point. It can even give Pro Studio’s Mic Locker a run for its money.

With its studio-grade sound and thoughtful design, the Bluebird SL mic stands out as an excellent choice for both amateur enthusiasts and professional audio engineers seeking top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

What Do the Switches on the Bluebird Mic Do?

The microphone features two switches on its body, each serving a distinct purpose to tailor the microphone’s performance to different scenarios.

-10dB Pad Switch

The -10dB pad switch is designed to attenuate the microphone’s sensitivity by 10 decibels. This switch is useful for loud-sounding sources or in high-volume environments where the microphone may otherwise overload and distort.

To use the -10dB pad switch, simply engage it by flipping it into the “on” position when picking up loud-sounding sources such as drums, electric guitars, or brass instruments. This helps prevent clipping and ensures clean and distortion-free recordings even in challenging conditions.

High-Pass Filter Switch

The high-pass filter switch allows users to attenuate low-frequency sounds below a certain cutoff point, typically around 100Hz. This switch is particularly useful for reducing unwanted rumble, handling noise, and low-frequency room resonance that can muddle recordings.

To activate the high-pass filter, simply engage the switch by flipping it into the “on” position when recording vocals or instruments where low-frequency content is not desired. This helps improve clarity and definition in the recorded audio by focusing on the essential mid and high-frequency content.

Does a Bluebird Microphone Need Phantom Power?

Blue Bluebird Microphone Review

Yes, it requires +48V phantom power. Phantom power is essential for the operation of condenser microphones, as it provides the necessary voltage for the microphone’s internal electronics to function properly. The use of phantom power ensures optimal performance and stability, preventing low-quality audio or signal degradation that may occur without adequate power supply.

This consistent power source enhances the microphone’s overall sound across the frequency spectrum, including the midrange, high-end, and top-end, resulting in brighter and more detailed audio.

Pros and Cons of the Blue Bluebird Microphone

✔️ Exceptional audio performances and results
✔️ Wide range of applications
✔️ Solid build and design
✔️ Various inclusions of accessories
✔️ Price is reasonable
✖️ Phantom power requirement may limit setup
✖️ Wired connectivity may limit movement
✖️ No mic stand included

What People Are Saying About the Blue Bluebird Microphone

Blue Bluebird Microphone Review

If you’re still having second thoughts about buying this nifty mic, then take it from a user who already took the SL on a test and concludes that it sounded amazing!

“The Bluebird sounds as attractive as it looks and represents a useful and versatile addition to the BLUE range. Although more hyper cardioid than cardioid, the mic’s frequency response is sufficiently neutral to suit a wide range of instrumentation and voices, and the supplied shock mount, pop screen, and cable make this an ideal high-quality option for novice or experienced user(s) alike.”


Where to Buy the Blue Bluebird Microphone

Personally put this microphone to the test and purchase one on Amazon right now! With our great deal, you would want to quickly add the Bluebird to your mic collection as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The worth of cheap mics depends on various factors, including their intended use and the expectations of the user.

At the low-end, extremely budget-friendly microphones may sacrifice durability and accuracy, resulting in a subpar experience that may not meet professional standards. It’s important to consider that low-end mics often have subpar builds. This may lead to an unreliable performance in the long run, making them less worth the initial savings.

In the midrange, moderately priced microphones often strike a balance between affordability and performance, offering decent sound suitable for amateurs, enthusiasts, or casual use. While cheap options may provide satisfactory performance for hobbyists or occasional use, investing a bit more in a midrange microphone can often yield significant improvements in sound quality and durability, making it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking a balance between affordability and performance.

Conversely, high-end and top-end microphones command a premium price tag but deliver exceptional audio, durability, and versatility, making them worth the investment for professional studios or demanding environments. While top-end mics come with a higher price tag, they often provide unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring exceptional results for critical tasks.

Ultimately, the decision on whether cheap microphones are worth it depends on the user’s specific needs, budget constraints, and desired level of performance.

