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Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 Microphone Review


When it comes to live performances, wired microphones can be inconvenient.

Whether you’re delivering a speech or singing a song, it’s not just vocals that play a role, but body language, too. Performers, public speakers, and educators alike require some level of freedom in their movement in order to convey their message clearly and impactfully.

Luckily, wireless microphones like the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 are capable of capturing high-quality vocals without impeding mobility. Unlike mics that come with cables, a wireless sound system allows you complete freedom of movement in any setting, so you can focus on doing your thing without worrying about tripping over a cable.

No matter what your specific sound needs are, the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 can handle them with ease. This model is widely considered one of the best on the market for its accuracy and sound quality, boasting a bright sound and upper-midrange presence peak that makes it a beast in live settings. We named it our best wireless microphone of the year for this reason.

If you’re looking to upgrade your production quality or simply want to add another tried-and-tested microphone system to your arsenal, then this review might be of use. Get to know the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 below to see if it’s the perfect fit for you.

About the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

Model NamePGXD24 Receiver
SM58-X8 Microphone
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Frequency Response50Hz-15kHz
Microphone TypeDynamic
Battery Life8-9 hours

An iconic brand like Shure is no stranger to producing industry-leading microphones of all types. From DSLR microphones in filmmaking such as the VP83F, to the MVL lavalier that makes on-the-go audio recording a breeze, Shure has a product for pretty much any activity that requires top-notch sound quality.

The Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 isn’t a system you’ll find in a gamer’s room or mounted on a camera, though. Instead, it’s a handheld device commonly used by performers, musicians, hosts, lecturers, educators, and professionals whose job involves communicating to a live audience. It’s even much handier because the transmitter is portable enough to be placed on any tabletop, fit for small spaces like a classroom or a conference hall.

The SM58-X8 microphone is paired with a PGXD24 receiver that makes up one of the most cost-effective wireless handheld devices to date. Its build allows it to be an incredible vocal mic with a sound design that’s able to isolate the human voice and a top-notch scanner that quickly picks up the best frequency in the area.

Read on to find out how the PGXD24 became one of our favorite Shure products to date.

Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 Benefits

Easy Setup

No matter how promising your device is, an overcomplicated setup is a surefire way to put a damper on the customer’s experience.

Right off the bat, though, the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 wastes no time being too fussy or difficult to assemble. Instead, you’re greeted with a portable wireless receiver and a wireless handheld microphone that you can sync up with only two buttons: Scan and Sync. The Scan feature works by searching the area for a clean frequency, which normally isn’t an issue, since the equipment operates in the 900 MHz band, a safe distance from cellphone or television interference. Then, by pressing Sync, the transmitter and receiver lock into one channel, and you’re ready to go.

The sound system can go for up to nine hours on two AA batteries, making it a handy friend for day-long gigs or lengthy tours. When you have to switch to a new location, all you have to do is re-scan the device and it’ll pick up a clean frequency in the environment.

Tailored Vocal Response

Vocal microphones are the backbone of almost any recording studio and live stage setup. In fact, vocal pickup is probably one of the most important qualities to look out for no matter what type of work you’re doing, especially for those who work in music, speech, podcasting, vlogging, and streaming.

Make no mistake, the market is saturated with good vocal mics, and finding the best one can be a daunting task. But when it comes to handheld devices, the SM58-X8 is one of the best wireless vocal microphones that can capture both song and speech to a tee.

Its frequency response is styled to flatter live vocals, thanks to a unique upper-midrange and bass roll-off that can capture and relay audio quite accurately. The transmitter frequency ensures all background noises, pops, and feedback is blocked out to emit a pristine auditory experience for audiences, sound engineers, and music producers. All this is owed to the uniform cardioid pickup pattern familiar to many of Shure’s microphones. You’ll also find a built-in spherical wind and pop filter, a thoughtful touch that elevates the overall quality of the audio it relays.

Reliable Build

One thing about Shure microphones is that they can withstand a beating. While many devices of lesser quality tap out after going through multiple live shows, tours, or studio sessions, the SM58-X8 is built to last. Not only is it a powerhouse in terms of audio quality, but it’s also the best companion on the road or during late nights of recording.

Designed with a shock-mount system and steel mesh grille, the SM58-X8 can go through careless handling without so much as a scratch. Although we recommend handling this item with as much care as possible, it’s good to know that even in unforeseeable circumstances, your microphone won’t just give up out of nowhere.

Pros and Cons of the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

✔ Dynamic microphone
✔ Automatic setup out of the box
✔ Comes with several transmitter options
✘ Has no on/off switch

What People Are Saying About It

The Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 gives you professional-grade equipment at an accessible price, allowing beginners to jumpstart their careers or seasoned pros to add another workhorse to their recording arsenal. Dubbed a “wireless mic system with wired sound,” this mic-receiver duo offers both significant audio quality protection and complete freedom of movement for a hassle-free experience.

“The Shure PGXD24/SM58 is a wireless handheld microphone system offering high-quality 24-bit / 48 kHz digital audio in a cost-effective, reliable package that’s easy to use.”


Where to Buy the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

Give your mic cabinet the upgrade it deserves when you buy the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8. Visit Amazon now for amazing deals and prices on this product.

Not quite satisfied with your current mic prospects? Don’t worry, there are plenty of products to choose from and our website is committed to providing clear, detailed reviews for each one to help you make an informed decision. We recommend you check out the Shure SM58 Microphone — here’s our full review of it.

Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

The Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 is an outstanding example of a dynamic microphone, offering exceptional performance and versatility. With its impressive range and clarity, this microphone delivers professional-grade audio reproduction, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

The automatic setup feature ensures a hassle-free experience right out of the box, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly get started. Additionally, the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 provides the convenience of several transmitter options, giving users the flexibility to choose the setup that best suits their specific needs.

The Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 demonstrates a perfect combination of quality and convenience. Its dynamic microphone design ensures top-notch audio performance, while the automatic setup feature guarantees a seamless experience from the moment it is unboxed. Moreover, the availability of multiple transmitter options further enhances its versatility, catering to the diverse requirements of users.

Whether used for live performances, broadcasting, or recording, the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8 is a reliable and professional tool that consistently delivers exceptional sound reproduction and ease of use.

Sound Quality


Anyone looking for a reliable wireless microphone should get the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8. The quality is undeniable for its price, and from a performer's standpoint, the freedom to move about is unparalleled. Additionally, there's almost never an issue with frequency pickup as the device is able to capture a clean signal in almost any location, which is the main problem with most wireless mics. With that risk out of the way, this is pretty much the best wireless mic out there right now.

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