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Pringles Unveils their Microphone Amplifier & Streaming Device All-in-One Can Pack


Amidst the explosive growth of the gaming world, with a remarkable 117% surge in video game streaming on Twitch and a 118% rise on Facebook Gaming in 2021, Pringles emerges as a strategic ally for gamers.

As gaming enthusiasts invest more than $100 billion in streaming accessories, the demand for unique content has never been higher. In response, Pringles introduces a groundbreaking innovation: The All-New Pringles Original Gamer’s Limited Edition Microphone Amplifier & Streaming Device All-In-One Can Pack.

This innovation goes beyond being a mere accessory; it embodies Pringles’ commitment to enhancing the gaming experience. By seamlessly transforming its iconic can into a microphone amplifier, Pringles acknowledges the evolving aspirations of gamers—to not only play games but also create captivating content.

This transformation is achieved through subtle yet effective stickers and micro-perforations that optimize sound transmission to headphones, creating a semi-professional acoustic environment perfectly attuned to gamers’ needs.

But this concept is more than just hardware evolution; it encapsulates the spirit of community. Pringles recognizes that gamers are influencers, storytellers, and trendsetters. In a gesture of authenticity and camaraderie, these limited edition packs are distributed to influential gaming figures, amplifying their voices within the gaming universe.

In essence, Pringles not only embraces gaming but also empowers gamers to enhance their impact, bridging the gap between snacking and extraordinary gaming moments.

Pringles produced approximately 300 kits that were distributed among users of various influencers and streamers who helped us spread the idea, including Samy Rivers, the most prominent female streamer in the world today. These kits were provided free of charge, with an open invitation for everyone to create their own at home using Pringles cans.

This means it could cost as little as approximately $2.36, compared to the typical starting price of around $100 for a decent microphone. Currently, people are enthusiastically sharing their videos using the Pringles can as a microphone and creating content with it!

Ash Burnett

Hailing from Chicago, IL - Ash made his break into journalism at the age of 23 writing music reviews for a local website. Now in his late 30's and after being pulled closer towards the technical side of the music and live gig industry, he founded Shout4Music to write thorough microphone reviews.

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