The Bluebird microphone falls within the midrange category, offering a balance between affordability and performance, making it a popular choice for both amateur and professional users seeking high-quality audio capabilities.

Yes, you can definitely use it for a variety of applications including vocals, acoustic guitar, and as a room mic. Its cardioid polar pattern and transparent reproduction make it well-suited for capturing one’s voice with detail and presence, as well as accurately reproducing the nuances of an acoustic guitar.

Additionally, its wide frequency response and low self-noise make it a suitable choice for capturing the ambient sound of a room, providing a natural and immersive experience.

Aside from the Bluebird mic, some other microphones that are good for capturing acoustic guitars are as follows:

  • Neumann KM 184: Known for its detailed and transparent sound, the Neumann KM 184 is a popular choice for capturing rich harmonics and nuances. Its small-diaphragm condenser design provides excellent transient response and accuracy.
  • Audio-Technica AT4041: The Audio-Technica AT4041 is a versatile pencil condenser microphone that offers a balanced and natural sound reproduction. It excels at capturing the warmth of acoustic instruments.
  • Shure SM81: The Shure SM81 is a rugged and reliable condenser microphone known for its smooth and accurate reproduction. Its cardioid polar pattern and wide frequency response make it well-suited for capturing the nuances of acoustic guitars in both studio and live settings.
  • AKG C414: The AKG C414 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone with multiple polar patterns, allowing for flexibility. It offers a detailed and full-bodied sound with low self-noise, making it a popular choice among engineers.

Here’s also our guide on the best mics for instruments and recordings that you may browse. Feel free to buy one or a pair, rest assured that these are all stand-out choices!

When comparing the Bluebird to the Baby Bottle mic, both offer exceptional sound and performance characteristics of Blue microphones. However, they differ slightly in their features and applications.

Bluebird mics have a cardioid polar pattern, making them ideal for capturing vocals and instruments with precision. In contrast, the Baby Bottle mic features a fixed cardioid polar pattern and is renowned for its warm and vintage-inspired sound signature. This makes the Baby Bottle mic particularly well-suited for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments with a rich and intimate character.

In terms of pricing, both microphones offer excellent value for money compared to other microphones in their respective price range. While the Bluebird may be slightly more versatile due to its transparent sound reproduction and broader frequency response, the Baby Bottle’s unique tonal characteristics appeal to users seeking a distinct sonic flavor for their recordings.

Ultimately, whether one mic is “better” than the other depends on the specific preferences and needs of the user, with both standing as solid mics worth adding to your mic collection.

Blue Bluebird SL Microphone

The Blue Bluebird microphone presents a standout choice for professional audio recordings, offering an impressive mix of performance and value. Its pristine audio performance, transparent audio reproduction, and diverse applications make it an indispensable tool for musicians, content creators, and professionals.

The inclusion of a premium wooden storage box adds a touch of elegance and practicality, ensuring that the microphone remains protected and ready for use at all times. Aside from a wooden box, it also has other accessories such as a shock mount and pop-filter.

With its solid build, comprehensive inclusions, and competitive pricing, this mic proves to be a worthy investment for anyone seeking high-quality audio capabilities. Whether capturing one’s voice, acoustic instruments, or ambient room sounds, users won’t regret adding the Bluebird to their arsenal of gear.

In fact, they may find themselves tempted to purchase not just one, but perhaps even a pair, to fully harness the microphone’s potential in stereo setups. Trust us, you won’t regret purchasing this one bit.



The Blue Bluebird microphone impresses with its exceptional sound quality and versatility, making it a top choice for professional audio recording. Its transparent sound reproduction, durable build quality, and comprehensive inclusions ensure that users can achieve studio-grade results in a variety of recording environments. Whether capturing vocals, acoustic instruments, or ambient room sound, the Bluebird microphone stands out as a reliable and high-performing option for both enthusiasts and professionals.

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