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SteelSeries Launches Alias Gaming Microphones


As a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, the launch of SteelSeries‘ Alias Gaming Microphones was talked about by many in the gaming and streaming community. We take a closer look at the new Alias and Alias Pro Gaming Microphones and see what SteelSeries has equipped them with.


SteelSeries Launches Alias Gaming Microphones

Starting with SteelSeries’ “basic” gaming microphone, the Alias. However, basic is not something you would call this mic since the Alias is powered by Sonar, which is not what most generic USB-C gaming mics are equipped with. What makes the Sonar software special is it is specifically designed for gamers to sound “pro”. With the Alias being powered by such software, users of the mic can be heard crystal clear on any multichannel audio source.

The Alias gaming microphone also boasts a microphone capsule that is three times bigger than most USB-C condenser mics on the market. This enables the Alias to capture a wide vocal range that will make the user sound bigger, richer, and more resonant. Rest assured, any person using the Alias microphone to give out commands during a heated game will be heard loud and clear.

As the Alias is a gaming microphone, SteelSeries saw to it that this condenser mic comes with LED levels that will allow easy control for streamers and gamers to monitor their audio levels and mute status. It also has an RGB downlight that is customizable to one’s preference and can easily be synced to other devices. To help reduce unwanted vibrations that may come from the game or consoles, the Alias gaming microphone comes with a shock mount that is compatible with a standard desktop stand or boom arm (sold separately).

We also have to give bonus points to the all-in-1 software solution of Alias which is free for download. The Sonar for Streamers can bump up the Alias to the pro level because it comes with audio mixing, drag ‘n’ drop app routing, and AI noise cancellation. This software is a major plus if you plan on using the Alias for streaming and content creation.

However, the Alias gaming microphone also has some downsides to it. It’s not dual PC capable and does not have mappable controls. The price tag is also a bit steep starting at $199.99. Albeit, the pros may outweigh the cons considering all the other features and its performance.

Alias Pro

SteelSeries Launches Alias Gaming Microphones

If you prefer an XLR gaming microphone, then check out the Alias Pro. This cardioid condenser XLR microphone boasts a studio-quality sound that is suitable for gaming, broadcasting, podcasting, and content creation.

Similar to the Alias mic, the Alias Pro is equipped with Sonar technology, is compatible with the all-in-1 software, and has a built-in shock mount. Along with a 24-bit/48 KHz resolution and a 120 dB Max SPL, the Alias Pro gives any user studio-grade levels of audio recording quality. Its microphone capsule is 1″/25mm big and made out of ClearCast, which allows it to capture a wide vocal range accurately and clearly.

Although you will need a separate power requirement of +48V DC Phantom Power to turn on the Alias Pro, it may be well worth it. SteelSeries lessens the need for added set-up since an XLR Stream Mixer is included upon purchase. Said mixer allows customizable controls and RGB for the user, is fully mappable, and allows streamers and podcasters to easily input fades or mutes while recording. For added points, the mixer can be easily connected to a PC via USB.

The Alias Pro also aims to give more convenience as it is Dual PC capable, which allows users to stream to one or two PCs via USB-C. This marks the first-in-gaming solution that allows gamers and streamers to do such!

Price starts at $349.99 and if you think about it, it’s not far from most XLR microphones in the market. Considering all the features, the Alias Pro may be priced fairly.

Final Word

SteelSeries Launches Alias Gaming Microphones

The Alias and Alias Pro Gaming Microphones of SteelSeries are newcomers to the market that are certainly to look out for. With the company’s stellar reputation in the gaming market, these mics may just be a new favorite. Before you decide on purchasing one, make sure to read up on whether a USB or XLR mic is the right one for you. Learn how to maximize these gaming mics so you can get the most out of your money.

Should the Alias and Alias Pro be out of your budget, then you can check out our top picks on the best gaming microphones.

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