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TikTok Creator Spills Unknown iPhone Microphone Feature to Improve Sound Quality


The iPhone microphone is a powerful recording tool as is. Still, TikTok creator, Austin Tag, blew people’s minds when he shared a relatively unknown feature that will help improve its sound quality. With his TikTok video racking over 2.5 million views, most users are only finding out about the iPhone’s customizable microphone settings.


More people need to know about this iphone feature!! #greenscreen #iphone

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“The feature is Mic Mode. if you’re recording or on FaceTime and you swipe down on the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see this button up here. You click on it and you’ll have ‘Standard’, ‘Voice Isolation’, and ‘Wide Spectrum'”, says Tag. In the same video, he highlights ‘Voice Isolation’ as the best or personal favorite iPhone microphone feature because of its ability to block out everything but his voice. He also shares how he even uses this specific iPhone microphone feature when he FaceTimes in the shower.

TikTok Creator Spills Unknown iPhone Microphone Feature to Improve Sound Quality

While Voice Isolation is indeed great at filtering out ambient noises and prioritizing the user’s voice, tech experts say that there is a downside to this feature. “The tradeoff is that your voice definitely sounds more processed, but it always sounds processed through apps like FaceTime or Zoom,” says David Pierce in his article for the Verge.

Nevertheless, the three microphone features are a great hack that iPhone users must know to fully maximize their device. However, it’s important to note that these microphone features are limited to iPhone devices that are iOS 15 or later for FaceTime and iOS 16.4 on a regular call.

With that, you may want to read up on our guide on how to get the best sound quality from your iPhone microphone if you want to improve its general performance. Alternatively, you can also invest in some of the best microphones for iPhones to achieve professional sound quality for all your audio and video recording applications.

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