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Maono Microphone Arm Review


An essential item to have in any recording studio is a microphone arm. Unlike a stand, a microphone arm will give you more flexibility in positioning and placement, which will greatly contribute to the sound quality of your recordings.

A microphone arm will also give you more space in your desk, booth, or area for recording, which gives you freedom of movement. Most importantly, it will help prevent noises and vibrations from getting picked up by your mic.

With all that said, owning a microphone arm is a must if you want to make your recording experience easy, ensure the clear and stable quality of your audio recordings, and complete your whole studio setup. One great microphone arm that we recommend is the Maono Microphone Arm. We’ve tried out this microphone arm ourselves and here’s our review of this must-have accessory!

About the Maono Microphone Arm

Maono Microphone Arm







Item Weight

590 grams

Item Dimensions

68 x 5 x 3 centimeters


The professional kit includes a microphone scissor arm stand, desk mounting clamp, and a microphone clip

In just over 6 years since Maono first started, the company is now the leading brand of internet audio products globally. Having said that, Maono creates some of the world’s best microphone and audio products aimed specifically at the fast-growing young generation who like to create content online such as podcasts and vlogs.

Studying and knowing their market well, Maono’s microphone arm is designed to be the perfect mic accessory for podcasting, studio, or streaming applications.

The Maono Microphone Arm is ever-flexible and adjustable to make it more suitable for various applications and locations. It’s also compatible with most shock mounts and microphones in the market. However, we recommend that you use it with the Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic PD200X Microphone for the best experience!

Benefits of the Maono Microphone Arm

Maono Microphone Arm
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A microphone arm may seem like a “small” accessory but it brings in a lot of pros and benefits to the user. The Maono Microphone Arm is no stranger to this. Here are some of the benefits that make this microphone arm worth investing in.

Flexible and Adjustable

To make the microphone more suited for you in terms of positioning and placement, the Maono Microphone Arm provides a full 360-degree rotation. Get the perfect angle that will allow you to place the mic correctly towards you or the sound source by adjusting the mic holder of the Maono Microphone Arm by 180 degrees.

You can also adjust the knob’s height by 180 degrees or swivel the entire arm to a full 360-degree rotation. Should you want to bring this microphone arm along with you on your travels, then it can be easily folded and carried around.

Heavy Duty

While you can be assured that the Maono Microphone Arm will stay securely clamped to your table, desk, shelf, or whichever base you would like to mount it on, Maono brought it upon themselves to make this arm more sturdy to withstand heavy usage and travels. The adjustable scissor arm stand is made of heavy-duty all-steel that is strong and durable enough to hold a person weighing 150 pounds.

Should you accidentally drop this 590-gram microphone arm, do not fret. The Maono Microphone Arm has dual suspension springs installed in its boom arm so it will stay protected from sudden drops.

Universally Compatible

The Maono Microphone Arm has a universal flexible arm that makes it compatible with most shock mounts and microphones in the market. It also has a universal mounting clamp so it can be attached to almost any kind of base — tables, desks, shelves, counters, and more. This makes it a convenient microphone arm to have as you can surely use it at home, in the office, in a school setting, in the recording studio, or in broadcasting and TV stations.

For added convenience and versatility, the Maono Microphone Arm has an adjustable positioning screw so it can be easily clipped to a desk or base of up to 1.7″/4.5cm thick.

Pros and Cons of the Maono Microphone Arm

Maono Microphone Arm
✔️ Universally compatible
✔️ Highly flexible and adjustable
✔️ Heavy duty and reliable
✖️ Need to purchase professional kit for other accessories

Where to Buy the Maono Microphone Arm

Maono Microphone Arm

Any good microphone arm will come at quite a price. However, this microphone accessory is a must-have if you want to complete your recording studio essentials and elevate the quality of your audio recordings. We recommend that you invest in the Maono Microphone Arm if you want to achieve so!

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Maono Microphone Arm

Maono Microphone Arm

The Maono Microphone Arm will help you eliminate noise from your audio recordings as it keeps your microphone sturdy and stable.

With maximum 360-degree flexibility and the ability to make adjustments, you can position and place your microphone at optimum so it can perform its best.

This universally compatible microphone arm can also clip itself to almost any base, microphone, and shock mount.



The Maono Microphone Arm is a must-have mic accessory for users who want to further elevate their recording experience and upgrade their audio recordings quality. It's flexible, adjustable, sturdy, and universally compatible making it a great microphone accessory to invest in.

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