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Best Way to Connect Lavalier Mic to iPhone


Although the built-in microphone of an iPhone can record audio fairly well, using an external Lavalier microphone for iPhone will further elevate the audio performance of your recording.

With this guide, we will teach you how to connect a Lav mic to your iPhone as easily and simply as possible so you can start recording and capturing audio right away!

How Do I Connect My Wireless Lavalier Microphone to My iPhone?

Before we teach you how to connect a Lav mic to your iPhone, be sure to check out our guide on the best position for a Lavalier microphone and the best way to use them. These guides will help you maximize Lavalier microphones and better understand how they work to get the best sound quality for your audio recording.

Once you have familiarized yourself with what a Lavalier microphone is, how to place them, and where best to use them, you can now connect your wireless Lavalier microphone to your iPhone using any of these four ways.

Using TRRS plugs

Most microphones with a 3.55mm connector can support a TRRS (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) standard. If your Lavalier microphone for iPhone says “iPhone compatibility” in the product description, then you can make use of a TRRS connector.

Do take note that even if your iPhone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, it won’t be able to connect with a mic that has a 3.5mm connector. However, an iPhone will often be compatible with 3.5mm headphones or headsets with a 3.5mm TRS connection.

Using Adapters with TRS Plug or TRRS Connection

For phone and iOS devices that have a 3.5mm lightning port, then you may simply insert the TRS audio connector of a wireless Lavalier microphone into the TRS-TRRS adaptor.

Should your phone lack a standard audio jack, then you will need a few adapters to connect your Lavalier microphone. The first step is to connect the wireless Lavalier microphone to a TRS-TRRS adapter. This will be followed by a lightning adapter and then a 3.5mm audio jack adapter.

Using Accessories

If your Lavalier microphone connectors are not compatible, then there are a few accessories needed.

For iPhones with a 3.5mm audio jack, you will need a lightning connector and a headphone port for your electrical connections. Check if the model of your wireless microphone has such accessories, otherwise, you may need to purchase these separately.

Specifically, you may need a USB-C to a lightning adapter to connect your Lavalier mic to your iPhone. First, connect the adapter to the receiver, then you can connect the mic to the iPhone’s lightning port. If properly plugged in, your iPhone should be able to recognize your mic as the default voice recording device. After which, you can start shooting videos and recording content.

A dedicated wireless microphone for iPhone will most likely already come with accessories that will allow you to directly connect the Lav mic to the lightning side and audio input.

Using a Lighting Connector

Wireless mics dedicated to iPhone and mobile use are easy to connect. Such microphones will usually already have a design that will allow them to be inserted straight into the iPhone’s charging port so you can start recording right away.

The Hollyland Lark C1 wireless mic is an example of a wireless microphone dedicated to mobile use. It has a design that allows users to directly plug the mic straight into an iPhone or Android. It also already comes with accessories that will make recording personal videos and live streaming quick and simple even without the use of a recording app.

Final Note

No matter the model of your Lavalier microphone, connecting it to an iPhone is simple and easy. With the convenience and upgraded quality a Lav microphone brings to recording sound and shooting video content compared to simply using a built-in microphone, we highly suggest you start using these portable recording devices!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to connect an external microphone to an iPhone?

The best and easiest way to connect an external mic to an iPhone is by using a lightning cable or port. You can simply connect the lightning cable to the charging port and you are good to go. However, not all microphones are designed this way so it’s best to check if the model you are using or purchasing directly states that it is iOS compatible.

What is a good external mic for an iPhone?

There are plenty of great external mics for iPhones. From a shotgun mic to a USB microphone, you are sure to find one in our list of the best microphones for iPhone.

Our top pick from the list is the Sennheiser MKE 200, which is a straightforward professional super-cardioid condenser capsule microphone. From entry-level vlogging to studio-quality music and instrumental recordings, this on-camera microphone can deliver superb performance.

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