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Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review


If you’re looking for an entry-level microphone that has the performance and features of a professional mic, then look no further than the Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X.

The Maono PD200X is highly versatile and high-performing yet can be the recording device of choice for users of varying professions and experience levels. Whether you are a budding content creator, professional gaming streamer, or a hybrid worker, the Maono PD200X can be the microphone to make you sound the best that you can be all at a reasonable price.

After testing out the Maono PD200X, here’s our review of the newly released microphone.

About the Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Mic PD200X

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review

Maono PD200X

Element Type

Dynamic Mic

Polar Pattern




Bit Depth/Sample Rate


Frequency Response


Adjustable Gain Range

0 to +42dB


XLR: -52dBV

USB: -10.5dBFS/PA(Max)

Max. SPL

>130dB SPL

Compatible DevicesDesktop, Laptop, Computer, Mixer, Audio Interface, PS4, PS5, MAC OS, Windows
Recommend Uses for ProductPodcasting, Recording, Streaming, Gaming, Video Conference
Included in the boxMaono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Mic PD200X
Shock Mount
2.5m USB-C to USB-A/C Cable
⅝” to ⅜” Adapter
User’s Manual
18 months free warranty
Maono Link App
PDF User’s Manual

Maono’s latest addition to their growing list of products is the Maono PD200X USB/XLR podcast dynamic mic. This is an entry-level microphone that is perfect for content creators, vloggers, podcasters, and more who are looking for a user-friendly but high-performing mic.

With an ultra-wide frequency response of 40Hz-16kHz, this Maono mic can produce perfect tone and sound that is clean and clear of as much noise as possible. Speaking of, background noise and unwanted sounds are also rejected fairly well due to the cardioid polar pattern of this mic.

Aside from the convenience of having the option to use a USB or XLR cable connection, this feature will also allow the user to produce different sound results. Adding to the topic of convenience, the Maono mic has a 2-in-1 smart knob that will allow you to control the mic gain, headphone volume, a one-click mute key with an LED indicator, and more.

Seeing as how the Maono PD200X USB/XLR mic is made for live streaming, it sports a sleek and stylish design that is worthy to be seen in front of the camera. With controlled RGB lights, this microphone will surely captivate viewers to watch the screen.

How Good Are Maono Mics?

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review
See more product details on Amazon.

Maono may be a slight newcomer in the world of microphones, but they are definitely a company to be reckoned with. Specifically known for podcast mics and products that cater to young content creators, Maono is swiftly becoming a global leading brand of internet audio products that can deliver high-quality sound experiences.

Maono mics are starting to become a favorite among many creatives — hobbyists and professionals alike. Looking no further than the Maono Dynamic PD200X Microphone, Maono is able to construct a dynamic and ever-reliable mic that looks good as it sounds.

Is Maono Good for Recording Vocals?

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review
See more product details on Amazon.

The Maono Dynamic PD200X is a great microphone that can capture deep lows and delicate highs, and maintain crisp mid-tones. Thanks to its custom built-in dynamic mic capsule, this microphone is sure to capture the user’s voice loud and clear. On the other hand, the cardioid polar pattern of this mic helps reject and minimize any background noise and unwanted sounds that can be picked up.

Just like any other good vocal mic, the Maono allows you to do real-time monitoring of your recordings and voice thanks to its 3.5mm headphone jack monitor output with zero latency. Professionals can agree that this feature is convenient, especially if your application is for voice recordings. By simply plugging in a compatible headphone jack, you monitor your output voice right away and adjust it as necessary to your preference or requirements.

The 2-in-1 smart knob of the Maono mic also makes it a great recording device for vocal applications. You can directly adjust the mic gain should you prefer it with the LED light function to guide you. You can also adjust the volume should you want to hear your recording more. There is also a mute button that can be tapped right away should you want to cut off any sounds or volume in the middle of a stream.

The option to connect the microphone to computers, desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, or portable PA systems also makes this microphone a great vocal mic. The versatile way of connecting this microphone to various devices allows a user to have plenty of plug-and-play options that will not limit them to where they want to record their vocals.

Should a user want to plug the microphone using an XLR cable, then the sound quality of the vocal recording will be enhanced at the low end. You will also hear that the sound quality will be warmer. If you choose to plug or connect the microphone using the USB cable, then the audio quality will be more airy. You will also hear that audio has a more mid to high-end frequency quality, which overall can add volume to your vocals.

To help control any plosives and wind noise, the Maono microphone has a foam filter. This helps in minimizing lower-frequency percussive pickups while making sure that the volume and clarity of your voice are heard.

Lastly, the Link App allows you to adjust many settings to help you enhance the vocal quality of your recordings. You can access the limiter and check the compressor. Adjusting the volume control and EQ modes can also be easily but professionally done through the app.

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Pros

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review
See more product details on Amazon.

Inspired by Maono’s PD400X dynamic mic, the Maono PD200X took the best parts of the former and further improved it to make a new impressive microphone for content creators. In this review, we’ve narrowed down its many wonderful features to four major pros that prove how great of a microphone this is.

Superb Sound Quality

With the ability to focus on vocal and audio details clearly while suppressing any background noise, the Maono microphone can record and perform superbly. The ultra-wide frequency response, exclusive and custom dynamic mic capsule, and features that will allow you to adjust the microphone gain and other settings on the fly or through the app all make this a mic that can produce great results.

Quality Build and Design

The build quality and design of the Maono microphone are reliable, functional, and stylish. It is constructed with high-quality metal to make it durable but it is still lightweight for it to be portable.

It has a smart design with buttons, knobs, and placement of parts in strategic locations for intuitive use. Although the shock mount and thread adapter of the microphone is made out of plastic, the RGB lighting of the microphone makes up for it by adding a premium feel. It has dynamic multi-color gradients with 8 static solid color effects that will surely make your viewers notice your microphone and take note of the model so they can purchase it themselves!

Maono Link App

Adjusting the microphone to your preference is a breeze thanks to the Maono Link app. You can adjust the microphone’s settings, EQ levels, limiter, and compressor all in one app when in USB mode. You can also tweak the RGB light settings through the app.

XLR to USB Cable Connectivity

Connecting the microphone is easy thanks to its versatile connectivity options. A plug-and-play setup is possible by directly plugging the 8.2ft USB-C cable into a computer desktop or laptop. Should you use the analog output, then you can connect it to more professional devices such as interfaces, mixers, speakers, or portable PA systems.

Pros and Cons of the Maono Dynamic Mic PD200X

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review
✔️ Great mic for gaming, streaming, podcasting, and content creation
✔️ Versatile connection
✔️ Has a dedicated Maono Link App software
✔️ Inclusive of a shock mount and foam pop filter
✔️ Wide frequency response for clear audio pickup
✖️ Need to purchase separate microphone arm or microphone stand
✖️ Can pick up keyboard sounds

What People Are Saying

Whether it be for content creation, gaming, or podcasting, the Maono PD200X is proving to be one of the most impressive microphones to date.

“(The) Maono PD200X is a good entry-level microphone, offering both XLR and USB connection, which creates an opportunity to upgrade from USB to XLR if this is your first microphone. Compared to similarly priced microphones it offers good audio quality, a metal body and lots of features that may be tempting for someone intending to use the microphone live and/or on-camera.”


Where to Buy the Maono Microphone PD200X

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review

Although this Maono microphone is already done with its pre-order promo, the current sale price is not that bad. For a reasonable starting price of $79.99, we could say that the Maono Microphone PD200X is a value buy considering its performance and quality. Find the best deals for the Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X here. We suggest pairing it with the Maono Microphone Arm for the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a shock mount for my dynamic mic?

If you want to reduce any vibrations and unwanted noise pickup as much as possible, then a mount for your mic is recommended. The PD200X has a mount included to reduce any vibrations that can be picked up by the hum of the computer or movement in the desk.

Does the Maono mic have headphone volume controls?

Yes, the volume controls can be found in the 2-in-1 knob. Along with this, one can tweak the gain, do real-time monitoring, and more.

Maono USB/XLR Podcast Dynamic Microphone PD200X Review


Maono as a company is known for creating great audio products for internet content creators. The Maono PD200X is a testament to this title.

With the ability to produce clear and crisp audio while suppressing unwanted noises, the PD200X will definitely be elevating the quality of your streams, videos, and recordings. The wide-frequency response of 40Hz-16kHz and the cardioid polar pattern is just one of many attributes of this microphone that contribute to its superb performance.

With convenience and reliability in mind, the microphone has a 2-in-1 knob that will allow users to tweak settings to their preference and requirements directly to the mic, or may it be through the Maono Link App.

As for the visuals, the PD200X does not disappoint. The sleek black or white finish, RGB lighting, and aesthetic of the microphone make it a visually appealing microphone that can be seen in front of the camera.

Sound Quality


Inspired by the Maono PD400X dynamic mic, the PD200X microphone is as good as it gets. With a versatile connectivity compatible between USB and XLR outputs, a 2-in-1 knob, and an ultra-wide frequency response, the Maono PD200X microphone is a dream for beginners and professionals who are looking for a high-performing microphone that won't break the bank.

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